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The MyCSU student portal has been redesigned to better serve your needs as a CSU student. Some new features include, but are not limited to: a password reset function, the ability to view submitted online requests, and numerous student resources. Gateway to Charles Sturt University - Stale Request. You may be seeing this page because you used the Back button while browsing a secure web site or application. Alternatively, you may have mistakenly bookmarked the web login form instead of the actual web site you wanted to bookmark or used a link created by somebody else who made the same ... Columbia Southern University is a premier online university to earn an online degree, online mba degree, and take college classes online. The MyCSULB Student Center provides a 'home base' for accessing your student information. Once you have logged into your Single Sign-On portal using your Campus ID and password, click on the 'myCSULB' button to launch your Student Center. Your MyCSULB Student Center is organized into sections based on the type of information. The Center displays summary information such as your class schedule ... The student MUST first create a login for their parents through the student's MyCSU account. The student can log in above, select the student tab, and then select the My Student Account bookmark to create the parental login. Once the parent login has been created, Please click here. Student Login Here. Faculty Portal Homepage. Faculty Login Here. Employer Portal Homepage. Employer Login Here. Course Schedule. Search the CSU course schedule here. Self-Service Portal. Log into the portal to view your academic information, receive personalized communication, and use our self-service tools. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Concordia University of Montréal, Québec

2010.05.27 20:35 iJeff Concordia University of Montréal, Québec

The reddit for students of Concordia University of Montreal, Quebec / Le reddit des étudiants et étudiantes de L'université Concordia à Montréal, Québec

2020.08.14 08:53 eluu4262 Fall 2020 - FAQ's

I hope you guys had a great Summer break (or if you're taking classes, a great Summer session) and that you are all staying healthy and safe! For new students, welcome to De Anza College! For returning students, welcome back! Now that Fall 2020 is coming up, I would like to include a list of frequently asked questions to help out! Fall 2020 quarter clases starts on September 21, 2020 and will end on December 11, 2020.
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2020.07.10 22:14 Heggahoy Financial aid problem

I'm a high school graduate who got accepted to CSU Fullerton and I checked on my financial aid on the student portal and it says I have none even if I applied for FAFSA and received a cal grant and FAFSA proceeded successfully. I need help with this ASAP.
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2020.06.18 23:14 existential_ennuiii CSU Fully Online Question

Is anyone taking advantage of CSU Fully Online?
Basically, you can take ONE online, asynchronous course at any other CSU on the same schedule (quarters or semesters) as your home school. FOR FREE. I’m totally nerding out and think this is so cool!
Anyway, I am “enrolled” in a course at Cal Poly Pomona but I want to drop it. There’s no option for me to do that on myCSUSM which is quite annoying as I obviously want to take a course that matches the requirements in my degree planner. I’ve been emailing faculty and asking but it’s Summer so the response times are pretty slow. Also waiting on an email from Pomona since dropping the course through their student portal might be my only option. Ugh! -__-
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
I FINALLY was able to drop the class — after a number of complications — with the help of Stella Quirk.
Really no thanks to our school. It took them weeks to respond to my emails. Pretty disappointed about that. By the time they responded, Stella found a way to resolve my issue and though it took her some time, she was always in correspondence with me through email which made me feel reassured that it would get resolved.
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2020.06.17 02:08 eazye-p CSU Fully Online GRADES

Not sure if I am worrying about this for no reason, but I was enrolled in a Course Match class last spring (2020) and my grade has not transferred over yet. The class I took was PLSI 373 at SFSU and it is a course match for POSC 300 at CSUF. As far as I am aware, course match classes are supposed to transfer the grade automatically; this makes sense since you enroll through your student portal and it shows up as a class alongside all the other ones you are taking. My student center shows "NG/No Grade" though and I am wondering if the transfer process just takes a long time or if I am supposed to do something else in order to get the grade to transfer. When I emailed CSUF about it, it seemed no one I have talked to so far really knows about how CSU Fully Online Course Match classes are supposed to work in terms of final grades...
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2020.05.02 05:10 dailysundial President Harrison Q&A: CSUN fall 2020 fees will remain the same regardless of format

Here are the main takeaways from The Sundial’s Zoom Q&A session with CSUN President Dianne F. Harrison this week.
Cost of attendance will remain the same for the fall semester regardless of the format. (14:39)
Harrison said that the price of tuition and campus fees for the fall 2020 semester will remain the same, regardless of the modality.
“If we provide students with full academic credit for the courses that they take, regardless of the means in which they’re delivered… no portion of that tuition or mandatory fees will be reduced,” Harrison said.
Harrison acknowledged the view shared by a number of students and faculty that the quality of education is diminished through a virtual means of instruction.
“If you got a group of faculty and students in the room, you might have some disagreement over whether the quality or the value of a course that they took this term or in the summer, or in the fall, is the same regardless of modality,” Harrison said.
“I very much understand and appreciate the concerns about the value of your dollar,” she said. “Under any fall scenario, regardless of which way we go, I expect that our faculty will be offering robust student and academic support services regardless of the format.”
CSUN is still aiming for a commencement ceremony in the winter, but plans on having virtual recognition events this month in the meantime. (18:43)
According to Harrison, 97% of people surveyed on the question of CSUN’s commencement said they don’t want a virtual commencement.
Harrison said this is the reason why they’re still pushing for an in-person commencement in the winter. If it is not safe to hold an in-person commencement in the winter, she said they would consider pushing it to spring 2021.
She also wants to have virtual events to recognize graduates, faculty and staff before the semester ends.
“We don’t want to let this semester pass without doing something to recognize our outstanding graduates,” Harrison said.
A committee has been put together to come up with ideas for the virtual events. Student input is being weighed, according to Harrison.
“It’s not replacing in-person commencement. It’s simply acknowledging that there was a lot of great work that was done, and we want to recognize that,” Harrison said.
The CARES Act grant application is live. (0:33)
Earlier today, President Harrison emailed eligible students details on applying for the federal relief money. The application is available on the “Financial Matters” tab of the student portal. Eligibility is restricted to students who fit the federal student eligibility criteria.
Average award amounts will range from $308-$968. To determine the award amount for each student, students are divided into three categories based on financial need using the federal Estimated Family Contribution metric, Harrison said.
Students whose Expected Family Contribution is zero fall into the highest-need category and will receive the highest award amount. Harrison estimated that about 11,000 students fit into this category.
The second group is composed of students who qualified for federal student aid, but still have an EFC higher than zero. Harrison estimated that about 8,000 students fit into this category.
The third group is made up of students who didn’t qualify to receive federal student aid, but whose financial situations could have been impacted by the pandemic. The award amount for this category is $308. Harrison estimated that about 14,000 students fit into this group.
Each student’s application will state the amount that they’ve been awarded with, but students can request to receive more.
About 33,000 students are eligible to receive relief money, according to Harrison. The deadline for priority consideration is May 15. Students should expect their awards to be processed seven days after their application is approved, according to Harrison.
Harrison said that some portion of the second half of the $44.6 million the federal government allocated to CSUN will be reserved for student aid. That second half of the money has yet to be processed. The grants that were made available to students today are from the first half of the federal allocation.
Yesterday, the Department of Education awarded an additional $3.3 million to CSUN as part of relief the department is providing specifically to Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority Serving Institutions. CSUN qualified for the relief, because it is a Hispanic Serving Institution. The Department of Education does not require universities to designate any of this additional relief for students, but Harrison said that she intends for the majority of the $3.3 million to go toward student aid.
A non-federal relief package for undocumented, DACA and international students is on the way, but Harrison encourages these students to apply to the MataCare grant in the meantime. (10:50)
The CSU publicly announced its intent to provide non-federal relief grants to undoucmented students and international students.
Harrison said this relief will come from funds raised by each campus. Harrison said that CSUN has reached out to private donors to fund relief for these students. She said that in the meantime, students in these groups should apply to the MataCare emergency grant, a campus grant that precedes the pandemic and is open for all students to apply. MataCare is funded by private contributions.
Harrison said that students who are DACA, undocumented or international will be notified when funds specific to them are availabe. The funds will also be available to students who are enrolled exclusively in online courses. These students were also excluded from receiving federal relief.
The Sundial wants to hear from you. Next Friday, May 8, is our final Zoom Q&A with President Harrison. Please submit your questions to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]), with “Harrison Q&A Question Submission” in the subject line. You can also DM us your questions on Twitter and Instagram.
from WordPress
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2020.04.19 10:54 _Eltanin_ Weekly VTuber Spotlight: ENLiVE Media - April 19th, 2020


About ENLiVE

ENLiVE Media is a new VTuber group, currently focusing on English content, however we plan on expanding to include Japanese content sometime in the future. The “EN” in ENLiVE stands for the Japanese word for performance, ensou (演奏). The group was founded in March of 2020 by DarjeelingKitsune, who also streams as Fei Kurozawa. Gen 1 applications opened later that month. The group is also managed by Jadeum, who is currently on a hiatus from streaming and spends his time focused on ENLiVE instead.
We currently have five VTubers under our wing; Fei Kurozawa, Mooke, Lucinda Itaso, Reine, and Wokar who are our Gen 1 Vtubers. All of whom already have, or plan to have their debut stream by the end of this month. We plan to operate more similarly to a VTuber agency, with in-house artists, designers and eventually, 3D modellers.


Fei Kurozawa: Konnichiko~n! Fei Kurozawa here! I'm a fox girl with a love for aviation, planes, and games! I'm 157cm tall, 17 (kitsune) years old, my age in human years is a secret ;)! When I stream, I'll usually be streaming games, karaoke, or just chatting. I also plan on teaching everyone a little bit of Japanese! (maybe once a week!) When I'm not streaming, I spend my free time going out on forest walks, taking naps, and chatting with my friends! My favorite games include flight simulators, such as Microsoft Flight sim, X-Plane, and a few others. I also enjoy playing Elite Dangerous, Mirrors Edge and Portal 2.
Wokar: I’m 22 and your average weeb of a guy who has a passion for anime, manga, games, and computers! I will be streaming a little bit of everything including PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, as well as VR. Who knows with enough persuasion I may even do some karaoke. I will also be accompanied by a goddess! (Come to the stream to find out about that!) A little about me off stream is that I work full time as a CNA at a hospital and am taking courses to become a nurse one day! If I am not at work or school I am probably gaming or watching anime.
Reine: Oh? Hellos. I’m Reine, a little fox girl that likes to be called a cat. I like to game on my switch and laptop, even doing competitive smash. I love interacting and bantering with my fans. I plan on learning Japanese and moving to Japan someday. Outside of streaming, I’m a full-time high school student wanting to go into software development. I play Smash, Valorant, Paladins, and more, so come tune in and watch sometime~!
Lucinda Itaso: Heyo! I’m Lucinda, a delightfully toxic sheep maiden that enjoys nothing more than a sweet victory. I play many games, like Smash, Valorant, Age of Empires, TWEWY, Beat Saber, Orbus, Touhou, and I wanna try to get into some MMOs. I’m a bit of a tease, but once you get to know me I’m a fun girl to hang around. I’m a narrative designer by trade, but I’ve always wanted to be a content creator. While I may not be the best at the games I play, I always strive to get better, trying to even do esports for Smash and Valorant. I read every chat message, no matter how fast they seem to be coming in, and I’d just die to read yours! I’ll be waiting~!
Mooke: Hello everyone ★! My name is Mooke and I’m a mongoose from the Caribbean. I love drawing, cooking and singing. Meat is my favorite food, especially steak! My stream consists of just chatting, drawing, playing rhythm games and random stuff I can find to do. Why become a VTuber you ask? Well I did say that I got bored and my butler showed me VTubers which looked interesting. But the truth is… that I always wanted to become an idol but I couldn’t since I lived far away from that dream. So I left it…..until now. Technology has gotten so much better and now maybe.. just maybe I can make that small little mongoose me dream come true even if it's different. One day I want to sing on a big stage or really an online stage. This mongoose just wants to sing and have fun. So if you want to follow me through this journey then come on in. I won’t bite.


ENLiVE Website
ENLiVE Twitter
ENLiVE Official Discord
Kurozawa Fei's Twitch
Kurozawa Fei's YouTube
Kurozawa Fei's Twitter
Wokar's Twitch
Wokar's YouTube
Wokar's Twitter
Reine's Twitch
Reine's YouTube
Reine's Twitter
Lucinda's Twitch
Lucinda's YouTube
Lucinda's Twitter
Mooke's Twitch
Mooke's YouTube
Mooke's Twitter
  • ENLiVE themself
Editor's Notes
Thank you for reading this week's spotlight! We're lucky to have been approached by ENLiVE themself for this spotlight which is why this one was formatted a bit differently. The introductions are written by the VTubers themselves! Do check them out using the links provided above.
Additionally, here are also some threads earlier this week by community members spotlighting some VTubers:
If there's a VTuber you think we could spotlight for the future then feel free to comment about it and depending on the circumstances we may be able to feature them. If you want to help write one of the spotlights on a VTuber that you know about, then feel free to reach out as well.
Previous Spotlights:
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2020.04.18 08:12 Bogonegles I got rejected and it fucking stings

Today I got the news. I had just got through the line and into Berkeley Bowl when I checked my email.
“Important decision updates have been posted to your application for admission at UC Berkeley. Please check [email protected] to get the latest update.”
I pretty much shit right there. All the other UCs that accepted me told me the news in the email and didn’t direct me to go my application portal. I tried to calm myself down, hey CAL is all prestigious and what not, maybe they just do it a little differently. In my gut though, I knew. The rest of my shopping trip was spent trying to calm myself down. When I got home I immediately logged onto my MAP account. Sure enough, rejected.
I spent the last two years working my ass off to be a part of this school and community. I’ve followed this subreddit for awhile and always hoped that I would get to one day post “GUYS I GOT IN!”
I thought I did everything right. My gpa was a 4.0 in community college. I did all the IGETC courses. I retook classes that I had failed when I attended a CSU years earlier. I worked two jobs. Scrimped and saved. Focused. Put all my energy into school. I wrote in my application how failing out of college at twenty because I was addicted to heroin lead me to clean up my life and try and become the best student I could be. I guess my best wasn’t good enough for them. No matter how much I try to put my past behind me it still seems to follow me around, reminding me that I’ll never be truly rid of it. Once a druggie burnout, always a druggie burnout. I don’t think about myself like that but it seems like application committee does.
Anyway, rant over
To the transfers that got in today, with all my heart, congratulations. You all are amazing.
I’m totally appealing btw. Later berkeley, it’s been real.
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2020.04.04 05:20 cherrychemist READ BEFORE POSTING: COVID-19 Updates & Resources for Students (Part II)

If you have specific issues with your classes, please post in the mega-thread.

Frequently Asked Questions

Joe MaussRecords & Communications SupervisorFoothill-DeAnza CCD Police Department12345 El Monte Rd.Los Altos Hills, CA 94022
Refund will be credited to your student account, you can request a check refund (see step two here.)




FHDA Board of Trustee's Meeting
"We are advocating for the Cupertino local minimum wage of $15.35 as well as annual adjustments based on local cost-of-living index — not just one-time raises. No one’s pay should start below local minimum wage, period. Since student employees have no formal representation or bargaining process, we all have to come together and advocate for a living wage and good working conditions!"
Chancellor Judy Miner's Office Hour (link)
College Hour with President of Foothill College (link)

Other information:

EDIT: Student Minimum wage increased starting the next fiscal year (July 2020).
EDIT 4/9/2020 Added information about parking permit refunds under 'REFUNDS' section.
EDIT 4/13/2020: Added useful textbook links under "BOOKS" section and Zoom meeting warnings under "CLASSES."
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2020.03.21 23:07 AlondraT A message to Cal Poly SLO

Given that I have not received my Cal Poly SLO decision yet, I'm assuming I have been rejected. Herein lies my issue, Cal Poly SLO as they are taking their sweet time updating my portal. I don't even want to go to Cal Poly SLO anymore since I've gotten into my top choice, but I'm still bothered by their stagnant decisions. Chances are that they now who they want at their school so why not tell us? The problem is that they are CHOOSING to delay their rejections for no reason other than to cause stress to students who may actually want to go there. Imagine having SLO as your dream school only to see dozens of students swiftly receiving their acceptances or waitlists. You, on the other hand, are stuck staring at your computer hoping that you are the one person accepted during what is usually the rejection wave. No other CSU, not SDSU, not Long Beach, has acted like such a**holes. It's so irritating to see so many competent students anxiously wait decisions for a school which seemingly doesn't care for them. This is not to put down any students who are choosing to go to Cal Poly SLO, in fact, this is probably an issue lying solely with the admissions office, and I hope that I'm not making anyone feel bad. I'm just irritated by the audacity of Cal Poly SLO's admissions office and wanted to let off some steam. Thank you!
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2020.02.12 20:49 fostercaretocollege Grad School Portal Update Says "Your department has recommended a decision to the Graduate School. You will receive a final decision within two weeks." Is this good or bad?

One of our students in our foster care to college program really wants to get into the MCL Program at CSU FC. She checked her portal today and it says "Your department has recommended a decision to the Graduate School. You will receive a final decision within two weeks." Is this good or bad news?
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2019.12.25 10:54 aCSULBstudent CSU Fully Online - I am a CSULB student taking a course here

Okay, so I am a CSULB student that decided to do CSU Fully Online which allows me to take an online course here at CPP. The class I am taking is MUS 200 or something like that (not really finalized in my schedule yet, it just says ONLN 200).
The thing is it doesn't allow me to drop this course, so I was wondering how would I be able to drop this course and if I could do it through the portal or something (on god I need help navigating through the CPP portal because it's confusing to me). And if that doesn't work, is there another way I can attempt to drop this class (like emailing some higher up from CPP or something? idk because I've never done this before).
Thanks for any help and Merry Chrisler!
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2019.10.17 01:15 selsina Not CSU Eligible (mistake on Spring 2020 application)

Hey guys sorry if I put the wrong flair, I wasn’t sure what to assign it under.
I applied for spring 2020 back in August, and I’m a transfer student with over 100 credits from another CSU. I got my application withdrawn today saying I was not “CSU Eligible” so I called admissions. They found nothing wrong with my application and moved me back to Decision Pending.
I got a message about 20 minutes later in my student portal saying my application had been withdrawn for not meeting the 4 “basic skills” requirements and that I could appeal it if I wanted to. I called AGAIN and they said to disregard that, and that my application is back under review.
My GPA is fine and I am in good academic standing with my previous school, and I met the 4 “basic skills” requirements long ago. They say it was a mistake but should I be worried? Has this happened to anyone else?
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2019.07.01 22:24 abalabahaha 2019 AP Scores Megathread

Post/Brag/Complain/Mourn/React to your 2019 AP scores here!
This thread is up early for students that have gotten scores from college portals (e.g. GTech). For those of you who don't have this luxury, don't fret! July 5th is only a few days away.
Score predictions do not belong here. Post your predictions in the dedicated megathread
This thread will be up to avoid spamming the subreddit with I GOT MY SCORES!1! posts. If you post about the scores you got in the main subreddit, your post will be deleted.
Learn more and ask questions in the 2019 AP Score Release Information thread.
List of universities with scores released: CSU Long Beach, Dartmouth, Georgia Tech, Princeton, Purdue, Texas A&M, UC Berkeley (some colleges), UCI (some colleges), UCLA (some colleges), UC San Diego (some colleges), University of Central Florida, University of North Carolina, University of Pennsylvania, UT Austin, University of Virginia, University of Washington, Washington University in St. Louis
Other colleges: probably not
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2019.06.26 16:43 mrstackz Waldorf University - High Level Info

FSA School Code: 001895

I do not have any personal experience with Waldorf University. The below information is assumed accurate based on publicly available information.

Contacts and followups

Unknown/undetermined at this time.

Email Service

Waldorf appears to use Office365/Outlook for webmail services.


Waldorf recently announced an increase to its online tuition rates, which are charged per credit hour. The new rate is $300/hour for undergrads, up $5/hour. While this seems quite low and reasonable for a school the size of Waldorf, the details are in the additional student fees that are charged, which you can find HERE. In summary, It's only going to be cheaper if everything is perfect; if anything needs to change for any reason, all of a sudden you're potentially not so cheap anymore.

They are also eligible for Title IV Federal Funds, and support military funded education. Full GI Bill support.

Website experience

While not directly experienced, the main portal (myWaldorf) appears to use Audient which is a customer relationship management (CRM) system for general student management, and Blackboard as the learning management platform. No information available regarding how seamless the experience is at this time.

Application process

Unknown/undetermined at this time.


They are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) which serves colleges in the Midwest. (Don't fall for people saying "it can only be Agency X or they're not credible!!" it's not true.)

How soon can you get started?

Not perfectly clear from the website. Semester is briefly mentioned, but there's no clarity as to what that means for online. The term calendar seems to indicate a traditional rolling semester format with variable start dates.

Degree program variety

Waldorf offers a LOT of programs online - with one shocking omission. As far as I can tell, none of them are self-paced and instead are traditional online experiences.

Business YES
Information Technology NO
Marketing NO
Nursing YES1
Education/Teaching YES2
Arts and Sciences (Communication, Art, Criminal Justice, Legal Studies, Psychology, Humanities, Leadership, Paralegal, etc.) YES3
Doctorate (Any) NO
Masters (Any) YES4
Associates (Any) YES5
1 = Health Care Management only.
2 = Education Leadership only.
3 = Liberal Arts is Associate degree only.
4 = All Leadership-type courses: Education, Health Care, and Organizational Leadership.
5 = Primarily Arts and Business degrees.

The lack of any sort of IT degree for an online program is, quite frankly, stunning.

Key Differentiator(s)

Key Detractor(s)

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2019.04.16 21:16 PossibleCoconut How to decline offer of admission?

Hi, as title says, I was offered transfer admission for fall 2019 but am choosing to attend somewhere else. How do I decline the admission? All I can find on the portal is how to pay the deposit. Other CSU's have an "accept/decline" button in student center. Maybe I'm missing it?
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2019.03.28 04:56 LevitatingSponge Anyone Get Their Financial Aid Yet?

I just logged into my portal earlier today and noticed that the financial aid had been posted to my account. I was kinda shocked at the lack of aid. I received $5,500 in subsidized loans and $2,000 in unsubsidized loans. I was told that I will likely receive Cal Grant A in the amount of $5,472 per year.
I would be a transfer student so I would only need to (hopefully) attend Long Beach State for 2 years. Most likely I would be living off campus in an apartment or house and would have to come up with the living expenses with a part time job. I know it's not that much money when compared with other schools but I was just surprised as my mom made $49,000 and she is a single mom. I have my own income which fluctuates each year because it's a part time job.
How much should I expect to pay for two years of living expenses in Long Beach if I split rent with my bf?
Also, am I not allowed to apply for the CSU scholarships? I keep seeing that you must be currently enrolled and full time at a Cal State to be eligible.
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2018.12.19 04:25 oystercats I just finished my first semester at Cal. I'd like to share my LONG story from senior year to the end of my first year at college!

Hi, all. I made this new account to stay anonymous, but you can send me messages about college if you'd like.
So, wow. It's been a little over a whole year since I clicked submit on that UC application portal. I can't believe it, really. I remember thinking the college applications season was more stressful than anything I had ever endured (even the terrifying year of AB with a math teacher whom was notorious for failing students and making even the brightest students break down). I remember applying to only a few California schools within the UC and CSU system, and Berkeley wasn't one of them at first. In fact, I was so sure I didn't want to apply to Berkeley because I was afraid of getting rejected. Yes, I thought it was better to let myself lose than to let someone else decide that I lose. It's weird looking back on those doubtful feelings now, because I wasn't half bad in school. I had a 4.2 GPA W, 4.0 UW, tied rank 1 for my class with 3 others and 98-99th percentile SAT score and I'm a first-generation Asian female pursuing a major in computer science. But I know I was scared because I didn't want to be shot down. This, I promise, is an example of all those years of criticisms my parents provided me that instilled a very self-deprecating mindset in me. Emotionally scarring. :-)
But somehow, my mom convinced me. And this sudden decision to apply to Berkeley was literally three days before the UC applications were due. I didn't think much, just clicked it, but I think that was my first step in overcoming my doubts in myself. Might as well take a shot and deal with the failure later, right? Fast forward to the following January, Berkeley e-mailed me asking for letters of recommendation and my senior year first semester grades. I was stunned, because I was sure I had no chance of even getting in. And moreover, I didn't let any of the teachers know they would have to write me any letters of recommendation (because we had to tell WAY them ahead of time if we wanted letters). Remember that notorious AB teacher I mentioned above? I went to her first, because she was the first teacher to break me down to tears, but she had to so much faith in me and pushed me to do well in the class. For some reason, I knew in my heart she would understand despite how strict and "mean" she was to everyone. So I went to her the day after the e-mail, didn't even schedule a meeting with her, just popped my head in after her class ended. When she looked up at me with eyebrows shot up, I was so scared and nervous I thought my heart was going to explode, but I somehow managed to keep myself together. I told her I was sorry first, and that I didn't believe in myself before and I didn't even think I could get into Berkeley, so I didn't of asking for letters of recommendation at all. I don't know, but explaining myself to her made me feel so sorry for myself for shooting myself down before anyone else could. I heard myself from third person and realized how ridiculous I sounded. I expected her to shake her head slowly and frown, then tell me it's too late and to leave her room. But she looked at me for a while without a word, then she said "Of course, I would be more than happy to write you a letter of recommendation. But tell me this: why do you think you can't get into Berkeley? You're one of the brightest students I've ever had in the last few decades of teaching." Those words I can't even forget - I swear I almost cried right then and there.
So I got my letters of recommendation and transcript, sent it to Berkeley. Fast forward to UC and CSU's acceptances. I got into all the schools I applied for except for SLO, and the last one I was waiting for was Berkeley. I told my sister not to tell my mom if I got in, because that time, I was set on going to Davis over UCSD and nothing else would change that; I had a whole vision planned out with me going to Davis to room with my cousin to make college affordable. My best friend was also going to Davis! But then, I was in Target when I got an e-mail from Berkeley telling me I got waitlisted. I swear the first thing I thought was, "Fuck if everything happens half-way for me. I didn't accepted, but I didn't get rejected." I was so sure the universe just wanted to give me everything half-way so I could never have anything and I'd always be dangling off of the edge of the cliff or some shit.
So when I read the waitlist e-mail again, I saw that I had the option of writing an optional essay 250 words or less (I think?). I didn't do that, because I didn't want to get "rejected" for a second time to damage my confidence even more. But I was sitting in my room a week from then, and listening to "Believer" by Imagine Dragons (any IG fans here?) and "All The Stars" had me feeling so pumped and sick of my own lack of self-confidence that I had a surge of pure adrenaline and confidence. I typed up my entire 250 essay in one sitting 20 minutes or less, didn't even pop it into Grammarly, and I submitted it to Berkeley. The essay was basically a "Screw you! I don't need you, I'll do well wherever I go" essay.
3 days later, I was driving back from school and I saw a notification from the Berkeley financial aid office. I actually didn't feel anything at that. I just drove back at the same rate because I was in a state of disbelief so intense that I didn't even process anything. I walked into my room, shut the door, and opened the e-mail reading the e-mail from Berkeley saying I got accepted. I was so shocked, but... not? at the same time. I think that one day when I wrote the essay in one sitting was the first step where I began to feel more confident in myself. My words in that essay stuck with me since. So I thought, "hell yeah, Berkeley made the right decision." Damn, I sounded so vain, didn't I? But I don't think so looking back on it; I think that was really the confidence (that I strove for all my life) shining. I was sick of bashing on myself.
But then a disaster happened. My best friend got angry with me for not going to Davis. And more, the Berkeley financial aid changed so that I had barely any aid even though I was a first-generation, low-income student qualified for Cal Grant and Pell Grant. By then, I had already cancelled my SIR to Davis and I was in so much tears. I swear I cried for 3 days straight to the point where I was almost blind, skipped all my classes to rot in my bed because I thought I ruined my entire life and my parents' along with it. My parents offered to pay almost 40% of their monthly income just to support me going to Berkeley. No fucking way, I thought. So I begged Davis to accept me again, wrote them a long letter only to get a response saying I'd get an answer in a month. So then it was community college that I considered.
When I finally decided to go to school again, I couldn't contain my tears because everything fell apart. I talked to my high school counselor (who was also my AP Lang teacher and who I was sure did not like me because she snapped at me in front of the entire class). I was on the verge of tears again, like 2 seconds away from sobbing and she knew instantly to move us to a private room. There, I talked to her about my stupid mistake in cancelling my SIR to Davis too soon and just being stupid in general. She was so nice to me and walked me through my options, but told me not to go to community college because "my potential would be wasted there."
So I was hustling like fuck trying to figure out what the hell to do with my life for a week. Planning where I'd live off-campus at Berkeley, how I'd work 15+ hours a week and somehow manage to get good grades?, and how much loans I had to take out. By then, I was so exhausted that all happiness I had about getting into Berkeley was replaced by seething anger at the school for misleading me. I was sure I hated Berkeley with all of my heart.
But then the financial aid package adjusted itself and I got more financial aid than I expected. I got a scholarship from Berkeley. What the fuck? Right? Berkeley had me on the verge of committing suicide for a week and a half. I was seriously considering ending my life. If not, then heartbreak would've killed me. But I guess things worked out.
Fast forward to the end of summer and the week of move-in. I was so sad and heartsick that I had to leave my family and my high school sweetheart of 4 years to go. But that's common, everyone said. So I tried not to simp too much, packed my things ahead of time and before I knew it, I was standing outside of a certain Unit waiting for my move-in timeslot with my dad, sister, and boyfriend. The whole day, I was just shivering from nervousness and I was dreading that goodbye I had to say, because I knew I was going to cry. It felt like forever until they walked away from me, down the hallway to the elevators with their hands waving goodbye to me. My god, thinking of that goodbye makes me feel so sad even now! And I'm currently in my room with my family only a few feet away.
Um, I cried that night while calling my boyfriend and sister. I tried to go to a social event and absolutely hated it, tried to walk home by myself and got lost in Southside Berkeley. I cried even more. The next day, I went to Golden Bear Orientation and found that I hated it so passionately. Personally, I hate small talk and stupid ice-breakers, it all felt so fake and uncomfortable that I decided to leave the orientation literally 3 hours after being there. Note that GBO lasts about a week. Guess what I did next? I packed my things and hopped on the BART back home; it was only a 1.5 hour trip and I just stayed home for the entire orientation week until classes began.
So I can't say I blame anyone else except for myself when I say I had only one friend. I was self-deprecating like hell for the first two weeks, thinking I was a loser and lame for not having a million friends or a squad to go to the dining hall with. Everyone was talking about frat parties and social hangouts that I wasn't invited to. But, looking back on it now, I don't know why I really fretted because having a large group of friends or many friends and going to parties was never my style. I always had my friendships come slowly but genuinely. I always enjoyed those relaxing kind of hangouts where I got to chill out one on one with my friends, no need for anything else, you know?
I picked up a job within the first week of the semester and signed up for 11 hours of work per week on top of a packed 16-units. My schedule was, I kid you not, back to back from 8 AM to 5:30 PM. The most break-time I had in-between my classes and work was like 1 hour? And that was for walking and lunch. So I had literally no time to join clubs or anything. But honestly, I think I really liked being busy because I didn't feel unproductive. I'm that type of person. It sounds crazy, but what if I told you I also went home every single weekend? Yup. I did what everyone on Reddit told me not to do! I was so busy that having friends seemed impossible. I also never talked to my roommates (and still don't).
But I made friends. It just happened naturally. There was no pressure, no nothing. No forced interaction or shaking hands or having someone introduce me to person A or B or whatever. I'm pretty happy about that. I still talk to them now! So all that worrying about my social life was really not necessary.
And for the record, I did take some fatass L's in one of my classes. I got a glaring B- below average on a test that I hustled for. It was devastating, but I hustled like hell and changed up my studying technique for that class and managed. I also realized one thing, too, walking into classes for a few weeks. I entered college thinking everyone was a million times more genius than me, and since it was Cal, even more than that, but I realized there are actually so many people that are lazy (regardless of being at Cal) that it is amazing. So I made sure to be the exact opposite of lazy, did everything weeks ahead of time, and did significantly better than most people. I swear I had no all-nighters studying, no coffee, none of those stereotypical college things that apparently people do? But that's because I paced out my schedule and made sure to do things in small amounts. My English professor even noted this, and I think she really liked and personally talked to me because of it.
It was sometime in the middle of the semester when I stopped disliking Berkeley so intensely and realized I really, really enjoy my time at Berkeley even with the rigorous classes, workload, and schedule. It was fucking stressful, but I found that I live off of that stress because it's like.. adrenaline? I'm a fucking masochist, huh?
So I ended the semester with a 4.0 GPA, a healthy set of awesome friends, and am so pumped for my second semester when I start my technical classes! It was a long story, I know, but I wanted to be super transparent. All those friends I asked before about college were very vague and hardly comforted me in anything. It just sounded like, "Yeah, I did struggle with making friends for like 2 seconds, but I found friends and did super hot in my classes no problemo." Like there was no in-between process or something? If you're scared about doing things "unconventionally," don't. If you're worried about making friends, don't. You do you, do what you can handle and things will work themselves out.
TLDR; I hated myself and had no self-confidence. Didn't plan to apply to Cal. Got off the Cal waitlist. Cal fucked up my financial aid package up and I considered community college and possibly suicide. Financial aid fixed. I went to Cal feeling scared. Had no friends for months. Did what everyone told me not to do (full units, 10+ hours job, and went home every weekend). Struggled but made it. I'm happy.
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2018.11.08 05:19 bayarea2005 IGETC certificate for UC schools

I have a question on IGETC certificate. I am only applying for UC schools as a transfer student, so I have not taken Public Speaking class. When I checked the progress in my portal, it said I was missing Public Speaking class for IGETC certificate.

I went to the admission and asked if I had to take Public Speaking class in order to get my IGETC certified even if I am only applying for UCs. They said I had to take it, but DVC chart (in paper form)clearly says it is for CSU only, and other transfer students said they got full certificate without Public Speaking class for UCs(unfortunately they are not from local community colleges).

I would like to know if DVC will certify my IGETC fully(not partially) for an UC school without Public Speaking class. If not, I will have to take Public Speaking class in spring.
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2018.08.30 09:36 Atlas-Brutus We currently support the domains listed below for use through our Webmail Importer

We currently support the domains listed below for use through our Webmail Importer.
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2018.08.15 07:12 scubacrawler CSU Fully Online Reminder

As a reminder, as a Cal State University student, you are entitled to one FREE online course at any Cal State University campus that is offering the course you need/want via CSU Fully Online.
There are still a lot of open courses!!
To enroll, Go to your student center. Under the “Academics” section, click on “Enroll in CSU Fully Online.” [[ ]]
From there, you can select your term (Fall 2018) and find an open course from the various campuses offering what you need. Then, click “View Student Portal to Request Enrollment.”
You can also check the CSU website, here for open classes: [[ ]]
You will need to contact your department chair to verify that the course is similar and will count as a transfer. Generally, you can screenshot your “new" schools course catalog of the course description and send it to your department chair. They will then let you know if it will count, and provide you with a Course Petition Sheet which you will fill out and send the Registrar once you finish the course.
Good luck, I signed up for one and am excited to knock out some extra units without having to go to class :)
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2018.03.27 20:23 trialanderrer Does" Redirected To Another CSU" Just Mean Denied?

I'm a transfer student and my San Diego State web portal changed admission status from "pending" to "redirected to another CSU" just wanted to make sure this just means denied.
RIP to my #1
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2017.04.25 20:26 hlz1999 Sadly, I am not coming back to California... Yet.

For reference check this out.
I applied to attend university in California for the 2017-18 academic year. I was waiting anxiously for a letter or an email back. I checked the CSU portal constantly, and even took the EPT (English Placement Test). After waiting since December, they finally got back to me. I was denied acceptance. They claimed it was because they prioritize students from the local area first. Which of course I understood. It is sad that I didn't get into any California university. However, potentially I will try to transfer from my university to a CSU next year. Also, if I can't do that, then after I graduate my university I will move out to Los Angeles County, I got family there so it works. I may not be there in 2017 or 2018, but I will sure as hell come back in 2021.
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Gateway to Charles Sturt University - Stale Request

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