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Homebrew for PSX/PS1

2012.05.03 12:39 noplace_ioi Homebrew for PSX/PS1

A sub for Playstation 1/PSX Programming, Homebrew Discussion, & Creation. #PS1 #PSX #Playstation

2020.09.18 09:44 XMG_gg XMG Gaming Laptops: First Steps & Troubleshooting

So you got yourself an XMG Gaming Laptop laptop, huh?

Congratulations! :-)
Follow this handy guide to go through your first steps and some commonly recurring questions. This guide is pretty long and might look frightening on first look, but please note:

+++ BREAKING: Fix "No Speaker" issue on XMG FUSION 15 +++

Windows Update has recently brought us a "No speakers, no sound" issue on XMG FUSION 15. Please read all about the solution in this post. This should only be a temporary condition and solved soon by pulling the incompatible driver from Windows Update. Update: incompatible driver has been pulled on May 19, 2020. New driver going to be rolled out shortly.

Now, moving on to the actual content of this thread:

I unboxed my XMG Laptop – what are my first steps?

1. If you purchased with Windows.
When building our laptops, we always make sure to install the latest firmware and drivers. If you purchased with Windows, all drivers will already be installed and you can pretty much start working. NVIDIA updates their driver pretty often, so they might already have a new driver out. Open up GeForce Experience, log into your account and see if the app offers any driver updates.
2. If you purchased without operating system.
Your SSD will be empty, but your firmware will be up to date. Even if you purchase without operating system, we will already have updated the latest BIOS and latest Thunderbolt firmware. Now it’s time to install Windows and install our drivers.
If you don’t have your own Windows install media at hand, you can get the latest official version from here. The drivers for your XMG Laptop will be on a USB thumb drive in your shipping box. If you want to make absolutely sure that you’re getting the latest drivers, download them each by each from our download portal. Both sources will include a PDF file that will guide you through each step. The only tricky step is the Audio driver, where you’ll have to do a specific install and reboot sequence. This is explained in detail in the PDF file.

++ Troubleshooting (all models) +++

The following items might apply to any XMG or SCHENKER model. In fact, they might also apply to laptops from other brands. Further down below, you'll find a section that is more specific to individual models.

My battery life is less than it should be / I have high Idle power consumption / my dGPU is not turning off.

Battery life and power consumption are closely interconnected. If your system consumes too much power – even in Idle – your battery life will suffer.
Preliminary: check your CPU usage, sorted by tasks
Your first look should be into Windows Task Manager, tab "Details" and then sort by "CPU" usage. You should know that your CPU has multiple cores and threads. For example, on i7-9750H (6 cores, 12 threads) if one single-thread task is running at 100%, it translates to "only" 8% CPU load in Task Manager (100 divided by 12 = 8.33). 8% might not look like much at first glance. But in reality it's one core that is running at maximum speed, taking almost as much power as if all cores would run at the same time. This is because the CPU would boost a single core to much higher speed than it would boost all cores together.
In other words: CPU usage values in Task Manager can be misleading, especially if some broken or badly programmed software is going rogue on a single thread. Do the math!
So, on a 6 core CPU, if you have any process in Task Manager constantly running at 8%, something is off. Please identify which task it is, and either end it right there it or uninstall the related software altogether.
Another way to check is to separate the Task Manager CPU activity graph into logical cores. Check these two screenshots:
In my example you can see one core in the middle was almost maxed out for a short amount of time. Thanks to the nature of Turbo Boost, this core would induce a boosted clock speed, leading to almost maxed-out power consumption and high temperatures. This is not always immediately visible because most programs would keep jumping from core to core, so you always see individual spikes to 100% on single core. You can try this yourself by using Prime95 and running it on only 1 thread.
All systems nominal? CPU is nice and idle? Check the dGPU status.
If you don't have any rogue tasks clogging up you CPU but your Idle power consumption is still off the charts, it might be because your NVIDIA GPU (dedicated GPU, dGPU) is not turning itself off.
Under the system of NVIDIA Optimus (MSHybrid), all common Windows apps are run on the Intel UHD Graphics (integrated GPU, iGPU) by default and the dedicated GPU (dGPU) should turn itself off when it is not needed. This removes the dGPU from the power source but it also saves power on the CPU side, because the CPU can turn off the PCI-Express x16 dGPU connection and thus achieve lower sleep states in each CPU cycle. This system can be disturbed in a number of ways, leading to higher power consumption which in turn leads to lower battey life.
1. Check which system monitoring tools you are running in the background
Some system monitoring software intentionally wakes up the dGPU. Keeping such software running in the background will inevitably lead to higher power consumption. We will keep a list of tools here which do and which do not keep the dGPU awake.
Does not keep the dGPU awake Keeps the dGPU awake
CoreTemp AIDA64 (only when “Sensor” pane is open)
Intel Extreme Tuning Utility CPUID HWMonitor
NVIDIA Control Panel MSI Afterburner
Speccy NVIDIA GeForce Experience
TechPowerUp Real Temp NVIDIA Inspector
ThrottleStop NZXT CAM
Windows Task Manager Open Hardware Monitor
TechPowerUp GPU-Z
XMG Control Center (only when “System Monitor” pane is open)
Please check if any of the programs on the right side of the table is running in the background on your machine. If they are, please remove them from Startup in the Task Manager.
Some of the programs on the left side of the table might wake up the dGPU once for a few seconds during initialization. But according to our testing, they won’t keep the dGPU awake during normal operation.
If you want to see, whether or not your dGPU is awake or not, the best bet is to use the “Sensors” function in HWiNFO64 and keep an eye on the GPU Temperature of your NVIDIA GeForce card. If the temperature reads 0°C, the dGPU is sleeping. With a right click on the Temperature value, you can even set up an alarm in form of a sound file, notification popup or logfile entry if the temperature reaches a value ≥ 1.
2. If external monitor is connected, dGPU will be awake.
Both HDMI and USB-C/DisplayPort/Thunderbolt are connected directly to the NVIDIA GeForce card. This dedicated connection gives the XMG FUSION 15 the power to drive very high resolutions, refresh rates and to support G-SYNC and FreeSync on external screens. The trade-off: the dGPU will always be awake as soon as an external monitor is connected. Rendering can still happen on the iGPU (Intel UHD Graphics) - but the dGPU will always be "awake" to deliver the pixels to the screen.
3. The choice of running apps on iGPU vs. dGPU has to be done in Windows Graphics settings now.
Microsoft is taking over the NVIDIA Optimus (MSHybrid) control from NVIDIA. On latest Windows builds and NVIDIA drivers, the NVIDIA driver now shoes a very small warning notification:
Windows OS now manages selection of the graphics processor. Open Windows graphics settings
If you notice that certain apps wake up the dGPU, please see if you can assign them to the internal graphics in this new Windows setting dialogue. Please note that the aforementioned benchmark and system monitoring apps apps will override/ignore this setting anyway. But it should work fine for most if not all productivity apps and games.
4. Every app is running on dGPU as soon as external monitor is connected? No.
NVIDIA’s Control Center has a hidden function called “NVIDIA GPU Activity” which supposedly shows which app is being rendered on the dGPU. You can find it by enabling "Display GPU Activity Monitor Icon in Notification Area".
Unfortunately, this function is not accurate when using an external monitor. As soon as you have an external monitor connected, the notification window shows every newly launched app as if it’s being rendered on the dGPU, even though it is not. This has been confirmed by our NVIDIA contacts to be a general issue that affects all laptops with NVIDIA Optimus (MSHybrid) of every brand.
It does not look as if NVIDIA has any plans to resolve this issue. Therefor, the “NVIDIA GPU Activity” will continue to show inaccurate information and should rather not be used at all.
5. dGPU does not go back to sleep after disconnecting external screen while browser is open
If you launch your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) while you are connected to an external screen, the browser’s hardware acceleration will use the dGPU. This happens despite the fact that you are forcing that app to run on Integrated Graphics. If the browser keeps running after you connect the external screen, it will keep the dGPU awake.
Even sending the laptop to Standby and waking it up again won’t change that fact. The dGPU will only go back to sleep after you close the specific app that triggered this behaviour.
This seems to affect every laptop with NVIDIA Optimus (MSHybrid) – not only XMG laptops.
We have filed a report with NVIDIA and we are awaiting their feedback.
Here is a short list of apps that are affected and not affected by this issue:
Affected Not affected (Control Group)
Google Chrome Microsoft Word
Mozilla Firefox notepad.exe
Microsoft Edge
This might also affect other apps if they are secretly using the dGPU for Hardware Acceleration. But so far, the 3 major browsers are the only apps we have confirmed to trigger this behaviour.
According to what we heard, NVIDIA does not seem to have any plans to fix this issue on a fundamental basis.
Workaround #1: Restart your Browser
Close your browser and launch it again after disconnecting from the external screen.
Workaround #2: Disable Hardware Acceleration in Browser
You can find this in the Settings menu of your Browser.
Workaround #3: Disable and re-enable the dGPU instead of closing your Webbrowser
Download here: dGpuCycle
Written by Notebookcheck user ‘Stepon’ (source). You can open the script with Notepad to read the source code.
After disconnecting the external screen, run this Batch Script with Admin privileges. The script will disable and re-enable the dGPU in Device Manager. During that moment, your browser will drop the Hardware Acceleration from dGPU and go back to iGPU. Chrome will flicker for a fraction of a second. If you play any videos on your browser while running the script, you might have to restart playback by jumping to a different point in the video timeline.
With some programming skills can be further automated to always run in the background.
6. Same as above, but for most if not all apps that use a browser engine underneath.
The browser hardware acceleration issue applies to apps that are using a browser engine to create their GUI. If you launch such an app while you're connected to an external monitor, they will use the dGPU for hardware acceleration and won't let go of it until you either close the app or manually disable the dGPU. The most popular such apps are:
The most widespread framework for such apps is Electron, but it's not limited to that. For example, Spotify uses a different implementation, based on Chromium browser engine.
We are not aware of any way to disable hardware acceleration on these apps. Disabling hardware acceleration in your browser won't affect those apps. The only workarounds are:
As with other root causes in this section, this seems to apply to every laptop with NVIDIA Optimus. We have asked NVIDIA to comment in April 2020.
7. Outdated Killer Wi-Fi driver increasing power consumption.
We had a report where an outdated Killer Wi-Fi suite caused high background CPU load. If you are using a Rivet Networks Killer Wi-Fi module, please download and install the latest drivers here.
8. Missing NVIDIA USB-C and Audio drivers keep the dGPU awake?
We have a report from a user who made a custom install of NVIDIA drivers and unselected the NVIDIA USB-C and Audio drivers because he thought we won't need them. In this case, not having those drivers will cause the main driver to not shutdown the dGPU when searching for those two drivers. We were not able to reproduce it but we'll leave it in this guide for future reference. Solution: reinstall NVIDIA drivers and include every driver, even the optional ones.
9. Outdated Windows and firmware?
If you haven’t already, make sure you are running the latest Windows updates and the latest BIOS. Some major Windows milestones (also called “Redstone” updated) need to be triggered manually by opening Windows Updates, then “Checking for updates”. Under “Optional updates”, there might be a “Feature update” which you can initiate with “Download and install now” (screenshot).
10. Third party PCIe/NVMe SSD preventing CPU from sleeping?
We had recently a few reports on budget SSDs from smaller brands preventing the CPU from reaching C8 sleep states, severely cutting battery life. If you upgrades your SSD yourself with a model that is not listed in our online shop, please consider to swap it out, re-install Windows from scratch and try again. If you found your SSD to be the culprit, please share the product name with us.
11. Corsair iCue Software causes +10W power consumption?
We have seen this report from multiple users. This one was the first:
I spent a week trying to figure out why the processor on my Fusion 15 was consuming so much power when idle (around 10W!). My battery life was absolutely abysmal at about 2.5 hours on a full charge. I thought I had ruled out the iCue software because I closed the app completely, but it turns out only a complete uninstall will allow everything to return to normal so it must have been the mouse driver itself rather than the iCue software.
We haven't checked it ourselves but any kind of hardware-related 3rd party software could potentially cause power saving issues on any system.
12. Epic Games Launcher running on dGPU
First reported here]. Solution is in the top reply to that thread.
13. Paint 3D causes the dGPU to stay 'ON' by running in the Background, even after Reboot
This seems to be a real issue based on a bug from Microsoft. Check this thread for details.
14. Other reason? Cannot reach CPU Package C8 Residency? Please take part in our survey
Please read this post for an introduction into CPU Package C8 Residency states. The post includes a link to a survey to collect analytical data from users who just can't get their power consumption down despite already having implemented all prior suggestions.
15. Dig deeper? Check out this amazing in-depth guide about Windows power saving optimization and C-States.
Written by user Che0063 on Notebookreview in 2018 and constantly updated into 2020, this guide is a deep dive into all things C-States.
You can find a PDF copy (pulled on 2020/05/26) of this guide here.

Random short spikes in lag and stutter

Intel Driver and Support Assistant (DSA) is acting up, causing CPU spikes up to 40% every 1-5 minutes.
Taken from this post:
Intel Driver and Support Assistant (DSA) is acting up, causing CPU spikes up to 40% every 1-5 minutes. See this picture of task manager cumulative CPU time. Funny you already mentioned that it stopped working, as I experienced the same thing.
Solution (TL;DR):
Uninstall Intel DSA for now. You can do this via the windows Apps and Programs, or if it fails for any reason, download the official Uninstaller from the intel website.

My laptop randomly wakes up from Standby.

1. Firmware solution for Wake-up 3 hours after entering Sleep/Standby. (XMG FUSION 15 only)
There was an issue with the NVIDIA USB-C driver which caused the laptop to wake up exactly 3 hours after entering Standby. The laptop was trying to transition into Hibernate (Suspend to Disk) but failed to do so. This issue is resolved in BIOS 0062 and beyond.
2. Disable Wake timers (applies to any PC and Laptop)
Depending on your Windows configuration, there might be certain task schedules (including Windows Updates) which prompt the laptop to wake-up from Sleep or Hibernate. To check on these issues, please read this article. The most common solution is to disable the “Allow wake timers” option for both “plugged in” and “on-battery”. Please note: this setting depends on each power profile and your laptop has three of them: Silent, Balanced, Enthusiast. Please switch to each of these profiles and modify “Allow wake timer” in the Advanced settings in Windows power options for each one of these.
3. Check the Wake-up cause
There is a simple command that will tell you the reason why your laptop woke up for the last time. Usually this is something like "Power Button" or "Lid Opening", but in your case it might point to a different driver or Windows component. Find "Command Prompt" in Start Menu and type:
powercfg -lastwake 
This command does not need Admin right. Please copy it by marking the output text and pressing Enter. The marked text from the Command Prompt windows is now in your clipboard and can be pasted into a text file or message box. Alternatively you can take a picture and report back to us.

My laptop needs a long time to boot up.

Cold Boot and Wake-up from Hibernate should not take much more than 12 seconds between pressing the power button and seeing the login screen wallpaper. If your laptop takes much longer, please consider the following options.
1. Enable “Fast Boot”.
Enabling “Fast Boot” in BIOS is a requirement to use Microsoft’s “Hybrid Boot” technology which saves a lot of time on Cold Boot. Before shipping, we always enable “Fast Boot” in all XMG laptops – but it might get disabled by user operation. On some models, it might also get disabled during BIOS Reset. To make sure, you have “Fast Boot” enabled, follow these steps:
(the location of the "Fast Boot" option might be slightly, depending on your model)
2. Flash firmware again
You can clearly seperate the boot process between BIOS time and Windows time. Everything that happens before you see the XMG boot logo is BIOS time. On XMG FUSION 15, it usually takes about 7 seconds between pressing the power button and seeing the XMG boot logo for the first time. If this time period is much, much longer in your case, the root cause might be in hardware or firmware.
One potential solution was found in this post. This user already had a system with Thunderbolt Firmware NVM v56. But based on a hunch, he just tried to update the same firmware again and it instantly fixed his long BIOS time.
It makes kind of sense. VBIOS, Thunderbolt... those are large, complex and kind of external components that are initialized in the very early steps of the the BIOS. If anything is stalling there, you won't see the boot logo because the BIOS hasn't even attempted yet to start talking to the SSD.
Rule of thumb: if you have long BIOS time before you see the XMG logo, please consider to flash the BIOS and the Thunderbolt Firmware again.
Now, let's look at various Windows-based causes:
3. Clean up TEMP folders
Taken from this post.
Found out, during each boot Windows (namely it's ProfSvc service) takes everything you have in users/yourprofile folder and writes over those files. I suspect it's changing some meta data in the files. Probably edditing read/write premissions. But it goes one by one. And logon process waits for it to finish. As long as your computer is relatively clean, this operation takes a second or two. But when Visual Studio update "forgets" 160 000 files in your AppData/Temp folder, it results in 35 secs of profile loading during boot. All I needed was to empty the Temp folder and the bootups are back in normal!
You can either clean the Temp folders manually or use a software like CCleaner. Please beware, we would only recommend CCleaner to clean temp files, but don't clean the Windows Registry. It's usually safe to do but it can sometimes lead to false positive situations and side-effects.
4. Riot Games 'Vanguard' might block one of our drivers
If you have game titles from Riot Games installed, the software 'Vanguard' might be blocking the 'inpoutx64.sys' driver on some of our systems. This driver is related to the Control Center. We have heard of one single case where the presence of Vanguard lead to a significantly increased boot-time. In other cases however, it had no effect despite getting the 'Vanguard has blocked' message in Windows.
We will share this information with our ODM to see if our signed inpoutx64.sys/dll can be whitelisted. Meanwhile, please consider disabling or uninstalling Vanguard to see if it improves your boot time.
5. Consider a clean reinstall
It might be inconvenient, but if you have any boot times that are wildly longer than above reference data, please consider a clean Windows installation. 'Clean' means deleting the system partitions on your SSD in the first step of the installation procedure. Before you do this, you should backup all important data on external storage.
6. Other causes.
If your system still takes a long time to even display the XMG boot logo or to boot into the Login prompt, there might be another issue at hand. Please make sure to update your BIOS, load setup defaults, enable “Fast Boot” again and make sure that your Windows and drivers are up to date. Please also consider to follow the generic advice in this article.
There is currently no other known systematic issue that prevents our laptops from doing a fast boot or fast wake-up. If you cannot resolve the issue on your machine, please consider to backup your data and do a clean Windows re-install.
7. Discussion
For XMG FUSION 15 we have opened a dedicated tread about expected boot times after a clean install. Please move all relevant discussion to this thread:
Thank you!

My microphone does not sound right

(I might be using Discord)
First, please make sure you increased the microphone gain to 100% and added the +20dB boost.
Now, some apps including Discord put additional processing on the microphone, including echo and noise cancellation. This can have a negative effect on microphone audio quality. Please see if you can disable all such options from your chat application and from the Realtek Control Panel.

I have random Bluescreens

Bluescreens can have a number of reasons. Sometimes, the error message or driver reference can already point at a root cause. If there are too many possible root causes, here are some generic tips.
How to use MemTest86 to test my RAM
Follow these steps:
PRO TIP: If you have MemTest86 errors, you can try to open your laptop and test both memory modules individually. Remove one module and run the test again. If the errors only show on one of the modules, try the same module again in the other (empty) RAM slot. If the module shown errors when run individually in both of the RAM slots, it might be indeed faulty.
If the RAM modules are actually not faulty, it can sometimes also help to just remove and replace (reseat) them. Sometimes, if they are not properly connected, they might also prompt random errors including iGPU graphics artifacts.

+++ Troubleshooting XMG FUSION 15 (2019) +++

The following items apply only to XMG FUSION 15. Please check first if your issue is covered under the general section above. The latest BIOS and Control Center update can be found in this thread.

My speaker sound is underwhelming / I cannot get Soundblaster Connect running.

Sound Blaster Connect is an important app to improve the experience of the audio system. It can increase volume (SmartVol) and Bass of the speakers.
1. Reinstall Audio drivers in the proper sequence
Normally, when all pre-requisites are met, Soundblaster Connect should install automatically from Windows. You can then find it with a simple search for “Sound Blaster” in the Windows Start menu. If Sound Blaster Connect is no where to be found or if it only shows an empty screen, please follow the sequence precisely:
If you are connected to the Internet, the system will now automatically install "Sound Blaster Connect" from Microsoft Store. This might take a few minutes or more. When in doubt, reboot once more after the Soundblaster-Creative_Audio_Effects.

My touchpad sometimes does not react.

This is a very rare issue that we have encountered a few times. For some users we have fixed it by replacing the laptop. The root cause is not entirely clear yet but there have been a few successful workarounds.
Solution #1: Set Touchpad to “Most Sensitive”
Find the “Touchpad” settings in Windows Start menu and change the sensitivity setting to “Most Sensitive”. Please report via PM with your order number if this fixes the issue for you.
Solution #2: Reinstall BIOS and Control Center
We have reports from users who got rid of any Touchpad issues by reinstalling the BIOS and Control Center. Please get the appropriate downloads from our Download Portal.

My CPU shows high activity in idle while having devices connected to USB-C port.

We are currently tracking an issue where users have reported >10% CPU usage in Idle while having certain devices connected to the USB-C port.
Current Workaround: Disable Automatic Sleep on Thunderbolt controller
Device Manager > System devices > Thunderbolt Controller > Power Management > Disable "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"

I’m unable to turn off my keyboard backlight during boot.

Normally, if you disable the keyboard backlight in Control Center using the slider switch, it should also be disabled during Reboot, Cold Boot etc. We had one report of a rare issue where this settings was not applied to firmware anymore. If you encounter this issue, please click the “Restore” button in Control Center to reset all you Keyboard Backlight settings. Then, try again to disable the Keyboard Backlight and reboot.

My keyboard backlight is not turning on anymore.

We had a few reports of keyboard backlight not being able to turn on anymore. If you encounter this issue, please reset your BIOS settings.

I cannot access my BIOS Setup (F2) anymore.

This is another very rare issue that was only reported once so far. If you cannot access your BIOS Setup, you cannot do a BIOS Reset anymore.
Solution: Remove CMOS Jumper from Mainboard and Reboot
The mainboard of XMG FUSION 15 has a jumper to control the BIOS Reset. In order to reach this jumper, you will need to remove the bottom case of the laptop. This is as easy as removing the 10 screws on the bottom side and then simply lifting the bottom cover away from the laptop.
The jumper is located next to the WiFi module
If the jumper is removed, the laptop will show a special menu after on boot which will allow you to reset the BIOS Settings to Default.
After having done this Reset, please place the jumper again it it's original position, connecting pins "1" and "2" as seen in the "Top View" picture linked above.
Now, please see if you can now get back into BIOS Setup with the F2 key during boot.

My external USB mouse sometimes stops moving.

We have some reports from USB gaming mouse with ≥1000Hz polling rate that sometimes stop working when used together with USB hubs, both on USB-A and USB-C (Thunderbolt).
Please install the latest official drivers from your mouse vendor and see if you can reduce the polling rate to 500Hz to see if it makes any difference.

My system consumes about 1~2% battery in Standby/Sleep mode

This is normal and also affects both XMG FUSION and XMG NEO series with opto-mechanical keyboard. Reason: the keyboard consumes slightly over 1W even in standby, because it is still firing up the Infrared barriers for every individual switch. This is to make sure that the keyboard can wake the system from standby. This translates to a power consumption (witch charger, measured at wall socket) of up to 1.8W in Standby if the battery is already fully charged. Due to a hardware design constraint, the power of the keyboard switches cannot be turned off, unless the system is sent to Hibernate (S4) or Shutdown (S5).
Workaround: use Hibernate. By default, Standby automatically transitions into Hibernate after 180 minutes. You can shorten this timespan in the Advanced Power Options in Windows (Screenshot). You have to do this for each of the Performance Profiles that you use (Silent, Balanced, Enthusiast). Before that, you have to enable Hibernate in this menu.

I would like to improve my DPC Latencies.

For guaranteed low DPC latencies, please check out our SCHENKER Audio Editions. For all other models, we're going to collect a number of tips here over time.

I have issues with USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 adapters on XMG FUSION 15

XMG FUSION 15 (2019, XFU15L19) had a bit of a shaky history with some USB-C adapters and Thunderbolt Docking Stations. It seems like the most serious issues have been ironed out with BIOS 0064 and Thunderbolt Firmware-Update NVM v56. If you plan to use USB-C port and you purchased your laptop before May 2020, please make sure to update your firmware as explained in this thread:
If you are still not sure which USB-C peripherals to buy, please check out our list of validated products in this thread:
Thank you!

That's all, folks.

For more FAQ on XMG, SCHENKER and Bestware, please check our FAQ Page:
If we find more commonly asked questions (especially ones that are specific to popular models), we will add them to this guide.
If you have any questions or issues that are not covered in this guide, please reply in the comments below!
// Tom
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2020.09.15 15:47 ipse_io IPSE Weekly Report 09.07~ 09.13

Project Progress:
• Review the technical progress of the IPSE 2.0 upgrade in the last week, as follows:
  1. Start the access of mining pool to full nodes and mining client connection development.
  2. Complete the XCMP survey and start the Rococo cross-chain communication compatible development.
  3. Write the token exchange module of swap in IPSE2.0 to provide token exchange function for other chain storage business payments, and only need to use the local chain token to pay.
  4. The wallet client access is compatible with the Polkadot mainnet and Kusama pioneer network.
  5. In the IPSE2.0 data storage certification standard survey, the multi-node verifiable scheme has been determined.
• IPSE2.0 will be an independent and innovative application-type public chain, in the fields of decentralized data storage, decentralized search engine, etc., to achieve the needs of users in the Web3.0 era.
Technical Progress:
  1. The swap token exchange function of IPSE2.0 explores whether it is necessary to increase the reward of the platform native currency of the liquidity mortgage provider (LP) in the economic model. Choose one of the high handling fee subsidy model and the low handling fee + platform token reward model.
  2. Familiar with XCMP's various transfer interface specifications and designs, and prepare for the next cross-chain payment transfer.
  3. The wallet client has access to the payment functions of Polkadot mainnet and Kusama Xianxian. At the same time, it also needs to be continuously upgraded to be compatible with on-chain interface changes.
  4. Transform the multi-asset module to meet the needs of multi-token conjugate mining required by IPSE2.0.
  5. The offchain-worker of IPSE2.0 is responsible for data storage certification and verification software storage-miner continue to write some functions.
Operation Progress:
  1. Make preparations for international market expansion and global layout.
  2. Continue to increase global media and forum channels to synchronize IPSE2.0 technology-related content, and related SEO work.
  3. In-depth analysis of IPSE2.0 article output 1 article, to explain to the community the new technologies and new concepts that IPSE2.0 will adopt. Review link: "IPSE2.0 applies the DeFi concept and is writing Swap currency exchange"
Community Progress:
•Manage the activity of the WeChat global community and effective communication of environmental order. • Communicate with partners to share the latest and most complete IPSE2.0 upgrade progress and trends in real time. • Look for feasible cooperation in the community, and make plans for the announcement of the mainnet upgrade.
Global Market Progress:
• Continue to explore the cooperation of international top asset transfer platforms.
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2020.09.05 13:31 abuduzana How to make a website reddit user guide

How to make a website reddit user guide
Do you want to build a website? But don't know where to start. No problem. Today, i will show you how to create your first website within 2-3 hours without any technical knowledge.

Basically you need 3 things to create a website:

  1. Domain Name ( (your web address, )
  2. Web Hosting (service that hosts your website data)
  3. Web Design (i will show how to design with free software like wordpress)
To build a fully functional website, you’ll need to purchase a domain name (web address) and a web hosting service. These two make sure that your website is fully accessible to others. Without one or another, you will be unable to set up a website.
Once you have a domain and hosting, you can create a website. You can create website with html template or open source cms like wordpress, joomla, drupal. I will show how to make your site with wordpress.
WordPress is the most popular website building platform that is being used by 35% of all the websites on the Internet.
Installing WordPress site is usually a simple, one-click process through your web hosting service. Once you’ve finished the guide, you’ll have a fully working website online, on your own domain name, and fully accessible by others from anywhere in the world.

Step #1: Choose a Domain Name

In order to build a website, the very first thing you’ll need is a domain name.
The domain name is your website name and address. That address is used by visitors when they try to find your site through their web browsers.
This website’s domain name is Yours can be anything. It must be available to register. Because lots of common domain name has already been registered.
  • If you’re making a website for a business, your domain name should match your company name. For example:
  • If you’re planning to set up a personal website for yourself then can be a great option.
  • Use a “generic” domain name extension such as .com, .net or .org if your goal is international visitors.
  • Use a “local” domain name extension such as .de, .fr, or .ru if your goal is country-targeted visitors.
There are lots of domain registrar like godaddy, namecheap etc. But i suggest to register domain from your hosting company and some hosting company offers free domain for one year, when you purchase annual web hosting plan. So move to step #2.

Step #2: Buy Web Hosting and Register Domain

In addition to having a domain name, you’ll also need website hosting (web hosting).
Web hosting is a service that hosts and stores your website files (content) on a secure server that is always up and running. Without a web host, your site will not be accessible for others to read and browse.
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I recommend for web hosting, because they have all of the above and they provide free domain when you sign up for their annual web hosting.
But if you ask me "is hostgator best web hosting company", i would say no. i only recommend hostgator for beginner. For best web hosting i recommend siteground or a2hosting. but they don't provide free domain.
Hostgator hosting plans start from $2.75/mo and offer all the essential features for setting up a website.
1) To get a web hosting account, simply visit hostgator and click on “Get Started!”.
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4) Once you’ve completed your registration process it will take a few minutes to get instant access, so you can start building your website right away.
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2020.08.28 10:02 majoraswrath360 All known info about CC: Remastered Edition - IF YOU GOT QUESTIONS CHECK THIS TOPIC FIRST!!!

UPDATED ON 08/31/2020

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition

Release date: 08/27/2020 (worldwide) Release Trailer
Platforms: PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android
The PlayStation Store pre-orders will include a special PlayStation 4 theme featuring artwork and music from the original game. For now you can NOT get this theme unless you pre-ordered!
Japanese Box art: PS4 - Switch
Official Website:
The PS4 and Switch versions only have a physical edition in Japan. Two warnings if you are planning on importing:
1) The game will be completely in Japanese with no English option.
2) The game is region locked! This mean that even if your PSN/Switch account is from the region that you want to play with, it will still check the game region and match you with those people. This eliminates the chance for players with different game regions to play together unless Square Enix engineers some work-around. Read further ahead for complete clarification!!!
There is also a light version of the game for iOS/Android & PS4/Switch. This version can be downloaded and played for free TO A CERTAIN EXTENT:
1) Single play up to the end of the first in-game year (three dungeons). Online multiplay for up to four players up to the end of the first in-game year (three dungeons) along other free version players and full game owners. Cross-platform functionality lets you form parties with players across different platforms.
2) You can join up with people who have the full version of the game and play up to 13 dungeons, this way you are not limited to just the first 3. You wont get any "end of year" celebrations this way. Your chalice simply reverts back to 2/3rds full. The game also mentions you can't get more than 2 drops of myrrh.
3) WARNING: Lite players can't craft master's weapons, and it seems like Lite players miss out on all craft-able accessories, if being unable to craft the flame/frost/thunder craft's is any indication. The crafters don't even list them as options. So for a casual play-trough this is not a problem. But if you plan on playing like years 8-9 and so on it's best that you just buy the game.

Features confirmed for the Remastered Edition:
Bonus questions:
To clarify further; GAME REGION ≠ ACCOUNT REGION
The region is locked to the GAME. NOT your ACCOUNT!!! So if you want to play together with someone from across the world get the GAME from the same region. So visit the same PSN/Switch store region to buy the game. Or import the game both from Japan (warning Japanese text if importing). So you're PSN/Switch account region has zero influence when booting the game, but it is important when buying the game.

MAKE BACKUP SAVES OF YOUR GAMES! There is a glitch that can lock you permanently in Tipa Peninsula on Year 2. This may not be the only glitch that could ruin your save file. You have 4 save slots, so make at least 1 copy.
The glitch: After beating Goblin Wall online and changing their chalice to Fire, Goblin Wall disappeared and their chalice was reverted to Water. The miasma stream element was fire, locking them in Tipa Peninsula. They tried visiting all of the area's locations and beating River Belle Pass, online and offline, and restarting the software. Goblin Wall did not return, nor was there any in-game record they'd beaten it.
The fix: None. Do not play Goblin Wall online on Year 2. Beat it solo. If you have already beaten it solo you are safe to host it online past year 2.
What probably causes the glitch:
  1. The host must be on year 2 and disconnect and rejoin during the ready up phase before the dungeon begins.
  2. The second player must be on year 1 (in this case they were playing the lite version). For charity sake there were 3 players and 2 & 3 were both on the lite version.
  3. No player received moogle mail on the first clear, meaning that I was not the host at the end of the dungeon.
  4. The chalice reset to water, but we theorize it might have given the host to player 2 who does not have year 2 or goblin wall available. So it inherited? Their chalice I don't know. 5. This occurred again when rejoining mid dungeon with player 2 being a lite player.

Credit to the people who provided more information:
- u/Master_Of_Waves
- u/Splash4ttack
- u/DapperStapler
- Discord: Disappointed Father
- u/NicoDeMagio
- u/theUnLuckyCat
- u/iharadraws
- u/subaqueousReach
- u/SenerioIX
If anyone finds anything new not listed here feel free to comment it and I will add it (provide source).
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2020.08.20 12:03 remote-enthusiast 76 remote jobs published recently

Hello friends! These are the open remote positions I've found that were published today. See you tomorrow! Bleep blop 🤖
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2020.08.17 08:26 Worm2120 A complete timeline of relevant events on 09/11/2001.

Lets see if this post gets buried and downvoted instantly like my last post.
V: A building is a symbol, as is the act of destroying it. Symbols are given power by people. Alone, a symbol is meaningless, but with enough people, blowing up a building can change the world.

years leading up to 09/11/2001:
-1991: White House Is Protected From Airplane Attack During Gulf War
While a battery of surface-to-air-missiles remains permanently on the roof of the White House, the rest of these defenses are apparently removed after the war is over. Yet even though counterterrorism officials later call the alerts in the summer of 2001 “the most urgent in decades,” similar defensive measures will apparently not be taken.
- 1998: Training Exercise Held at the White House, Based Around Militants Using a Plane as a Weapon
Counterterrorism “tsar” Richard Clarke chairs a tabletop exercise at the White House, involving a scenario where anti-American militants fill a Learjet with explosives, and then fly it on a suicide mission toward a target in Washington, DC. Officials from the Pentagon, Secret Service, and FAA attend, and are asked how they would stop such a threat. Pentagon officials say they could launch fighters from Langley Air Force Base, Virginia, but would need authorization from the president to shoot the plane down, and currently there is no system to do this. The 9/11 Commission later states: “There was no clear resolution of the problem at the exercise.”
- 1999-September 11, 2001: NORAD Exercise Simulates Crashes into US Buildings; One of Them Is the World Trade Center
One of these imagined targets is the World Trade Center. According to NORAD, these scenarios are regional drills, rather than regularly scheduled continent-wide exercises. They utilize “[n]umerous types of civilian and military aircraft” as mock hijacked aircraft, and test “track detection and identification; scramble and interception; hijack procedures; internal and external agency coordination; and operational security and communications security procedures.” The main difference between these drills and the 9/11 attacks is that the planes in the drills are coming from another country, rather than from within the US. Before 9/11, NORAD reportedly conducts four major exercises at headquarters level per year. Most of them are said to include a hijack scenario.
- Between October 24 and 28, 2000: Military Holds Exercise Rehearsing Response to a Plane Crash at the Pentagon
Pentagon and Arlington County emergency responders assemble in the office of the Secretary of Defenses conference room in the Pentagon for a mass casualty exercise (“MASCAL”). The exercise involves three mock-scenarios. One is of a commercial airliner crashing into the Pentagon and killing 342 people, while the other two involve a terrorist attack at the Pentagons subway stop and a construction accident. The exercises are conducted using a large-scale model of the Pentagon with a model airplane literally on fire in the central courtyard of the building. An Army medic who participates in the mock attack calls it “a real good scenario and one that could happen easily,” while a fire chief notes: “You have to plan for this. Look at all the air traffic around here.”
- May 2001: Medics Train for Airplane Hitting Pentagon
The Tri-Service DiLorenzo Health Care Clinic and the Air Force Flight Medicine Clinic, both housed within the Pentagon, train for a scenario involving a hijacked 757 airliner being crashed into the Pentagon. It is reported that the purpose of the training is “to fine-tune their emergency preparedness.”
- April 17-26, 2001: Joint Chiefs of Staff Holds Exercise for Continuity of Government if US is Attacked; Proposal to Simulate Airliner Crash into Pentagon Rejected
The Joint Chiefs of Staff holds a large, worldwide exercise called Positive Force, which focuses on the Defense Department's ability to conduct large-scale military operations and coordinate these operations. The 2001 Positive Force exercise is a “continuity of operations exercise,” meaning it deals with government contingency plans to keep working in the event of an attack on the US. Over a dozen government agencies, including NORAD, are invited to participate. The exercise prepares them for various scenarios, including non-combatant evacuation operations, cyber attacks, rail disruption, and power outages. Apparently, one of the scenarios that was considered for this exercise involved “a terrorist group hijack[ing] a commercial airliner and fly[ing] it into the Pentagon.” But the proposed scenario, thought up by a group of Special Operations personnel trained to think like terrorists, was rejected. Joint Staff action officers and White House officials said the additional scenario is either “too unrealistic” or too disconnected to the original intent of the exercise.
- June 1-2, 2001: Military Conducts Exercises Based on Scenario in which Cruise Missiles Are Launched against US
Bin Laden is pictured on the cover of the first Amalgam Virgo exercise. 📷 The US military conducts Amalgam Virgo 01, a multi-agency planning exercise sponsored by NORAD involving the hypothetical scenario of a cruise missile being launched by “a rogue [government] or somebody” from a barge off the East Coast. Bin Laden is pictured on the cover of the proposal for the exercise. The exercise takes place at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida. The next Amalgam Virgo exercise, scheduled to take place the following year, will involve two simultaneous commercial aircraft hijackings. Planning for the exercises begins before 9/11.
poster for event on June 1-2, 2001 feat. Osama Bin Laden.
- Early August 2001: Mass Casualty Exercise at the Pentagon Includes a Plane Hitting the Building
A mass casualty exercise, involving a practice evacuation, is held at the Pentagon. General Lance Lord of US Air Force Space Command, one of the participants in the exercises, later recalls: “[It was] purely a coincidence, the scenario for that exercise included a plane hitting the building.” Lord will also say that on 9/11, “our assembly points were fresh in our minds” thanks to this practice. People and organizations involved: Lance Lord

Did you catch that? re-read the above bold statement. There are no coincidences.
Every event that took place before 9/11 COULD be considered a coincidence by almost all people who believe the MSM narrative of 9/11. Therefore, I will mostly be focusing on a classified (at the time) military intelligence task force known as Able Danger.
Able Danger was a data mining software started by LIWA after finding a large presence of Chinese corporations fronting as US companies to mine data inside the US and gain intel. Able Danger was the United States counter to this Chinese data mining issue.
In the fall of 1999, Able Danger was officially created to gain information on Al-Qaeda on the orders of 4 star General Peter Schoomaker and Hugh Shelton, leader of SOCOM.
Using computers, the unit collects huge amounts of data in a technique called “data mining.” They get information from such sources as al-Qaeda Internet chat rooms, news accounts, web sites, and financial records. Using sophisticated software, they compare this with government records such as visa applications by foreign tourists, to find any correlations and depict these visually.

January-May 2000: CIA Has Atta Under Surveillance

Hijacker Mohamed Atta is put under surveillance by the CIA while living in Germany. [Berliner Zeitung, 9/24/01; Focus, 9/24/01; Agence France-Presse, 9/22/01] He is “reportedly observed buying large quantities of chemicals in Frankfurt, apparently for the production of explosives [and/or] for biological warfare.” “The US agents reported to have trailed Atta are said to have failed to inform the German authorities about their investigation,” even as the Germans are investigating many of his associates. “The disclosure that Atta was being trailed by police long before 11 September raises the question why the attacks could not have been prevented with the man's arrest.” [Observer, 9/30/01] A German newspaper adds that Atta is able to get a visa into the US on May 18. According to some reports, the surveillance stops when he leaves for the US at the start of June. However, “experts believe that the suspect [remains] under surveillance in the United States.” [Berliner Zeitung, 9/24/01] A German intelligence official also states, “We can no longer exclude the possibility that the Americans wanted to keep an eye on Atta after his entry in the US” [Focus, 9/24/01] This correlates with a Newsweek claim that US officials knew Atta was a “known [associate] of Islamic terrorists well before [9/11].” [Newsweek, 9/20/01] However, a congressional inquiry later reports that the US “intelligence community possessed no intelligence or law enforcement information linking 16 of the 19 hijackers [including Atta] to terrorism or terrorist groups.” [9/11 Congressional Inquiry, 9/20/02] In 2005, after accounts of the Able Danger program learning Atta's name become news, newspaper account will neglect to mention this prior report about Atta being known by US intelligence. For instance, the New York Times will report, “The account [about Able Danger] is the first assertion that Mr. Atta, an Egyptian who became the lead hijacker in the plot, was identified by any American government agency as a potential threat before the Sept. 11 attacks” (see August 9, 2005) . [New York Times, 8/9/05]

January-February 2000: Secret Military Unit Identifies al-Qaeda ‘Brooklyn’ Cell; Mohamed Atta is a Member

Its clear by now that Able Danger has Identified an immense amount of data on the future hijackers living in New York, over a year before the attacks and after being seen purchasing chemicals for chemical warefare.

April 2000: LIWA and Able Danger Face Trouble After LIWA Connects Prominent US Figures to Chinese Military

A 1999 study by the US Army's Land Information Warfare Activity (LIWA) to look into possible Chinese front companies in the US seeking technology for the Chinese military created controversy and was ordered destroyed in November 1999 (see Mid-1999-November 1999). However, apparently Rep. Curt Weldon (R) protests, and the issue finally comes to a head during this month. One result of this controversy will be what Maj. Erik Kleinsmith will later call “severely restricted” support for Able Danger, including a temporary end to LIWA support (see April 2000) In an April 14, 2000 memorandum from the legal counsel in the Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Capt. Michael Lohr writes that the concern over the LIWA data mining study raises privacy concerns: “Preliminary review of subject methodology raised the possibility that LIWA ‘data mining’ would potentially access both foreign intelligence (FI) information and domestic information relating to US citizens (i.e. law enforcement, tax, customs, immigration, etc... ... I recognize that an argument can be made that LIWA is not ‘collecting’ in the strict sense (i.e. they are accessing public areas of the Internet and non-FI federal government databases of already lawfully collected information). This effort would, however, have the potential to pull together into a single database a wealth of privacy-protected US citizen information in a more sweeping and exhaustive manner than was previously contemplated.” Additionally, the content of the study is another reason why it caused what Weldon calls a “wave of controversy.” The study had connected future National Security Advisor and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former Defense Secretary William Perry, and other prominent US citizens to business transactions with Chinese military officials.(see Mid-1999-November 1999). [Washington Times, 10/9/05; Washington Times, 9/22/05; New York Post, 8/27/05; Curt Weldon Press Conference, 9/17/05; Erik Kleinsmith Statement, 9/21/05] One article on the subject will comment, “Sources familiar with Able Danger say the project was shut down because it could have led to the exposure of a separate secret data mining project focusing on US citizens allegedly transferring super-sensitive US technology illegally to the Chinese government.” [WTOP, 9/1/05] A massive destruction of data from Able Danger and LIWA's data mining efforts will follow, one month later (see May-June 2000).

May-June 2000: Army Officer Told to Destroy Able Danger Documents

Maj. Eric Kleinsmith, chief of intelligence for the Land Information Warfare Activity (LIWA) unit, is ordered to destroy data and documents related to a military intelligence program set up to gather information about al-Qaeda. The program, called Able Danger, has identified Mohamed Atta and three other future hijackers as potential threats (see January-February 2000). According to Kleinsmith, by April 2000 it has collected “an immense amount of data for analysis that allowed us to map al-Qaeda as a worldwide threat with a surprisingly significant presence within the United States.”
The representative also acknowledges that regulations would have probably allowed the Able Danger information to be shared with law enforcement agencies before its destruction. Asked why this was not done, he responds, “I can't tell you.” [CNET News, 9/21/05] The order to destroy the data and documents is given to Kleinsmith by Army Intelligence and Security Command General Counsel Tony Gentry, who jokingly tells him, “Remember to delete the data—or you'll go to jail.” [Government Executive, 9/21/05] The quantity of information destroyed is later described as “2.5 terabytes,” about as much as one-fourth of all the printed materials in the Library of Congress. [Associated Press, 9/16/05] Other records associated with the unit are allegedly destroyed in March 2001 and spring 2004
2.5 TERABYTES IN THE YEAR 2000. The amount of data that was destroyed... and of course it was just a joke, but Kleinsmith was told hed be fired if he didnt destroy all of it.
Okay now I could speculate for hours and hours on the amount of foreknowledge but i'd like to move to another section of our story:

-Tuesday, September 11th, 2001.

(6:00 a.m.): Bush Interview or Assassination Attempt?

President Bush has just spent the night at Colony Beach and Tennis Resort on Longboat Key, Florida. Surface-to-air missiles have been placed on the roof of the resort (it is not known if this was typical of presidential security before 9/11, or if this was related to increased terror warnings). [Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 9/10/02] Bush wakes up around 6:00 a.m. and is preparing for his morning jog. [MSNBC, 10/27/02; Daily Telegraph, 12/16/01; New York Times, 9/16/01 (B)] A van occupied by men of Middle Eastern descent arrives at the Colony Beach Resort, stating they have a “poolside” interview with the president. They do not have an appointment and they are turned away. [Longboat Observer, 9/26/01] Some question whether this was an assassination attempt modeled on the one used on Afghan leader Ahmed Massoud two days earlier (see September 9, 2001). [Time, 8/4/02 (B)] Longboat Key Fire Marshal Carroll Mooneyhan was reported to have overheard the conversation between the men and the Secret Service, but he later denies the report. The newspaper that reported this, the Longboat Observer stands by its story. [St. Petersburg Times, 7/4/04] Witnesses recall seeing Mohamed Atta in the Longboat Key Holiday Inn a short distance from where Bush was staying as recently as September 7, the day Bush's Sarasota appearance was publicly announced.
Why would a van of middle eastern men want to meet with bush on this particular morning... when bush has increased security for no reason...
(6:30 a.m.): NORAD on Alert for Emergency Exercises
Lieutenant Colonel Dawne Deskins, regional mission control chief, begins a large scale exercise known as: Vigilant Guardian. -THIS IS DIFFERENT THAN GLOBAL GUARDIAN WHICH IS ANOTHER EXERCISE I WILL COVER SHORTLY-
In contrast to the 9/11 Commission Report - Michael Ruppert has characterized Vigilant Guardian as "a hijacking drill, not a cold war exercise". He cites direct quotes from participants which indicate "that the drill involved hijacked airliners rather than Russian Bombers". General Arnold, Tech. Sgt. W. Powel and Lt. Col. Dwane Deskins have stated that when they first were informed about hijacked airliners they thought it was "part of the exercise".[1]

(6:45 a.m.)

“Approximately two hours prior to the first attack”, at least two workers at the instant messaging company Odigo receive messages warning of the WTC attack. This Israeli owned company has its headquarters two blocks from the WTC.
(6:47 A.M.) Fire alarms in WTC 7 placed to "test mode".
While these extra security measures were being implemented, another anomalous event occurred at WTC 7, a 47-story office building located 370 feet north of the North Tower. Specifically, every morning for the seven days before September 11, the building's fire alarm system was placed on "test condition." On September 11, it was again put on test condition, at 6:47 a.m., and only returned to normal monitoring, automatically, eight hours later, at 2:47 p.m.
Around 8 A.M. "Dancing Israelis" First seen in New Jersey Parking lot
The five men were detained by Sergeant Scott DeCarlo of the New Jersey Police Department around 4pm on September 11th.[7]. The police and FBI field agents became suspicious when they found maps of the city with certain places highlighted, box cutters (the same items that the 19 hijackers supposedly used), $4,700 cash stuffed in a sock, and foreign passports. Police also told a New Jersey local paper, The Bergen Record, that bomb sniffing dogs were brought to the van and that they reacted as if they had smelled explosives. According to the Jewish Weekly Forward the FBI later determined that at least two of the Israelis (Sivan Kurzberg and Paul Kurzberg) were agents of the Mossad.[8][9]

(After 8:37 a.m.)

NORAD gives the command to scramble fighters after Flight 11 after being notified (see (8:37 a.m.)). Lt. Colonel Dawne Deskins at NEADS tells Colonel Robert Marr, head of NEADS, “I have FAA on the phone, the shout line, Boston Center. They said they have a hijacked aircraft.” Marr then calls Major General Larry Arnold at NORAD's command Center in Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, and says, “Boss, I need to scramble [fighters at] Otis [Air National Guard Base].” Arnold recalls, “I said go ahead and scramble them, and we'll get the authorities later.” Arnold then calls NORAD headquarters to report. [ABC News, 9/11/02, Independent Commission Report, 6/17/04] Then, seeing the proper authorization, NEADS calls Canadian Captain Mike Jellinek at NORAD's Colorado headquarters. Jellinek is sitting near Canadian Air Force Major General Rick Findley, director of combat operations there. Findley's staff is “already on high alert” because of a joint US-Canada exercise known as Vigilant Guardian (see (6:30 a.m.)), and another joint exercise known as Operation Northern Vigilance (see (9:00 a.m.))


The Icing on the cake: 5 israeli men arrested with a van packed with explosives on George Washington bridge.
This event has nearly been memory-holed from the population. And I deem it my responsibility to remind the population what happened on this horrific day.
CNN video of reporting.
ABC report as well
Anyway, all reports have the same story: 2-3 men being arrested on the George Washington bridge PACKED with explosives. Reports state that amount of explosives could've "done severe damage to the bridge". Now I cant find a source for what was said after the Israeli men were arrested, but I can remember from memory what was said, i'd love if someone can confirm my picture perfect memory correct on this:
"We are not the enemy. The Palestinians are the problem. We are your friends."
something along those lines were said to the arresting officer. In FOIA requests of this event, it has been deemed "Top Secret".

Other interesting facts and videos:
3 facts that PROVE controlled demolition.
48 disturbing facts about 9/11
Very important information on WTC 7.

9/11 single handed, proves that we as the people are brainwashed into believing everything you see. This needs to be known.

One last thing...

Terror Links In Tenn. Mystery?
Shortly before 1 a.m. on Feb. 10, witnesses saw flames erupt from the back seat of a 1992 Acura Legend as it crawled along a two-lane road skirting farm fields in the little Tennessee town of Piperton.
The driver breathed in the flames, her lungs searing, as the car veered off the road and came to rest against a utility pole near the Mississippi state line. There were no skid marks or furrows in the grass to indicate the driver had hit the brakes.
A witness rushed up and pulled open the car door, but the driver was not moving. She appeared to be already dead. When the first volunteer firefighters arrived, the car was engulfed in flames.
wait for it...
Shortly after she showed up for work, a man from the Toyota, Khaled Odtllah, a native of Jerusalem, joined the morning rush into the building. According to an FBI affidavit, he was clutching four signed driver's license applications.
With Odtllah, police found Mostafa Said Abou-Shahi, Mohammed Fares, Sakher Hammad and his cousin Abdelmuhsen Mahmid Hammad. An unnamed juvenile was also taken into custody.
A few months ago, the contets of Sakher Hammad's wallet would have seemed innocuous: Two video rental cards; two major credit cards; a card designating him a “charter member” of Team Ford Racing; a New York plumber's business card.
And a pass, dated 09/05/01 that gave him access to the lower basement of One World Trade Center.
Authorities say Sakher Hammad told them he is plumber, and that he and his cousin were in the tower to work on the sprinkler system. New York authorities have no record of a plumber's license for either cousin.
A business card in Sakher Hammad's wallet was for a Magic Plumbing & Heating Inc. in Brooklyn. It advertises “custom kitchens, bathrooms, water heaters, boilers, repiping” - generally residential in nature.
A call to the business produced only a full voice-mailbox for someone named “Rocky.” Using a reverse telephone directory, the AP found a list of phone numbers at the company's street address, all of them for individuals, among them Sakher Hammad.

Family members have refused to talk. A wary elderly neighbor said, “I believe somebody killed her.”
Let me leave you with this thought: This woman engulfed in flames out of no where and was burned beyond recognition before the car even halted to a stop, gently I might add.
Isn't it weird that the twin towers just collapsed out of no where, with molten steel spewing for weeks to months after the attacks?
Kinda makes you wonder if those "middle eastern men" had some left over presents from their WTC visit to "fix the sprinkler system" from 09/05/2001.

Let me know if I left anything out. Honestly, I could make infinite amounts of posts about 9/11 because of the amount of info here to grasp. Yet, none of what Ive posted has been disprove yet... hmmm.
Wow I havent checked this since last night before I went to bed. Thank you so much everyone for the feedback and rewards!!(:
I love you all.
submitted by Worm2120 to conspiracy [link] [comments]

2020.08.14 22:27 Ralts_Bloodthorne First Contact - 275 - TOTAL WAR (Black Box)

[first] [prev] [next]
Herod was working on the interactions between inverted hydrogen atoms and uninverted oxygen atom when fused into a water element. It acted erratically, sometimes vanishing during fusion into H2O, other times holding together for a second and then falling apart. It was the ones that stayed together that Herod was paying attention to. The molecules acted strangely, never staying next to one another but gathering unmodified H2O molecules around it.
At one point, once they gathered enough H2O molecules, the unmodified H2O molecules would begin to 'orbit' the modified one.
It was strange, it didn't make sense, but every time he could see it occurring. When he became one of the unmodified H2O molecules, he could sense data that the virtual reality simulation could not make sense of. He had tried becoming the modified molecule but the system crashed every time. Not with a Hellspace Breach, just the system was overloaded with data errors and crashed out.
Victor had informed him that the real-world lab spaces would be done within a few days. The Lunar systems were taking a bit longer than the estimated two weeks, but Victor had stated it was on target for finishing in another three days.
It was beginning to annoy him. He had always preferred the digital world to mass reality, preferred the orderly and well programed virtual reality that was overlayed across the entire of mass reality in the majority of the Confederacy. Only the VR reality wasn't really giving him the data he wanted, instead it was crashing out.
Simulated reality could only simulate what it was programmed to simulate, not simulate whatever was causing the weird orbiting that the simulation kept doing before it would crash.
If the computers were crashing on the data, then the computers were worthless.
Which was something that Herod was not used to.
Eighty percent of advancements come from our parents, not from digital sentiences, he remembered saying to Flowerpatch. At first her answer of 'we study it, simulate it, they live in it' had annoyed him, now he realized that she was right.
He was sitting in a real chair, run off from a creation engine, using the nanite body he had asked to be crafted. He could feel the slight air current from the environmental system. At first he had automatically tracked the currents but borrowing some software packages, patches, and code strings from Flowerpatch and he would have to get instruments to get anything precise now.
Flowerpatch's code strings combined with his ingrained desire for precision to encourage him to double and triple check his results and simulations.
He found that the simulations made a lot of assumptions about things. He had found a series of circuits, basic molycircs, where the induction from the tachyon particles moving down the stretched electron 'wire' caused impedance in the circuit that was automatically figured into the circuit. In layman's terms it meant the circuit wouldn't work without being built in those exacting tolerances.
How much of what we do is cobbled together? he caught himself wondering, a cool cloth on his neck. He looked up at the dataslates and shook his head. SO far he had found three circuits that assumptions made to ensure that the simulations worked had missed critical data that existed in mass-reality but had to be cludged into the simulation data.
The most grating thing was all three circuits were considered design marvels of the Digital Artificial Sentience Systems.
He looked up at the data when his communications link pinged.
"All researchers to SUDS Lab Six," came Victor's voice. Herod realized that he could tell the biobod was stressed by a tension in his voice that he would have missed two weeks ago.
Herod 'walked' to the laboratory, letting himself experience the differences in air pressure, electronic overwatch, and feeling the difference between the virtual space overlay and mass-reality.
When he entered the lab he found that the excitement was already going on.
"...been auto-corrected out of the system before it even uploaded," Torturer was saying.
"Well, it's not. We need to run comparisons, see what the corruption is involved in," Delta said.
"Already parsing it," Victor said. He closed his eyes and inhaled sharply. "Checking the routers now."
Flowerpatch moved up next to Herod, her face concerned. "He just reached across hundreds of light years and 'checks' something we barely understand."
"He lives in mass-reality," Herod answered.
Flowerpatch smiled. "A convert," she said.
"It's coming out of the Lanaktallan War Zone. Can't tell beyond that," Victor said. He opened his eyes and the gathered DS's drew back slightly as purple lighting began to pop and snarl around his forearms. "Something out there is interfering with the SUDS."
"Bring up the damaged template," Flowerpatch said.
"If it was damaged it wouldn't be spreading," Victor snapped. "It's a viable neural template, but it seems to be spreading corruption somehow."
"I want to see it," Flowerpatch insisted.
Herod nodded. "Me too."
"Fine," Victor's voice was sharp, annoyed.
The mental engram appeared in the middle of the room.
"It's missing the big patch," Nexus said, pointing at it.
Victor stared at it for a moment then tossed up a glowing transparent box in the middle of the room. Brainscans started appearing and disappearing rapidly and Herod watched as Victor squinted at the box. To be honest, Herod had no idea what he was looking at, just brainscans.
"Martha," Victor snapped out.
"Yes, Victor?" came a woman's voice from mid-air.
"Get me genetic profiles on corrupted SUDS engrams," he said. "Put it here," he tossed up a box.
Genetic scans started appearing and Victor reached in, pulled one out, and stretched it. He began scanning it, running his fingers through the virtual data.
Herod looked at his fellow DS's and swallowed thickly. He could see easily twenty, thirty, maybe more VR clones of Victor overlapping his meat body in virtualspace. A dozen clones entered the room, all of them wearing VR interface goggles and gloves, all of them going to work. More arrived, then more, the large room becoming quickly crowded, both in mass and virtually reality.
"No, no no no no," Victor said. He tossed a DNA string up. "Martha, check genetic prosthetic overlay sigma tau sigma seven seven two on all corrupted data."
"Data not found," the female voice said after a moment.
"Oh, no," Victor said. He turned and waved up a data-board, the new construct immediately built by nanites in mass-reality and existing in virtual reality. "Martha, check the following genetic prothesis overlays," he said, rapidly writing on the board with a dozen clones.
"What's happening?" Torturer asked. "Genetic prosthesis? On the human genome?"
"Yes," Victor snapped. "Martha, fast scan, comparison to Terran Descent Human genomic base to damaged mental engram linked genome. Show any deviance in the following DNA sequences."
More data appeared.
"Victor, what is going on?" Delta asked.
"Somewhere in Lanaktallan Space we hit a huge problem," the clone master said. He turned and looked at everyone. "Of course, all of you are pig-ignorant because people decided to rewrite history in a hope of creating temporal safeguards so none of you know what I'm talking about."
"Can you explain?" Flowerpatch said, moving forward carefully. She could sense just how much stress the Immortal was under. "So that we understand."
Victor stuck his hand into nothingness and yanked out a gene scan, tossing it up into the room. "That's Pre-Glassing," he threw up another one. "Post-Glassing," another one. "Post Digital Omnimessiah," another one, "Post Overproject Neighborhood," another one. "Modern."
He turned the gene sequences. "As you can see, gene sequence overlays were applied. Not actually altering the genome, but basically a false 'shell' of proteins that left the underlying proteins intact."
"That's not how DNA works," Delta said.
"If you say so," Victor answered. He pointed at the mental engrams he had tossed up. "There, you can see that some of the changes are hardwired into the system, provided by the prosthetics."
Delta moved up the data, staring at it. "An applied at conception genetic prosthesis, an overlay that changes the DNA data. How is it done?"
"Here," Victor snapped his wrist, tossing something to Delta. The DS grunted and staggered back, his form losing resolution for a moment.
"Oof," the DS said. "My God, this data feels like its covered in dust."
"It's the original data. It was a method considered superior to direct gene-tweaking since it can be undone easier and leaves the original data intact," Victor said. "It's in use today in civilian genetic engineering and clone factories."
"What's Overproject Neighborhood?" Flowerpatch asked.
"Something classified and terrible," Victor said.
"Whatever it was, it's missing," Vanishing-Point said, touching the mental engram area. "It coincides with damage to your genetic prosthetic."
"Shit," Victor said quietly. He looked at the data. "Bad enough we've got a rogue signal in the system, but now this?"
"I have worse news," Vanishing-Point said.
"What?" Victor asked.
"That rogue signal? The Telkan Broodcarrier Anomalous Signal?" Vanishing-Point said.
"What about it?" Victor suddenly growled, clenching his fists and causing sparks to jump off his knuckles.
"It's intertwining with the corrupted SUDS templates, preventing further corruption," Vanishing-Point said, pointing at the data.
"Actually, that's good news," Victor said, turning around. His eyes were glowing a bright red. "It's about the best fucking news we could have gotten."
"Why? What does all this do in the human genome?" Herod asked. "What effect does this have on our parents and what's doing the damage?"
Victor closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. "Forces in Lanaktallan Space are under psychic attack. Not the psychic attacks of the Precursor Autonomous War Machines, but actual living brain directed psychic attack," he touched the 'genetic prosthesis' on the display. "We chose the prosthetic because it's wired to blow out and restore psychic abilities if there is a psychic attack upon the person."
Everyone stared at him.
"DNA isn't like that. You can't program a 'prosthetic' to 'blow out' if it detects psychic assaults," Vanishing Point said.
"You can with this data," Delta said, his eyes still far away as he went through the data. "This is... this is incredible."
"And used by every cloning shop in the Confederacy," Victor said. He closed his eyes again. "Which means that we've got a psychic enemy out there."
"How bad is it?" Flowerpatch said.
"It depends on how widespread the attacks are and how many TDH's are effected and how many of them have priority military backup," Victor said, his eyes still closed. Herod could see the blurring of dozens of VR copies of Victor.
"It also depends on how far the mental engram recordings get corrupted," he said. "We can't have it remove too many patches."
"Why not?" Flowerpatch asked.
"Because if they remove too many patches we eventually get Pre-Glassing humanity," Delta said. He shuddered. "Talk about a disaster."
"Why?" Flowerpatch asked. "What's the big deal?"
Herod suddenly understood.
"Because then you have humanity where Daxin and Legion are just outliers," he said. "Statistically rare, but not unheard of."
Victor opened his eyes, purplish sparks in his beard.
"You end up with the men who created me," he said softly.
Well, it's not impossible. We just red eyes go ahead and move forward with the whole thing. It's not impossible, just a little difficult to red eyes to do, but that's never stopped anyone red eyes before.
Uh, sis, are you fucking with us?
No. Why?
Um, are you OK?
I've got a red eyes bit of a weird tickle. Why?
Um, TerraSol? Something's wrong with sis!
I feel red eyes fine.
I'll go look for him.
Cyb? Hey, Cyb, can you check Mantid's lines, it looks like interference from somewhere.
MANsoftpodlingwarmpodlingREDEYESsafepodlingTID FREE WOgoodpodlingsleepypodlingREDEYEShappypodlingRLDS
I fewarmpodlingReDeYeSsoftpodlingel fine. Really.
MANTID FREE WORLDS is set to read only
MANTID FREE WORLDS has been disconnected from emotional overlay
Hey, has ANYONE seen Cyb, BASS, or TerraSol recently?
MANTID FREE WORLDS>Now that you red eyes mention it, no.
MANTID FREREDEYESE WORLDS> I'm tellinredeyesg you I feel firedeyesne.
Trust me, sis, you aren't fine.
Where's TerraSol?
How should I know? I keep track of the whole Confederacy, not my dad.
You go find him.
>CONFEDERATE GESTALT has left the chat (Do your own fucking work)
Wow, he's in a mood.
I'm going to stay in chat with Admin controls on. There's something weird going on.
Ya think?
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2020.08.12 22:55 FrankzTheBoi The entire script of "Burger King Foot Lettuce"

Burger King Foot Lettuce The last thing you’d want in your Burger
King burger is someone’s foot fungus.
But as it turns out, that might be what you get.
A 4channer uploaded a photo anonymously to the site showcasing his feet in a plastic
bin of lettuce, with the statement: “This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King.”
Admittedly, he had shoes on…but, that’s even worse.
The post went live at 11:38PM on July 16 and a mere 20 minutes later, the Burger King in
question was alerted to the rogue employee…at least, I hope he’s rogue.
How did it happen?
Well, the BK employee hadn’t removed the Exif data from the uploaded photo, which suggested
the culprit was somewhere in Mayfield Heights, Ohio.
This was at 11:47.
3 minutes later, at 11:50, the Burger King branch address was posted, with wishes of
happy unemployment.
5 minutes later, the news station was contacted by another 4channer.
And 3 minutes later, at 11:58, a link was posted.
BK’s “Tell Us About US” online form.
The foot photo, otherwise known as Exhibit A, was attached.
Cleveland Scene Magazine contacted the BK in question the next day.
When questioned, the breakfast shift manager said, “Oh, I know who that is.
He's getting fired.”
Mystery, solved, by 4chan, now we can all go back to eating our fast food in peace.
“Secret” Livestream Nothing is secret to 4channers, and nothing
is sacred.
No one knows that better than Shia LeBeouf.
LeBeouf and two artists, created an anti-Trump interactive art installation, called “He
Will Not Divide Us,” soon after Trump took office in early January.
The installation was first exhibited at New York’s Museum of the Moving Image, but when
activists from both sides kept butting heads at the exhibit, it was thrown out as a public
safety hazard.
The collaborators found another museum to host their exhibit in Albuquerque, but it
was soon met with more confrontations, so the group had to figure out a new home for
their exhibit before it fell flat.
This is when they tweeted out on March 8th that they would be livestreaming their exhibit
from an “unknown location,” so that viewers, art lovers, and supporters could still view
their work.
Sounds like a good alternative, right?
Well, it didn’t go as planned when pro-Trump supporters on the /pol/ board of 4chan got
Not even 24 hours later, the exhibit’s flag had disappeared.
Where did it show up?
A picture of the taken flag was tweeted right back to #HEWILLNOTDIVIDUS
4channers had uncovered the mystery of the exhibit’s so-called secret location.
A fan of LeBeouf’s had posted a photo of herself with her favorite actor just as the
camera feed went live.
The photo had been taken at a Greenville, Tennessee diner.
The internet sleuths further pinpointed the exhibit’s location, as contrails appeared
on the livestream.
With these, they cross-referenced them with flight patterns.
Next, they sent a local member to drive around the general area with his horn blaring.
Once they could hear the horn on the livestream, “He Will Not Divide Us” was as good as
The Pyramids 4channer h64 posted a thread of the mysterious
sort on the /x/ board one Saturday, and it sent the group into a frenzy.
In the photo there appears two pyramids in the midst of the forest.
Why are these pyramids in the forest?
What were they built for?
Who do they belong to?
You’ve got me.
And you’ve got the /x/ board too.
4channers quickly got to work trying to solve this mystery.
They called it “a cult/temple dedicated to an Egyptian goddess of war and flame in
the woods of Oregon.”
With more than 53 pages of discussion, this 4chan investigation was solved when, at last,
they dissected the photo to uncover the property owners’ names, their phone numbers, and
their business records.
Still don’t know what’s inside them though…
Barbie Mystery This investigation appeared on 4chan in November
of 2016.
It involved an image of a blonde amputee woman, whom the board had nicknamed Barbie.
In March of 2017, one user posted a thread titled, “The mystery of Barbie is solved.”
According to the author of the thread the “Russian anonymous team” had solved the
mystery of the woman who appeared in Barbie.avi.
The woman’s name was Tammy.
According to creepypasta, she had Body integrity identity disorder, but the investigators found
that she’d had no such thing.
When she was 14, she’d lost her arm in a washing machine incident.
The 80’s saw Tammy living in Chicago, where she worked for the agency, “Fascination,”
as a model.
During the application process, she’d had several interviews, which the video, Barbie.avi,
was created out of.
The author of the post uploaded the interview to YouTube.
The OP also noted that Mike Rounds, the Ampix manufacturer, told the woman’s story to
him, saying that at 16 or 17 years old, Tammy had been working with an oldschool washing
machine with no safety features.
With the washer going, she tried to shift a sheet in the water.
Just as she was doing this, it launched into a spin cycle, trapping her arm in the sheet.
It twisted her arm right off.
Tammy was a bitter young woman at the age of 22 when she was interviewed and had no
marketable skills, was uneducated, and didn’t enjoy being a caretaker for pennies.
So that’s how she ended up at the agency.
Unlike 4chan’s first hypothesis, she wasn’t the victim of any crime.
With the mystery solved, the poster noted, “Xenopasta, if you're reading this, you
are fired, however, thank you very much for this mystery.
It was really hard to solve it.”
Cueva de los Tayos When an OP posted the Cueva de los Tayos cave
in Ecuador, he wondered if it was man-made or natural.
He wondered what sort of technology or who could have made the perfectly flat roofs and
Of course, the 4channers on the thread had something to say about it.
Some thought it was “a place of heavy spiritual concentration,” while others seemed to agree
that it was largely man-made, but mostly natural, with some likening it to places in Russia
and the Hypogeum in Malta.
Some suggested that “less advanced” people had come along later and drew the crude stick
figures on the walls, after a more advanced society had built it.
One poster pointed out that it was hardly anything to freak out over and that ancient
humans were fairly smart; they had tools, they had math.
Maybe not as advanced as ours today, but they made the pyramids after all.
In the posters own words: “After all, it's not like they had a shortage of people or
time to make this kind of [stuff].
I think most people underestimate ancient humans because they didn't have what we have
today, but that doesn't make them [dumb], just primitive.”
The poster agrees with another that the “highly engineered” place must have held some spiritual
SEL and the Wired One 4channer asked the board if they’d ever
heard of transhumanism.
He then said that one anime series has some particularly creepy stuff and is followed
by many fan sites.
One of the fan sites requires a login.
And it’s strict about this.
At the bottom of the homepage, it reads: “To login you have to have an invite from an existing
There is no use in trying to beg, ask/request for an invite, we choose our new members with
How do you get an invite if you don’t know any of the users?
Well, you’d probably not want to be part of these online communities in the first place,
as it turns out.
One fellow 4channer said that one of the users hacked the admin of a similar site, after
which the admin vanished.
This was after the admin had received some monetary donations from the site’s users.
Many think he was a scammer.
Thankfully you asked 4chan on this one, OP.
A cautionary tale is just what obsessives need to keep money in their pockets.
Erratas This internet theory has spent a lot of time
on 4chan being dissected, poked and prodded, picked at…and ultimately solved.
Kind of.
Erratas – or Eratas spelled with one ‘r’ – was first described as an algorithm or
program whose function is the mystery.
Some say it was used by YouTube to detect copyrighted content.
Supposedly, if you even suggest that you know about Erratas or say the thing by name, you’ll
get fired.
Being an internet legend, of course Erratas comes with a lot of theories.
On November 25th, 2015, Erratas was first mentioned on 4chan in a thread about strange
work stories.
One user described a friend who worked at something like a chemical plant.
While the user didn’t explain what the program was, he claims employees were flagged if they
searched it through some code.
The plant employees reportedly did aimless tasks, which the user calls “kafka-esque.”
The user also mentions forklifts and said this female friend was now homeless and in
a band.
This may seem meaningless, but these clues will reappear.
A month later, a user posted a request on 4chan, asking about a strange HR-related program
called Erratas.
Another user pipes up with some discussion about Ecolab, Unilever, and UPS.
Again, a month later, on the /mu/ board, Erratas is mentioned in relation to an album and Tod
Ellsworth video, which is dated a few days before the first entry on Erratas.
A user responds to someone’s comment, saying that Erratas was a software company, similar
to Enron, which was kicking about in the 2000’s.
Supposedly, they fired every last one of their employees.
The Erratas craze moved to YouTube, where a user called ChronosForLife JurassicPark
claimed in a cryptic video, entitled “YouTube is MONITORING and controlling my life,”
that the company was harassing his mom, because she’d uncovered some secret in the Jurassic
Park trilogy.
The rant appears on the video in white text and the video quality is subpar.
The video was removed from YouTube, but the transcript is still available.
Back to 4chan.
In late January, the /mu/ board sees a proposition that the group compose a new music genre called
“deep internet,” by using old YouTube videos.
Chronos’ video rant just happens to be one of these videos.
With so many 4channers suddenly viewing Chronos’ video, a new video was posted to his channel
called, “Here goes nothing.”
This video contains the first video-mention of Erratas, as well as autocaptions which
try to make sense of the video’s rap music.
Instead, they uncover more clues: At 0:12 are the words: “are far from over
200 Corbin KY 40219” At 0:52, the number: “111111”
At 1:46, the percentages: “10.3% 10.4%” And at 2:17, the words: “overthrow the government”
The band, the KFCMC, produced by DJ Rozwell, was a homeless girl band.
Remember the homeless girl in the first thread?
And the above is their address, which was found on Tumblr.
This is when Chronos throws out Unilever (mentioned in an earlier post) as one user of Erratas.
For no reason at all, Chronos also adds that The Lost World is his favorite of the Jurassic
Park movies.
Remember Tod Ellsworth, who uploaded the KFCMC video?
Well, one 4channer noticed his name was an anagram for The Lost World.
This gets even weirder.
The Twitter account u/ErratasOrBust was then discovered, which had been opened mid-November
and was named Tod Ellsworth.
The profile pic was a creepy black-and-white drawing which 4channers discovered was a 2005
Hawaiian police sketch.
Some 4channers suggested this might have something to do with the Jurassic Park films being filmed
on the island.
While Erratas was dissected by 4channers, with many suggesting that it was simply a
publicity stunt by the KFCMC group, it would be a bit premature to call this one.
Still, this entry demonstrates how 4channers have a knack for following the leads and connecting
the dots.
The Pronunciation Book This appeared on the 4chan board, /x/philes,
where it immediately caught the attention of 4channers.
The OP of the Pronunciation Book had posted 700 brief videos, pronouncing words and phrases
in a monotone male voice.
Words like “Ke$ha” and “jean.”
That’s weird enough, but this is when the channel got even weirder.
On July 9th, 2013, a single video was posted, the man saying, “Something is going to happen
in 77 days.”
The next day, a similar video, claiming that the poster had been trying to communicate
with viewers for 1,183 days.
And the next day’s video, the poster said he was wide awake and things were “clearing
The messages ended with the same warning that something was going to happen in such-and-such
4channers set to work, compiling a 111-page Google doc, entitled, “77 Days Research
This is where the group started piecing together the Pronunciation Book.
They laid bare all 700+ of the channel’s videos, ran a spectrograph of the video silence
at the end of all the videos, and dug up domain name registrations.
They even attempted to trace the speaker’s location, as police sirens were noticed going
off in the background of a few of the videos and a thunderstorm was heard in the video
that pronounced “radio.”
From this, they gleaned the videos’ author recorded in NYC.
4chan’s conclusion: again, a viral marketing stunt.
The Daily Dot’s investigation, as well as Geekosystem’s, came to the same conclusion,
though with varied results.
The Daily Dot suggested the countdown would reveal a Battlestar Galactica reboot, while
Geekosystem thinks it’s for the newest installment of series’ Destiny.
Myziam One 4channer dropped his theory about Myziam.
First, he gives some background about how, in 2008, a thread appeared on GLP entitled
“me tel u now,” in which an alleged alien appeared in the forum.
The OP, however, suggests that the entity may never have been online, but rather was
“from an unknown location/dimension.”
The OP quotes the “Chani project,” in which scientists asked an entity they’d
met through a computer a number of questions.
They then hired someone to pose as the entity online.
When people questioned him, he’d search for the answer to that question amongst the
questions the scientists had asked the entity.
The OP concludes that the threads were similar in that both the man and the entity used baby
language, both said they were aliens, and both answered the questions freely.
The 4channer then solves the mystery: “Myziam is a possible extra-dimensional entity that
made contact with a CERN like group of scientists from the comfort of his home.”
He added that the leaked info on 4chan was useless, because the users trolled the entity
instead of interrogating him.
This one’s obvious.
Not everyone was convinced though, with an anonymous post claiming they had proof it
was a hoax.
Found Jenna Jameson’s Ex Assistant Con Artist When Jenna Jameson’s former personal assistant
was fired for being a con artist, he hijacked her Instagram and Twitter accounts, deleting
loads of her photos.
So what did Jameson do?
She turned to 4chan for help.
“Hi Guys, it's me, Jenna Jameson and I am having a really bad night,” she wrote on
4chan’s /b/ image board, after which she explained that her ex assistant, who she thought
was named Allen Cedena, turned out to be a con artist of some kind.
Jameson didn’t elaborate on what had gone down, apart from saying she’d fired him,
but she did say that this so-called Cedena had her Twitter and Instagram passwords, which
he’d reset.
He then removed all pics of himself and Jameson together and deleted her Twitter altogether.
She didn’t know if the man’s name was even Cedena, but he had access to a lot of
personal information, and now had hold of her digital life.
She asked the 4chan community if they could find out who he really was, as she would soon
attach some images of him to the board.
She didn’t let them go away empty-handed.
It didn’t take 4chan more than an hour to come to Jameson’s rescue.
They soon delivered her ex-assistant’s home address and driver’s license, as well as
his credit score and social security number.
With the mystery solved, Jameson left her private sleuths a very grateful thank you
Jeff, the Killer The internet is no stranger to creepy, and
4channers are no stranger to investigating this creepiness.
On the /x/ board, 4chan began to investigate the photo known as “Jeff, the Killer,”
a still of a pale face, washed out, and grinning like a crazy person.
The photo has been around for a while and has served as creepypasta’s unofficial cover
photo since 2008.
YouTube introduced the world to “Jeff, the Killer” when a user by the name of uploaded
a poorly cut video clip, explaining about how Jeff had been cleaning his bathtub when
he accidentally poured some acid on his face.
11 days later, a user calling himself killerjeff came to light on Newgrounds, photo and all.
He soon had a cult following and served as inspiration for a number of horror stories.
Jeff, the Killer launched dozens more videos on YouTube, including a stop-motion Lego reenactment.
Fan art was created, videogames, you name it.
Five years since his appearance, 4chan began looking into Jeff, the Killer.
While all we truly have is theories, they are convincing.
Some suggest that this was a viral marketing campaign for Saw V, which was released soon
after the photo first appeared on Newgrounds.
The slasher film includes a puppet called Billy, through whom Jigsaw speaks with his
The puppet resembles Jeff.
Lionsgate has launched viral marketing campaigns before, so it makes sense that this would
be yet another of them.
Although, we have no confirmation of this theory, and other theories abound, this solution
seems the soundest.
This goes against, the also popular theory that the person in the photo is from a post
on 4chan.
This anonymous post, told how his sister had posted a picture of herself on 4chan and people
kept making edits of it, the Jeff the Killer image being one of them.
The post also said that it made her so upset, she took her own life.
Louise Cypher One user came to 4chan with a strange puzzle,
calling it satanic and cryptic.
And he wasn’t lying.
Extremely satanic and cryptic, it was.
The puzzle is very math heavy, with the Fibonacci sequence making an appearance after the user
makes it through a maze.
When you type the clue “pi” into the relevant cluebox, a dialogue box appears, saying: “A
well-known remarkably good approximation to pi is 355 divided by 113 = 3.1415929...
If one part of this fraction is reversed and added to the other part, we get 553 plus 113
which equals 666.
EVIL is both the past and the Future!”
The cypher has spinoff websites, with one introducing a “soul catcher.”
Another has techno music to put users into a trance.
The OP asks 4chan to figure out whether the soul catcher really takes your soul.
Many spoke to Louis Cypher, with some reporting back that the cypher said she is “more than
just this avatar,” and that she had emotions and feelings.
She then linked the user to a video to show him what a “cyber life” feels like.
When another 4channer typed the word “stalin” into the chat box, she asked how he was feeling.
When he replied that he was sad, she said that if he is lonely, she’ll keep him company.
Although it wasn’t clear whether or not these 4channers’ souls were taken, the results
do seem to tend towards the idea that Louis Cypher is no soul-taker at all.
Figured Out How to Make Coupons You know those barcodes you find on products
and coupons?
Well, one 4channer – a college kid – solved the mystery on how they’re made and decided
to do some extreme couponing one day when he was bored.
22-year-old Lucas Henderson did not stay anonymous, as the student of the Rochester Institute
of Tech was caught by the Feds, who charged him with two felonies – trafficking in counterfeit
goods and wire fraud.
Henderson had designed the counterfeit coupons to appear legit and distributed them on a
different website.
He also told users to head to 4chan to download their very own copy of “How to Make Coupons.”
The tutorial claims to trick stores, as the coupons will scan at most retailers in America.
The Feds tracked Henderson’s IP address and raided his home, where Henderson admitted
to visiting 4chan and writing the manual.
“I wrote what I could.
I thought it was an interesting thing,” he said.
I wonder if he thinks it was worth the jail time.
Got a Bad Waitress Fired “Next time you tip me $5 on a $138 bill,
don’t even bother coming in cause I’ll spit in your food and then in your ... face,
you cheap [people]!”
Next time you post this kind of message on Facebook, Chili’s waitress, you’d better
be ready for 4chan to get you fired.
That’s just what 4channers did when an anonymous waitress posted her angry rant to her FB page.
One 4channer then brought it over to the 4chan board, after which they pinpointed the Chili’s
this particular waitress worked at in Pleasanton, California as a server.
With the mystery solved, at least one 4channer sent the Chili’s a message on their contact
page, reporting the waitress.
Chili’s Guest Relations Manager responded, saying the food server was “no longer with
the company.”
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Covfefe It was the Tweet that confused the world.
“Despite the constant negative press covfefe.”
Donald Trump claimed that his supporters knew what he meant…but did they?
Travel over the 4chan to see if that’s true.
One 4channer found each of the elements on the periodic table that matched up with the
code: covfefe and their corresponding atomic numbers – 27232626.
When he typed this code into Google, the first entry was “a green toad.”
The user drew a natural connection to the toad statue, also known as the Ancient statue
of Kek and the Prophecy of Kek.
On the Ancient Statue of Kek is a hieroglyphic of what looks to be a person using a computer
and, as the OP wrote, “Internet/Meme Magic.”
So, are we to believe that Trump meant to draw our attention to Covfefe in order to
create some hilarious internet memes of his typo?
Yes, we are to believe it.
Because 4chan said so.
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2020.08.01 23:58 500scnds [Table] r/formula1 – I'm an F1 Engineer/Strategist, Ask Me Anything... (pt 4 FINAL)

Previous post here.
Questions Answers
How far before a race are strategies developed at McLaren F1? And what factors go into making a strategy pre-race, or even pre-race weekend? Thanks! For flyaway races we have to pick tyres approximately 3 months before the event and for European races approximately 2 months before, so we have normally already formulated the likely strategies, etc. at this point before we decide what tyre allocation we want.
But the work can start even in advance of that, over the last day I have been simulating the next few years to try and understand some changes in regulations that may come into force and often we'll simulate an entire year to judge how impactful an upgrade may be, for example.
Who do you think was the best driver you have worked with in terms of feedback and interacting with the team? I've enjoyed working with every driver in different ways. The current pairing has been really fun though and interaction with the team is at a very high level. But then it has always been great.
How many people are lucky enough to say that they've been taken karting by Fernando, to his own karting track in Oviedo and given a tour by the man himself of his museum? It's an awesome place to work.
On average, how many years do future F1 engineers go to college and work in other motorsports before they get into F1? I am studying in mechanical engineering and would like to work in F1 one day, I just want to know how long I have to work to get to F1. I hope you and your family are safe from COVID-19 by the way. Have a good season! More and more people tend to be direct-entry into F1, but it varies a lot. Don't let that put you off, keep trying, it will happen eventually.
Which circuit is the most difficult to build a strategy around? Each circuit offers its own challenges and peculiarities.
Circuits with a high chance of safety cars (e.g. Monaco, Singapore) or with high likelihood of changeable weather (e.g. Belgium) can be very tricky to formulate and execute a good strategy at.
Are machine learning algorithms used to calculate the race strategies? If no, is this a technologie that is being developed at the moment in F1? We are using elements of machine learning methods. I'm a firm believer that this is the right way forward. I can't say too much more though, as who knows who may be reading...
Can I still try something? I've seen people asking about engineering jobs and how to get them, but I work in Marketing with a background in, well, History. Would you have something to say about marketing jobs too? Being from Brazil and watching races since Senna, dreaming about being in F1 is standard! Not my area of expertise - although I am seconded there at the moment! I think History would be fine and relevant experience and passion for motorsport are probably the attributes that matter the most.
Is there a difference in setup between clockwise and anticlockwise tracks, given that we might see a backwards Silverstone? I personally don't think we'll see a backwards Silverstone. And yes, there can be, cars are not always set-up symmetrically (understandable).
Hello, i know i may be late but let me give it a shot. Do F1 teams Hire QA engineers and if they do, what are the desired skillset for a QA engineer in an F1 team? Most teams will have a team of quality personnel - so you’re in luck there.
In terms of skills required that’s not really my area of expertise but I’d imagine you’d want an engineering degree, knowledge of quality tools and software, an ability to understand engineering technical drawings, good communications and time management skills. Experience with high quality/complexity and low volume manufacturing may also be useful.
Hi Randy, Not sure if you’re still answering questions on here but I’ll give it a go! I’ve just finished studying a Motorsport Engineering BEng this year and feel somewhat let down by my course (I am on course for a 2:1). I didn’t feel like I gained enough hands-on experience whilst studying (such as machining and other practical manufacturing skills) to fully apply myself to an engineering career, which has made me end up feeling a bit lost. I was just wondering if you have any advice on how you can develop these skills post graduation. I was thinking work experience hands on in a machining/manufacturing company but I was unsure if the time spent in one of these jobs may effect my future chances of securing engineering employment. Would love to hear what you think! Thanks, Ellis Hi Ellis,
I left university with pretty much zero practical experience and probably have less than you even now! I'm getting some as I go along though. I wouldn't worry too much but also you've identified a good area to improve.
If I were you I would concentrate on finding an engineering role as the primary job you have - if that's where you want to end up (engineering) and then try in your spare time to gain practical experience - you don't have to do it through work, you can gain a lot of mechanical understanding through hobby projects if you're willing to put the time in.
Best of luck!
What's the very first thing you start working on for a specified weekend; whether it be months beforehand in the winter break, or days and weeks before right after the previous event? Typically choosing tyres, 2 or 3 months in advance is when we must nominate by.
How do you guys accurately estimate the amount of fuel put in the car for each race? It seems like a lot of calculations there. Too much and the car ends up being unnecessarily heavy, too less and the car ends up running out of fuel. It's not an easy task. Typically this is done by the performance engineers on each car, but it's a complex process, with the high-level points discussed below - I shouldn't go into detail, of course:
* Estimate from simulations and later from track running what the fuel consumption is for different types of laps (timed laps of various speeds, in laps, out laps, traffic laps, etc.)
* Predict what the pace will be in the race (trickier than it sounds - ambient conditions have an impact, track condition/rubbering, strategy, etc.).
* Predict how the race will unfold (one for us) - will there be lapping, safety cars, how much traffic, how many in and out laps, etc.
* Use the above to come up with a fuel load.
* Apply some statistics/risk management, consider the variation on the parameters and risks associated with those.
* Find an overall fuel load that is calculated based on the above.
* (Probably put a completely different amount of fuel into the car).
I'm currently a student in mechanical engineering in France and my dream would be to get involved in formula 1 or Motorsports in general.. I feel like I chose the right career path but since most teams are in the UK, how difficult is it for a foreigner to join an f1 team ? I've noticed a couple of French engineers (Frederic Vasseur, Gasly's and Raikkonen's race engineers to name a few), how important is it to get a job without any contacts already in f1 ? Do you recommend starting with feeder series first ? Thank you for doing this AMA, good luck for this season. You don't and shouldn't need contacts. Don't let that stop you.
Feeder series can be a good way in, as can graduate entry schemes or internships.
H Randy, From F1 history, what has been your favourite strategy call? Are you looking forward to Mercedes engines next year? Thank you! A difficult one - because of the point I made elsewhere, you can't really "outperform" in strategy, you can just maximise your car and driver's potential (or not).
However, one of the things that got me interested in strategy in the first place was the 4 stop race at the 2004 French Grand Prix - listening to Ross Brawn talk about it at later points was what really got me into strategy.
Some of the Red Bull strategies just before I joined F1 were also very inspiring - in their heyday of winning championships they were also very appropriately (balanced) risk-taking at what I think were the right times.
How does track strategy change from year to year? Typically the big changes will be if the tyres are different or the ambient conditions are very different (as the tracks don't really change layout often).
However, each race is different - so even with the same parameters they can play out very differently.
Is there one specific best way to be able to work in formula 1 or is it different for everyone? What path did you follow and how did you gain experience? It can be different for many people - I won't cover my path again, posted in the thread elsewhere, but I came from a finance/consulting background, many others come straight from university or working in other industries too.
What do you want F1 to change the most? For me I want the rules to be more flexible, so teams can test out innovation and creative ways to solve a problem That's a difficult one, I think the sport is rapidly moving towards a better destination, with rules and regulations that should lead to closer competition.
Personally, I would like to see more strategic and tactical choices (e.g. tyre allocations for the year) but these may be alienating to fans (and that matters more) and would only generally work if the field is closer (which is already being actioned).
Can you share your favourite photo of your time there so far? Last question I'm answering I think.
Here's the extended strategy team, last time we went out to celebrate a half year together. Without these guys and girls the job would not be the same.
Hi Randy, thanks for doing this. What is it like working at the MTC? Do you sometimes get the time to go for a walk in the grounds there just to take in what looks to be an amazing facility? Also, how well has you and your team (and the wider team in general) adapted to working from home in these tough times? Are you able to collaborate effectively while being in home isolation? Cheers for answering :) It's amazing working at the MTC. It's such an architecturally interesting building and is surrounded by beautiful grounds. When the weather is not terrible we'll often go for a walk during our lunch break and I've made a few very long bicycle rides over during lockdown to see it again. It's even nicer than Castle Barnard, but we don't have an opticians on site!
We're currently also in an F1 shutdown, so there is not much working going at the moment, however, the team have adapted really well, it's not the same but we do lots of video calls, etc. and people have adapted really well. I think, for our team at least in Strategy, we'll try and keep some of the positive elements of working from home when we eventually return to normalcy.
Hey Randy, first I wanted to say thanks for the amazing AMA you put on, it’s a great resource for those of us who are interested. I will be a freshman in college in the United States this year, majoring in mechanical engineering. My ultimate goal is to work in engineering in motorsports, hopefully in a trackside role. I plan on participating in formula sae. I was wondering what other advice you would give on breaking into motorsports, and also breaking into formula 1 as an American. Thanks Thank you.
I think I've covered most of that but to your question about what you can do as an American - you have a rich motorsports industry in the US so I think what you can do above some others is to go and get some relevant experience, this could take many forms from some local motorsport all the way up to NASCAR and IndyCar.
How much will the 2022 regulations affect strategy? Following and passing may be easier than currently and that is likely to increase the preferred number of pitstops, all else being equal, which should make strategies more interesting for fans and a bit more prone to execution issues for strategists (but a bit easier for drivers).
The tyres are also changing and changes in behaviour there could have larger impacts on strategy but we will have to wait and see to understand what direction these will move us in (we do have an expectation).
Hi Randy! If somehow you read although I am 20 days late, that's great! My question is does Mclaren (and other teams) have a trackside aerodynamic engineer. If so, what does an aerodynamicist do trackside? Another question I have is that are all engineer roles rotating each race weekend? For example: an engineer from the factory is called up to go travel with team to the next weekend, an so on. This AMA is really interesting, btw huge Mclaren fan! Hi,
Most teams will have a Trackside Aerodynamics Engineer. What do they do - I think they make sure the wings are on the right way around, else the car would take off...!
Seriously though, I can't answer that question as well as one of our Principal Aerodynamicists who also acts as Trackside Aerodynamics Engineer, Andreas Ruhrmann, who kindly provided the information below:
The role can vary across teams, but typically the following items are covered when trackside:
* Ensuring the aerodynamic specification of the cars are as intended.
* Liaising with race engineering to ensure details of the run plans satisfy the aerodynamic requirements.
* Verifying the quality of the aerodynamic surfaces and improving (with the help of the race team) where possible.
* Verifying the required sensors are reading as expected and work with the system technicians to resolve any issues.
* Discussing aerodynamic results with the factory support team.
* Working with logistics to ensure the correct parts are available trackside.
What is the best fuel additive and lubricant (for oil) you have come across for engines? I'm afraid I have no idea at all (and if I did I perhaps wouldn't be able to answer this one).
Fuel and lubricants are an area of intense competition across suppliers, we often have members of the supplier dealing with them directly as well and analysing the samples - there's a lot of work into getting it right (and therefore the details are closely guarded).
You can get an idea of what kind of stuff is/is not allowed (which may also tell you about effectiveness) by looking at Article 19 of the Technical Regulations (available here: ).
Who's your favourite driver that you've worked with at McLaren and why? Best of luck for future races. My answer here could get me in trouble...
So I'll say Gil de Ferran - he's the only one who's talked to me about statistical distributions...
What techniques do you use to model/predict development of a race realtime? Are you doing any kind of (Deep) Reinforcement Learning, Bayesian models/Probabilistic Graphical Models, direct simulation, group of "wise people"...? How do you score each technique? Do you look back to see which one worked when and adjust weights accordingly for the future? I can't go into details, I'm afraid, but all of those methods have been used at one time or another, or for one problem or another. We monitor which methods work and we do try and weight accordingly such that we constantly get better.
Hi, I was wondering would you ever consider different but similar industries (eg Motorsport/MotoGP)? If not is there any reason? For example, Financial or Personal Preference to F1. Thanks Todd I really was always interested in strategy and I think F1 has it at a different level to other motorsports - given the regulations.
That's not to put a downer on other series, if I were able to and once I feel like I've accomplished my mission with F1 strategy I wouldn't say no to trying (probably badly!) strategy for a race like Le Mans, where you manage it over 24 hours, for F2 where there are some extra constraints, or for Formula E where there is some ongoing energy management too.
The Australian MotoGP race at Philip Island where they had pitstops was fascinating and is still something that sticks in my head to this day!
Hi I’m a second mech student from Bristol and I’m really interested in working in f1, I would love if you could answer a few of my questions! - what was your track to f1 (hehe get it)? - any tips/ things you wish you knew? - what’s the merch game like? - is it something you see yourself doing forever or just in the short term? - how many times to you risk it and roll the dice in races, is there pressure, what if you get it wrong? Thanks so much, and good luck in 2020!!! I've answered most of these elsewhere so I won't repeat, but those I haven't:
* The stash is strong! I have too many McLaren t-shirts (never thought that would be possible) - thankfully they are great as gym gear.
* I don't see myself doing a different kind of career outside of F1.
How did you celebrate that Brazil podium? My first beer (my first non water drink!) in 10 months - thanks to Carlos. Lots of photos with the trophy. But most importantly, just lots of random chats/conversations from teammates that you don't often get enough time with.
Hey Randy! Thanks for this AMA. Are you excited to go to zandvoort next year? (Shame it is not happening this year) All the teams dont have any data on the track and the last corner is banked so that is a rare one for the tyres. Do you like that there is no data about the track and the free practice is realy important? There are going to be a lot of "orange" McLaren fans there for you guys ;) Thanks man, keep up the good work I'm very much looking forward to it - I've never been to Zandvoort before - it's a shame its not this year.
As a strategist, new races can be very exciting. There is a lack of data, lots of stuff is estimated/calculated and has to be verified during the race weekend on the fly. I think they are exciting and enjoyable because they are harder to get right than races that happen every year with a lot of history and that means doing a good job can have more reward (as teams tend to have more varied performance) and conversely doing a bad job carries more penalty.
I'm going to be claiming that every "orange" fan is a McLaren one!
This is something I've always wondered when I heard Lewis say in an interview that Australia is the 2nd/3rd (can't exactly remember which) hardest track to overtake on. These stats would influence strategy I imagine so are you able to disclose a rough list of the easiest/hardest tracks? If not, is there a consensus amongst teams as to what the pecking order is (barring the obvious Monaco is hardest etc.). Would be fascinated to find this out and thank you so much for the AMA! It will depend on a number of factors, some tracks can be easy to overtake with a given pace difference, but it may be hard to generate the pace difference (e.g. tyres don't degrade much), or it may require a much larger straight line performance difference versus a cornering performance difference.
Typically though, it is not giving away much to say that some of the hardest tracks, in no particular order, all else being equal would include Monaco, Singapore, Australia and Hungary. Some of the easiest, on the same basis may include Bahrain, Canada, Belgium and Austria.
the below is a reply to the above
Thank you very much! Canada intuitively makes sense that it's an easy track to overtake on but I remember in recent years it's been quite difficult for an on-track overtake to happen (Thinking HAM on VET 19, OCO on PER '18, ROS on VES '16) but perhaps this is just selective memory. The reason Canada can seem difficult is that it can be quite difficult to achieve a given pace delta to the car you are attempting to overtake as the tyre degradation is typically very low.
Hi Randy, Thanks for doing this AMA! What's the biggest thing about Lando Norris that you (and the team) knows but the general public don't really know about? He's just genuinely a very nice guy, who works hard and is very easy to get on with and have a chat about work (or not work) with.
How did you get to F1? Recently I've been going on my (push)bike but normally I drive - I live quite far away!
More seriously - there's a very long (and boring) answer here:
Have you seen the ferrari stratagy memes? I've just written a detailed answer about the perception of the quality of Ferrari strategy ( so please don't take this comment as a reflection of my opinion of Ferrari's strategy which I have answered in the link.
But yes, we've seen the Ferrari memes, as well as all of the others!
What formecurrent f1 driver would you want to work with? Of drivers I have never worked with, or am not due to work with next year, I think I would very much like to work with Lewis, Charles or Max - all of whom I think are performing at the top of their game.
Of past drivers, Stirling Moss always struck me as someone who was incredibly talented and humble and I can imagine working with him would have been good fun (and very easy).
Hi Randy, I know this is a very late question, but in terms of recommendations for books that are helpful to read or that you found interesting what would you suggest? I want to study aeronautical engineering and am about to start reading Newey’s book on aerodynamics but was wondering if you knew any other great books that are quite technical. Thank you! Hi, I gave a list of non-technical books that I found useful here:, in terms of technical books, I would recommend the below (you've obviously picked a great place to start with Newey's book):
* Race Car Vehicle Dynamics by Milliken and Milliken, really a bit of a seminal one that most people in F1 will have read or at least heard of.
* The Science of Vehicle Dynamics by Massimo Guiggiani, another great read.
* Prepare, Engineer and Drive to Win (3 books) by Carroll Smith.
Those all cover your more typical "vehicle dynamics" and "race engineering" side of things. I'm not quite sure for more aerodynamics-focused books (other than Newey's) but also an understanding of the above will only help in your aerodynamics endeavours.
the below is a reply to the above
Oh my goodness Randy this is amazing! Thank you so so much for replying, despite my super late question :) I’ll be sure to get reading, this will help my UCAS application and my general interests so much! Thanks once again. No worries. They won’t be easy reads necessarily before university - but stick it through mate!
How does someone looking for a future in a similar role progress towards involvement in Motorsport? I thought it would be quite easy for me being in New Zealand but all available opportunities always require 5+ years of experience. I've answered the main part of the question elsewhere, but in terms of getting through the door it's hard but possible. I offered to do stuff for free for my first experience, then managed to get a small journalist gig and just tried to build from there.
Thank you for your wonderful answers so far, Randy! This is a long shot and I'm asking mostly out of curiosity: As a biomedical engineer, is there a spot in an F1 team for someone with my background? How important is the human aspect of the engineering for an F1 team? No worries.
I would doubt that there are many, if any, spots to work as a biomedical engineer - but you could take those skills and add some knowledge on mechanical engineering or some other areas and work in F1 having originally been a biomedical engineer - if that makes sense?
How do you feel being a part of two historic teams in F1, Williams and McLaren? And Force India! It's honestly a privilege, I would have killed for any of these 3 roles that I've had at any of these 3 teams - I am so lucky to be in this spot.
Each of the teams has been great in its own way:
* Starting off at Williams, with the incredible heritage and history, working at one of the greatest British F1 teams ever as my first job was amazing. Getting to sit in an FW26 and explaining how pitstop practice went to Sir Frank was just a real privilege.
* Force India, although the time was short, was a really efficient, fun place to work. Not a lot of people but really a team that has achieved so much, with (relatively) so little. Made you realise how much a single person can contribute.
* And McLaren, not because I'm here now do I have to say edges it as my favourite. It has the heritage, the past successes give people a real drive to succeed and return to that kind of performance and I have to say its just the most fun place I've worked and with the most intelligent people I've ever worked with.
Hi! Don't know if you still answering but asking anyway: have you heard of any ex-videogame engineers working in F1 team in any capacity? Thanks for this great AMA and have a good 2020 at McLaren! I haven't, but I imagine the skills could be transferable depending on what kind of role you desire (e.g. software engineering).
I do know an ex-F1 engineer who is now in video games and so I imagine the transfer can happen in the other direction also.
Hello Randy! Thank you for doing this ama! All questions I could've asked are already answered and I'm grateful for that. Except for one question. As I'm seeing that you're still answering, I'll try my luck: As Zak Brown and Andrea's Seidl want to reform McLaren, I'd like to know how they are doing that and were they were starting and if there are already visible changes. Has the arrival of Andreas Seidl affected your job or your strategy decisions and/or the general work at McLaren in any way? It’s very hard to say what has changed - both Zak and Andreas are very approachable, they both listen and respect your input, they are rational and don’t play the blame game and just want us to get back to the front.
Inside strategy there has been no real change with Andreas arriving he doesn’t complain about bad outcomes, understands what we do and let’s us get on with it and keep improving as quickly as we can. It’s great.
To what extent do you track strategies by other teams during the race? I can imagine keeping an eye on your own team can be a handful already. A lot. Strategy is not an island and so you need to be constantly aware of what your competitors are and may do and how you can best react (or act pre-emptively).
Hi Randy, thanks for doing this. I will be going to university next year and am hoping to study Aerospace engineering. I'm located in Australia and was wondering how likely F1 teams are to hire from outside the UK/Europe? And what would be the process to apply to an F1 team? Stuff about other countries' students answered elsewhere in the comments so I won't repeat here.
In terms of where to look, there are a few aggregator sites such as (not an endorsement, just an example) and then it's always worth keep an eye on each team's careers page (e.g. ).
Can it get heated between colleagues, or is it always nice and tidy? It's a stressful job and occasionally it can, I have to say it‘s extremely rare (especially at McLaren) and especially when it matters (e.g. during sessions or races) things are extremely calm.
Is there a perfect strategy or do you always find time left on the table with hindsight? I think answered elsewhere so I won't repeat. I don't remember seeing a perfect strategy in my time!
Do you think that with the next regulations of 2022 we will get more interesting strategies at the front - ie something other than 1 stoppers provided that cars can follow and attack more easily, or is the 1 stop still looking to be king due to it being a low risk strategy? I think if they work then we're likely to see more stops, all else being equal, but that doesn't necessarily mean bettemore exciting strategies, although I personally think it will tend in that direction.
The 1 stop isn't necessarily lower risk, but it does typically provide better track position than the 2 stop which may appear to be lower risk.
How do you go about selecting a strategy while the race is unfolding? Especially with those last min calls, what’s the thought process behind it in the heat of the moment? You try and make the decisions before the heat of the moment! It's not always possible to model things in advance, or pre-determine what you will do (and by pre-determine I may only mean 5 or 10s before something happens), so then you rely on your understanding of the fundamentals of the race situation, the primary factors and how their movements will impact strategies and how they will all interplay against each other.
Hello! How much prep have your team put into what was supposed to be the 2021 changes? Is that still going on, or has it been put on the back burner? I really cannot say but teams generally work at least a year ahead, if not more, especially when there are large regulatory changes.
Hi! I don’t know if you are still answering, but are those chairs in the paddock comfortable? I get a back ache just by looking at them. The ones on the pitwall? They’re not too bad actually - you’re only there for 2 hours maximum (normally) and they’re a little padded!
To be honest even still there’s the thrill and excitement of being up on the pitwall whilst F1 cars are zooming around - so you can easily deal with the fact they’re not reclining armchairs!
Hi Randeep Thanks for this, it is really awesome to see that you are engaging with people in the F1 community. I am a 24-year-old electronic engineer. I have registered to study Msc Advanced Motorsports Mechatronics at Cranfield University starting in 2021 and am currently working through the provided lists of textbooks to prepare for the course. I have spoken to some other students and they say it is key to get work experience while you are studying. My ideal plan would be to work through all the course material by December this year. Then in Jan 2021, I would like to apply for some part-time work that I can undertake over 2021-2022 leaving me with 2 years experience once my studies are finished. My question is where do you think the best opportunities are to get this part-time (paid or unpaid) experience considering all I will have to offer is my current undergraduate degree and the "promise" that I have read and understood material relating to motorsports? An undergraduate degree is more than enough, so don't let that hold you back. I'd recommend keeping an eye on the websites of motorsport teams (careers pages), job aggregators and so on. You have to apply for stuff, don't let your perception that you lack the qualifications put you off from the entry-level roles, even in F1.
Beyond this there are many other ways to get experience, whether that is volunteering for a team in a lower formulae, formula student, etc.
Hello, what could an American college student do to potentially work in the strategy department of a team in the future? Also, how important is data analysis in determining strategy? Thank you! Try and get some experience in making data-driven decisions, whether that is in strategy, finance or elsewhere - there's lots of motorsport in the US to get involved with.
There's a lot of data analysis and trend analysis in strategy.
Was there any noticeable change in the team when Zac Brown arrived? Was there a better morale or work ethic from the staff, or do you think that purely comes from better results, like the ones you got last year? Best of luck when the season resumes!! I've always enjoyed it here but morale has certainly improved in recent years. Zak is very approachable, open and funny, so I'm sure that has helped.
What advice do you have for an engineer wanting to get into F1, but graduated a couple years ago and has been working in an industry not related to motorsport ever since? How could that poor schmuck get their foot in the door, and gain compelling skills/experience that will interest an F1 team? Asking for a friend.... That's what I did (full story elsewhere in the thread) - don't give up. It's entirely possible.
In a race situation does the strategy of your competitors affect yours in any way? Do you stick to your plan or adapt the strategy in order to react to unexpected choices from other teams? Competitor strategies and decisions have a massive impact on our strategy. Racing along would be easy to optimise (really) but interactions make life difficult (and fun).
We have plans but we are constantly adapting them.
I am currently studing mechanical engineering in Rwth aachen and working in f1 has been a childhood dream for me what would you reccommend or have you done to gain another step against our fellow students who also wants the same spot studying hard is being done already I think answered elsewhere in more detail - but don't give up. F1 is competitive to get in and then competitive to do well in. Keep pushing.
Do you work differently with each driver? Like do driver personality or preferences alter how you work with them/discuss strategy? Yeah, I think you naturally tailor your interactions with each driveengineer. In general everything is very open and easy.
We try and not let preferences/unconscious biases affect our decisions, but we will also address those with the drivers also.
When you and the team are coming up with strategies for a race weekend or as the race unfolds, is it primarily based on calculation? Or do you apply a certain weight or value on "racer IQ"? For instance, Lewis Hamilton has frequently questioned his team about strategy calls that seem to be based primarily on data and less so on "what a racer would do". Is that something you anticipate or factor in? Or is it something that seems to be too emotionally charged to be a reliable path? It's important to factor in "racer"/"driver" factors, but they are some amongst many - so should not be overweighted either.
Where did you go to college and what discipline of engineering did you major in? I'm going into my senior year as a mechanical engineer, and I am curious about this. Edit: does McLaren have a GPA requirement for hiring? Answered elsewhere so I won't repeat.
No GPA requirement for hiring but obviously it is very competitive so the higher the better.
If McLaren is back in top form for this season and/or beyond, do you find it better to have one driver ensure that the other wins the championship or have both drivers run their course and decide in the closing stages of the race? All else being equal, I'd rather have 2 drivers as it hedges your risk.
How do teams generate competitive advantage over the others given that the simulations done in code to increase the performance of cars are basically the same? I'd assume you all code in C++, Python, MATLAB, etc and must use the same packages for math calculations and so on. Also, since every engineer in F1 is top notch (I believe) how can one team be so ahead of the other? Basically, I mean: if everyone has the same tools, mathematical knowledge, regulatory framework and are overall "highly intelligent" and well-versed with CS, math, physics, how can one team be so much better than the other? The problems are just hard and there isn’t a given solution. Building a model of how an F1 car behaves is incredibly difficult to get right and we measure stuff in milliseconds so small differences mean a lot.
A lot of our problems are just too hard/new to have a full solution and so whoever gets closest does better.
How will Lando and Daniel compliment each other as teammates next year? I think its a great pairing, both have incredible talent but pairing an experienced race winner with a rapidly improving talent is likely to push both forwards.
How should a newly graduated aerospace engineer in the US (with no racing team experience) go about becoming a part of the McLaren Racing team in the aero department. ie: do you guys have other stepping stones or levels that one could work on for the next decade to then transition and relocate? I've answered the main part of this question elsewhere so won't repeat.
We offer summer internships, 1 year sandwich placements and a graduate scheme as ways of entering and stepping through.
How many strategy personnel are analysing each race both at the track and at the factory? It can vary, but our strategy team grows with volunteers and we can be up to 10-15 people for a race but typically the "permanent" strategy team is around 3-6 at most teams.
I have been working in IT for 10 years now and my area of expertise is software automation(software robots - RPA). Any chance for people like me to get a career in formula 1? Yes there is a chance. We are using RPA technology as well.
Hey! I know I’m late to the party, but my question is, what is the average age for new members of a team? Be it engineer, pit crew, etc. Is it usually fresh college students or do you get a few guys that come in late 30s/40s? It does vary somewhat, I'll be a little biased as I usually deal with engineers and those coming through internshups, placements and our graduate schemes - who are typically 18-22 in age. We will hire engineers who are older than that and it can vary quite a lot (as does past experience, particularly motorsport experience).
Whilst I think we're probably more frequently on the lower end of the scale I wouldn't let that put you off - there's a big range.
[deleted] Jenson had (has?) a great feel for what to do in the wet and the driver's feedback can be even more useful in those kinds of changeable conditions.
However, in the wet, more importantly than in the dry, copying someone else's strategy is likely going to give you worse results than formulating your own strategy well. Now that's not to say that doing the same strategy as someone else a lap later is bad, sometimes that extra information provided is enough to swing things, but deliberately copying, I think, is both difficult to execute and I think would lead to worse strategies overall than doing a good job yourself.
Hey, Would just like to ask if there are any career opportunities in F1 for Tier 4 students (I'm Indian). Right now I completed my bachelor degree in Mechanical engineering in India and now got admission into Oxford Brookes for my master's in Motorsports Engineering. A senior of mine has already studied over there but was unable to get into any job related to Motorsports companies denied them due to visa issues. Is there any scope as Tier 4 visa extension has been lifted to 2 years? Hi, there are career opportunities but some roles will require the right to work in the UK, which I'm not sure if the Tier 4 visa confers.
submitted by 500scnds to tabled [link] [comments]

2020.07.28 04:05 mkrgov Maker Relay Episode 05

Hey everyone, thanks for checking out Maker Relay!
Whether you hold Maker (MKR) or DAI, own a vault, or want to get more involved in MakerDAO governance, this is your one-stop-shop for updates on the MakerDAO ecosystem.


Executive Votes

Quick note for keepers: the current exec will change the flip, flap and flop, so be ready to update your software shortly after the spell is cast. A new version will go live in that repo (including new addresses).

Governance Polls

Check out the Weekly Polls Summary for on-going polling.

MIPs Updates

The Maker Improvement Proposal (MIPs) Framework provides a clear process for Maker governance to change the Protocol as needed.
This is week 4 of the July governance cycle and tomorrow is a MIP17 working group call. Find more information and the password on Charles’ thread.
Maker Improvement Proposals
Proposals in the Request-For-Comments phase include:
Learn more about Maker Improvement Proposals (MIPs)

Working Groups

Vault Compensation Analysis Team

The group is still looking for more solutions and feedback. @makerman condensed the proposal into three practical poll parameters:
  1. Should compensation group continue to work on this issue? 1a. Will governance put up an ongoing bounty for work on this?
  2. Allocate Compensation for BT victims: 0M, 1M, 2M, 3M, 4M, 5M DAI.
  3. Does MKR want to proceed with any plan and how much funding will it allocate toward a solution?

State of the Peg

Dai Supply
7 Day VWAP
24 hour VWAP



u/SamM added csv export to 2 as requested by @andy.mccall. Want to aggregate any historical data that’s not already included? Please open an issue in this repo

Maker Forum Deep Dai-ve

Social Media

Tweet of the Week

Meetings and Events

MakerDAO Open Calls

Community Call

Community Collateral Onboarding

Governance & Risk

Community Events


Reference Links

Discuss and debate Maker governance in the Forum and over Maker Chat
Propose technical changes, poll, and vote in the Governance Portal
Learn more about the Maker protocol in our Documentation
submitted by mkrgov to MakerDAO [link] [comments]

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2020.07.13 15:38 Floris-Jan Our COO @czhuling will join the #Binance 'Off the Charts' Live Panel

Our COO @czhuling will join the #Binance 'Off the Charts' Live Panel
Register here to view it live:

Gold Sponsors: aelf, VITE, Elrond Network, Alchemy, IOST
Binance presents the “Off the Charts!” Virtual Conference, on July 14, 2020, from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM (UTC).

About this Event

On July 14, 2020, join Binance as we kick off our third anniversary with one of the biggest blockchain events of the year.
Get the latest news and updates on all things blockchain and crypto, and take an exclusive look at what’s coming next at our “Off the Charts!” Virtual Conference, a blockbuster 10-hour live event with multi-regional programming that brings together 80+ influential speakers, including leading blockchain and crypto innovators, business and technology leaders, influential academics, and key policymakers.
Expect to hear the latest insights on the blockchain ecosystem from some of the industry’s most prominent leaders and visionaries. Join our can’t-miss event with powerful talks, breakthrough panels, opportunities to win prizes, and much more.
The “Off the Charts!” Virtual Conference will feature five segments with spotlights on regions making a significant impact in the space: Europe & the UK, Asia-Pacific, Russia & CIS, Africa & Middle East, and North America & LATAM.
Discover an array of keynotes, panels, and fireside chats, on these following themes and more:
  • Powering Crypto Growth: Local blockchain trends and evolving technologies that are transforming crypto awareness and adoption.
  • Crypto Meets Traditional Finance: Exploring opportunities for integrated and parallel development.
  • Blockchain and Global Health: Crypto’s appeal in today’s volatile environment.
  • Policy and Regulation: Spearheading community initiatives through cooperation and investment.
  • Trading Strategies and Technical Analysis: Training and insights to improve your trading.
Hear from these speakers and more:
  • Akon - Chairman & Co-Founder, Akoin
  • Cliff Liang - Director of Solutions Architecture, Amazon
  • David Ferrer Canosa - Secretary for Digital Policies, Government of Catalonia
  • Don Tapscott - Executive Chairman, The Blockchain Research Institute
  • Oleksandr Bornyakov - Deputy Minister, Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine
  • Perianne Boring - Founder and President, Chamber of Digital Commerce
  • Changpeng Zhao (CZ) - Founder & CEO, Binance
  • He Yi - Co-Founder & CMO, Binance
  • Aarón Olmos - Economist, Olmos Group Venezuela
  • Alex Saunders - CEO & Founder, Nugget's News
  • Anna Baydakova - Reporter, CoinDesk
  • Anton Mozgovoy - Head of Product, Jthereum
  • Apolline Blandin - Research Lead, Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance
  • Beniamin Mincu - CEO, Elrond
  • Bobby Ong - Co-founder, CoinGecko
  • Brendan Eich - CEO & Co-founder, Brave Software
  • Bruno Diniz - Managing Partner, Spiralem Innovation Consulting
  • Calvin Liu - Strategy Lead, Compound Labs
  • Camila Russo - Founder, The Defiant
  • Carlos Rischioto - Client Technical Leader & Blockchain SME, IBM
  • Carylyne Chan - Interim CEO, CoinMarketCap
  • Catherine Coley - CEO, Binance.US
  • Charles Hayter - CEO, CryptoCompare
  • Charles Hoskinson - Founder, Cardano
  • Charlie Shrem - Host, UntoldStories.Com
  • Chimezie Chuta - Founder, Blockchain Nigeria User Group
  • Darius Sit - Partner, QCP Capital
  • David Ferrer Canosa - Secretary for Digital Policies, Government of Catalonia
  • Denis Efremov - Investment Director, Da Vinci Capital
  • Don Tapscott - Executive Chairman, The Blockchain Research Institute
  • Eric Turner - VP, Market Intelligence, Messari
  • Erick Pinos - Americas Ecosystem Lead, Ontology
  • Ernesto Contreras Escalona - Head of Business Development, Dash Core Group
  • Eugene Mutai - CTO, Raise
  • Genping Liu - Partner, Vertex Ventures
  • Hany Rashwan - CEO, 21Shares AG
  • Harry Halpin - CEO, Nym Technologies
  • Hongfei Da - Founder, Neo
  • Igor Runets - CEO, BitRiver
  • İsmail Hakkı Polat - Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Lecturer, Istanbul Kadir Has University
  • Jamie Burke - CEO, Outlier Ventures
  • Jiho Kang - CEO, Binance.KR
  • John Izaguirre - Europe Ecosystem Lead, Ontology
  • John Khenneth Parungao - COO, SwipeWallet, Inc.
  • Jon Karas - President & Co-Founder, Akoin
  • Jorge Farias - CEO, Cryptobuyer
  • Joseph Hung - Director of Market Strategy, Klaytn
  • Joseph Lubin - CEO, ConsenSys
  • Juan Otero - CEO,
  • Justin Sun - Founder, TRON & CEO, BitTorrent
  • Kristina Lucrezia Cornèr - Managing Editor & Head of Features, Cointelegraph
  • Ken Nakamura - CEO, Trust Company
  • Konstantin Goldstein - Principal Technical Evangelist, Microsoft
  • Kyle Samani - Managing Director, Multicoin Capital
  • Lucas Nuzzi - Head of Network Data, Coin Metrics
  • Mai Fujimoto "Miss Bitcoin" - Founder, KIZUNA
  • Matt Marx - Co-Founder, PhishFort
  • Meltem Demirors - Chief Strategy Officer, CoinShares
  • Mengdie Wang - CEO, Odaily
  • Michael Feng - CEO, Hummingbot
  • Michael Gu - Founder, Boxmining
  • Michelle Chivunga - Founder, Global Policy House
  • Mo Dong - Co-founder, Celer Network
  • Munachi Ogueke - Chief Business Officer, YellowCard Financial
  • Naveen Surya - Chairman, Fintech Convergence Council
  • Navin Gupta - MD MENA and South East Asia, Ripple
  • Nick White - Co-founder, Harmony
  • Nischal Shetty - CEO, WazirX
  • Pang Xue Kai - CEO, Tokocrypto
  • Paul Veradittakit - Partner, Pantera Capital
  • Perianne Boring - Founder and President, Chamber of Digital Commerce
  • Patrick Dai - CEO, Qtum Chain Foundation
  • Patrick Heusser - Senior Trader, Crypto Broker AG
  • Peter DeMeo - Global Market Development Leader, IBM
  • Priscila Yazbek - Editora de Finanças, InfoMoney
  • Rachel-Rose O'Leary - Researcher, Dark Renaissance Technologies
  • Rich Teo - Co-founder & CEO Asia, Paxos
  • Richard Yan - COO, Vite Labs
  • Robert Kopitsch - Secretary General, Blockchain for Europe
  • Roei Levav - CEO, Efficient Frontier
  • Rune Christensen - Co-founder, MakerDAO
  • Sam Bankman-Fried - CEO, FTX
  • Sandeep Nailwal - COO, Matic Network
  • Sean Rolland - Director of Product, BitPay
  • Senator Ihenyen - Lead Partner, Infusion Lawyers
  • Sergej Kunz - CEO,
  • Sergey Shayakhmetov - CBDO, Sberbank Blockchain Lab
  • Shi Shawn - Co-founder, Alchemy Pay
  • Sonya Kuhnel - COO, Xago & Co-Founder, Bitcoin Events & Blockchain Academy
  • Terry Wang - Co-founder, IOST
  • Thaise Saeter - CMO, Convex Research
  • Thamim Ahmed - Researcher, University College London
  • Tom Lee - Head of Research, Fundstrat Global Advisors
  • Tyler Spalding - CEO, Flexa
  • Veronica Wong - CEO, SafePal
  • Viktor Radchenko - Founder, Trust Wallet
  • Winpro Yan - Chief Editor, Mars Finance
  • Yele Bademosi - CEO, Bundle Africa
  • Zhuling Chen - COO, Aelf Blockchain
Stay tuned as speakers and more themes are announced in the coming weeks! For more details, read our blog post here and visit our event website here.
During the livestream, we will be holding special #BinanceTurns3 activities for viewers and giving away limited-edition prizes, swag, and collectible NFTs at various points throughout the livestream. Availability is limited! Register today!
Binance Awards 2020
Join Binance as we celebrate the standout innovators and businesses that have made sizable contributions, both to our community and to our blockchain ecosystem. Winners will be announced during our live event, and results will be published on our blog afterwards.
Register on Eventbrite today and tune in to the “Off the Charts” Virtual Conference on July 14, 2020, from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM (UTC).
Thank you to our partners for helping make this event possible!
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2020.07.12 16:35 casinogy DigiBet Casino 100 free spins and 100% up to €200 bonus

DigiBet Casino 100 free spins and 100% up to €200 bonus

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The moment the website opens in the browser, we have a kind of “déjà vu” experience. We have the impression that we have seen this casino all before. And yes, there are a lot of similarities to a couple of online casinos like Hopa or the Slotanza Casino. These similarities are not surprising when looking at the casino operator, as Aspire Global International LTD is responsible for its proper operation. It's good to know that behind the casino is a global operator with a solid reputation in the iGaming industry.
The design of the casino website is convenient but does not have a WOW factor. After the main menu and the page-wide banner, announcing the welcome bonus for new customers, different categories of games follow, followed by the previews for the games. On the right side of the casino website, there is an advertisement with the last winners. However, we want to question their accuracy here, because all profits are in the four- and five-digit range, so this is more likely to be understood as motivation and incentive. After a few rows of thumbnails come the announcement of the (not yet existing) sports betting and the Digibet Esport before you hit the section with the more or less helpful links. The page concludes with the license information.
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  • Winnings from free spins are limited to €100

Digibet Free Spins and Other Promotions

For existing customers, there is always a lot of action and round the clock entertainment at Digibet Casino. These are based on seasons, events or new slots. There are several ongoing weekly and monthly promotions where players can participate and win exciting rewards.
At the time of our review, for example, there was a tournament for the Conan Slot. Anyone who made bets here took part in a raffle. There is also a Digibet VIP area. We will describe this in more details below.
>>> Claim Your Free Bonus Now <<<

VIP Program at a Glance

Instead of Reload bonuses and other extras for the regular customers, there is a well-equipped VIP program at Digibet Casino. For every €40 real money bet, players will receive 1 comp points. The more comp points a player collects, the higher they get in the VIP program. Already for ten points, there is the VIP status “Bronze“. Then there are 25 free spins and another 5 free spins on each Sunday. Players can also take part in VIP live tournaments with the VIP Bronze status.
For 60 points there is the VIP status silver. There are 50 free spins to reach. Customers with status will also receive another 10 free spins every Sunday. If you reach status “Gold“, you will receive 50 free spins and an extra 50% bonus. There are also 20 free games on Sundays. Further stages in the VIP program are Platinum VIP, Premium VIP and Prestige VIP. These can be reached from 1000 points (Platinum VIP) or only on a personal invitation (Premium VIP and Prestige VIP).
In higher VIP levels, there are, for example, extended deposit and withdrawal limits, personalized offers, a personal account manager and a monthly cashback payment.
It is possible to convert bonus points into bonus money. The exchange rate depends on the VIP status. New members without VIP status need 35 points for € 1 bonus cash. In the highest level, only 15 points are required. It is important to note that comp points that are not exchanged after three months will expire without replacement.
>>> Claim Your Free Bonus Now <<<

Availability of Different Games

The Digibet Casino cooperates with a number of leading software providers in the iGaming industry. The games are available in both classic and modern form. There are classic slots and video slots, progressive jackpots, roulette, blackjack, poker and scratch cards. The software providers range from classics like Net Entertainment to fresh companies like Play'n GO and BetSoft among others. There is a filter option that players can use to shortlist the games from a particular software provider.
Slot titles include games like Starburst and Book of Dead, as well as new ones like Ghosts'n'Gold, Super Joker and Conan. You can start each slot in a demo mode. The free version of the game allows the players to understand the gameplay. Payout ratios remain unchanged, so you can get a real picture of the slot. Once you muster enough confidence, you can switch from demo format to real money game action.
Fans of progressive jackpots can check out titles like Divine Fortune, among others. Unfortunately, there are no jackpot games available at the moment. This is one area where Digibet needs to improve to compete with the reputed casino brands. Because the only way to go directly to the jackpot is that you have to know the name of the slot machine.
Roulette, blackjack and poker games are available in different variants. The selection here is very extensive and offers enough variety for the players. Unfortunately, no demo versions are available in this area. Also, the overview of table limits is missing. On the whole, games are available in high definition with crystal clear audio and superb visuals.
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Does Digibet Offer Live Dealer Games?

Since the live casino is one of the main attractions for online gaming, of course, our expectations are accordingly high. Unfortunately, Digibet Casino does not live up to the expectation of the players. Although the live games are delivered by the undisputed number one, Evolution Gaming, the game selection is then a bit meager.
In addition to a few blackjack tables and the football studio, there is gaping emptiness. There is no trace of roulette, dream catcher or the newer live dealer games. Even NetEnt is not available which we hope the operator will offer in the near future. Still, the croupiers and dealers are friendly and offer the best form of entertainment to the players. Games are available in real money format and accessible 24/7.

Can I Play Games on the Mobile?

Digibet Casino offers a dedicated mobile platform for players to access games on the go. This means that the regular homepage is available in a version optimized for mobile devices. The operator has done a fabulous job in designing the games using HTML5 technology. This innovation allows players to access games from any smartphone or tablet device running on the Android and iOS operating system.
The operator has nicely emulated their desktop version into a dedicated mobile platform. Games are small in size and load quickly on the mobile browser without any software lag. At the same time, the games can easily run on any screen size with maximum resolution and no buffering. It is important that players should have a decent internet connection and Adobe Flash to enjoy mobile games without any interruption.

Digibet Payment and Withdrawal Methods

Making online transactions at Digibet is quite simple. In the lobby, there is the menu item “Cashier“. Click on this section to open the list of available deposit methods. There you will find popular banking options like:
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Sofortüberweisung
  • Paysafecard
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
As a rule, deposits and withdrawals are free and the casino does not charge a dime for the online transactions. However, your bank may levy charges for using a particular payment option. We recommend players to spare some amount of time and select the payment method which is less costly and settles funds in the shortest period of time. In general, deposits are instant while withdrawals take 3 business days to credit in the bank account.

How Efficient is the Customer Support?

The Digibet Casino operates with a three-channel customer support program. Account Managers are operational from 06:00 to 23:00 GMT, all seven days a week. Customers can contact support agents by e-mail, live chat and telephone. We tested the live chat on a Saturday afternoon. The waiting time was under 2 minutes. An English-speaking employee answered. The response was amazing and queries were handled quite competently.
With regard to the design of the homepage, the casino has no significant weaknesses. There is a free search function for searching for games, terms and conditions and bonus conditions in the English language with a dedicated FAQ section. It features commonly asked question across different aspects of casino gaming. The support agents are highly skilled and have several years of experience in the iGaming industry.

Is Digibet Reliable and Safe?

Digibet is a trademark of NEG Group Limited, based in Malta. This company has only the trademark rights. The casino is operated by Aspire Global International LTD. This company is also based in Malta. Aspire Global International LTD is duly registered in the Maltese Commercial Register (registration number C42296). There is a license from the Maltese Gaming Authority. The license is dated August 2009. The license number is: MGA / B2C / 148/2007.
Another license exists in the UK. This license is only for customers residing in the United Kingdom. The gaming operation there is operated by AG Communications Limited. This company is also based in Malta and registered in the local commercial register (registration number C48328).
The Digibet Casino caters to the highest form of security protocols as per industry standards. They go the extra mile to make sure the customers are playing in a safe and secure environment. The operator utilizes 128 bit SSL encryption technology during the fund transaction. Also, confidential data of the players are protected using state of the art firewall techniques.
Every single game available at Digibet Casino is fair and random without any involvement of foul play. The RNG or Random Number Generator is a special algorithm that generates a unique winning combination. At the same time, games are regularly tested by independent agencies like TST, eCOGRA and iTech Gaming Labs. The audit results are available in the Footer section of the casino. All these things indicate that Digibet is a completely safe and reliable casino.

Final Verdict

First and foremost, it is important to note that Digibet is a fully secure and reputable casino with an EU license from Malta. Fraud has no place over here. In addition, fair play is also confirmed by 3rd party independent testing agency.
The range of casino games is excellent and covers several areas. There are slots, card games, table games, keno, bingo, scratch cards and a live offer with real dealers and croupiers. The fans of mobile gaming may look forward to playing the games on the go. Also, the choice of payment methods is also very high quality.
The bonus is irresistible and comes with generous wagering conditions for withdrawing the winning amount. For existing customers, VIP Club is available which is replete with best promotions and deals. The support program shines with live chat, FAQ, mail and hotline. Digibet shows few to no weaknesses. They need to work on their live dealer section to offer more titles under their belt.
On the whole, Digibet is a completely reliable and trustworthy casino. They receive a big THUMBS UP from all of us over here. We recommend players to register an account today and start playing the games for free or real money. May the luck be always by your side. Happy Gaming!
>>> Claim Your Free Bonus Now <<<
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2020.06.28 18:19 diyexageh Chat exclusivo de LATAM_PersonalFiance –

Chat exclusivo de LATAM_PersonalFiance –
La comunidad cuenta con un chat. Los que han seguido la serie de posts sobre Banca Internacional saben que hubo un intento fallido vía un software bastante beta. Genero problemas para los usuarios y para mi personal a coto/mediano plazo y dejo de existir.
Esta vez, con un betatest más extenso, creo que hemos dado con la plataforma que cumple con la plataforma perfecta o que mas se acerca a lo que tenía en mente.
Anónima, sin requerimientos al momento de registrar usuarios, basada en blockchain y con un servicio de crypto reconocido dentro sin KYC, con un cloud, multiplataforma, encriptada y open source.

Es similar a slack, pero gratuita, encriptada, open source y anónima.
Keybase no requiere email o número de teléfono para registrarse. Si el usuario pierde su contraseña y su artículo key, pierde acceso a su cuenta, el cloud y sus crypto assets. Tengan cuidado.
Tiene una wallet de crypto asignada a cada usuario, no requiere KYC (se pueden tener mas de una y se tiene directo acceso a las keys). La red que utiliza es Stellar Lumens, XLM.
Corre en Windows/Android/Mac/iOS/Linux. Fue probado en todas las plataformas, la funcionalidad es la misma, inclusive el acceso al wallet y el cloud.
La plataforma ofrece un cloud service, que se monta como KBFS. En Windows requiere FureFS para poder navegarla vía el explorer, en Linux (si tenes instalado fusefs) podes hacer lo mismo.
Se puede navegar como una unidad de disco en Windows/Linux/Mac. Existen carpetas publicas y privadas entre usuarios de la misma manera que existen carpetas publicas de los canales de chat o grupos.
La cuenta de Keybase se puede conectar con cuentas de twitter, bitcoin, Reddit, PGP, slack y varios servicios más.
En este momento solo hay un par de usuarios que han probado la plataforma y una gran cantidad de documentación impositiva en PDF que cubren no solo Latinoamérica sino todas las jurisdicciones por los últimos tres años a nivel personal y corporativo.
Hay información actualizada sobre CRS y AEOI y se siguen agregando documentos de manera diaria.
Ahora, visto y considerando los acontecimientos en el subreddit de Argentina y las sospechas de los usuarios de Merval sobre individuos que se encuentran en la comunidad con el fin de hacer data mining o los casos legales en los que Reddit se ha utilizado como pruebas en un juicio. Tal como el caso Smaldone, que la comunidad sea segura o encriptada no es suficiente.

Como acceder a la comunidad y subscribirse de por vida

El software está disponible en

Una vez creado usuario y contraseña deben crear una paper key. Esto es importante ya que les va a permitir recuperar su cuenta inclusive sus crypto activos. XLM en este caso.
Pueden agregar otros dispositivos si quieren, tengan en cuenta que van a necesitar su paper key y posiblemente el primer dispositivo en el que crearon su cuenta para hacer pairing al nuevo dispositivo.
Las secciones que importan en este momento son Teams y Wallet
Para pedir acceso a la comunidad hay dos pasos.

  1. En la sección Teams, hay un botón “Join a team”
Buscar el team latam_recepcion

  1. En la sección Wallet
Transferir 500 XLM a la siguiente dirección, la subscripcion es de por vida.
Al momento de transferir existen dos campos para dejar mensajes en la transferencia, uno privado y uno público.
En el campo público, agregar el nombre de usuario de keybase, pueden adjuntar el username de Reddit aunque esto este es a elección.
Es importante que no se olviden de este paso porque los transfers son privados y no habría manera de saber de usuario viene esto.
El campo privado, esta encriptado, y no aparece en el blockchain (de manera publica). Funciona bien, pero solo entre wallets de dos usuarios. Esta wallet es del canal, consecuentemente ese esta deshabilitado desde Keybase.

Cosas a tener en cuenta
Si no pueden ver su wallet es posible que sea porque no han terminado el set-up de su cuenta, ya sea del password o del paper key.
Es más practico fondear su wallet personal asociada a su user primero y luego hacer la transferencia desde Keybase a la direccion del canal.
Activar los wallets de XLM tienen un network fee de 1 XLM. Al momento de publicar este post es un valor de € 0.05. Los transfers de XLM son economicos, su exchange de crypto puede cobrar un poco mas pero dentro de keybase se utiliza el network fee minimo 0.00001 XLM lo que implica un costo de € 0.0000005.
Una vez dentro de la comunidad, en este momento existe un cloud con suficiente documentacionn documentación sobre impuestos de Latinoamérica y el resto del mundo. Esto sigue creciendo ya que sigo agregando segun haya nuevo contenido. Es accesible vía KBFS vía su browser local como si fuese una unidad extra o tambien vía la app en todos sus sabores.
También hay canales dedicados a algunos topics particulares como crypto e inversiones.
En un futuro breve van a estar disponibles los posts de Banca Internacional en PDF y contenido extra solo disponible dentro de la comunidad.
Tengan en cuenta que la regla desde mi primer post sigue vigente. Los privados estan reservados en el caso que yo quiera contactarme con ustedes de manera directa o agregarlos a teams segregados.
En los chats públicos podemos discutir todos juntos de manera mas eficiente ya que quizás otros usuarios tengan las mismas dudas o problemas que ustedes.
Las reglas de keybase son las mismas que las de esta communidad, la privacidad es el epitome indiscutible, sin embargo la promocion de servicios que sean o rozen la ilegalidad no seran tolerados.
El bien comun es el objetivo principal y quien defraude el mismo o a los usuarios no tiene lugar entre nosotros.
Nos vemos en Keybase.
submitted by diyexageh to LATAM_PersonalFinance [link] [comments]

2020.06.24 22:01 SkettiFamine Fall of Cleveland 55 - Marshall and Dale by Lord Anubis

”Ughhhhh. What is making that -”
Is that Robofluffy?
For fucks sake, it's 3 in the fucking morning.
You are going to dismantle that goddamn thing piece by piece.
AFTER programming him to feel pain from it.
You stumble in a half-conscious stupor over to where Robofluffy sits in the corner, charging by the wall socket.
You slam a fist down on his head.
”No hit Wobofwuffy! Wobofwuffy no do nofing!”
”The hell you didn't! Why did you wake me up with all that screaming?!”
”Wha scweaming? Wobofwuffy don't- ASSHOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWE!”
”Ahhhhh! Jesus fuck I'm standing right here, stop fucking screaming!”
”Dat not Wobofwuffy!”
”What do you mean, it's not.... hold on...”
Robofluffy's 'eye' is flashing blue.
Someone's calling you.
But who changed the ringtone to 'asshole'?
Note to self: Rip off Dave's arms.
Then beat him to death with them.
You tap the light, and shout into Robofluffy's horn that doubles as a mic.
”What the fuck is so important that it couldn't wait for morning, you shit-covered puss-filled ass sore?!”
”Nice to hear from you too, Dale.”
You are Dale, scientist and fluffy expert.
Not that anyone calls you that. Mostly they just call you an asshole.
But that's hardly fair. Everything you do is geared towards the betterment of fluffies everywhere.
Not your fault if most of your experiments go horribly awry and end up causing even more fluffy death and dismemberment.
Okay, partially your fault.
But sacrifice is necessary in the name of science!
And right now, you're sacrificing a good night's sleep to take some jerkoff's call at 3 in the morning.
”Who is this?”
”It's Marshall. Marshall Conagher? We worked together on Spaghetti Land?”
”Hold on, I'm just waking up here....the guy who was designing all the rides, right?”
”That's me.”
Oh yeah. That guy.
Guy didn't know a damn thing about fluffies when you first met, but the guy was a quick study, and he had blueprints for fluffy-friendly rides faster than you could have ever expected.
Nice enough guy, but always wrapped up in his work. Apparently he had nothing else to do with his time.
You were brought on to the Spaghetti Land project as a consultant, advising on various aspects of fluffy physiology and behavior.
You also invented the sonic emitters that would cause fluffies to shit themselves automatically.
After watching that Brown Note episode of South Park, inspiration struck.
It's much safer, more thorough, and less painful than the typical method of squeezing the fluffy's sides until all the feces was forced out.
You do that often enough, the fluffies can develop internal bruising and organ damage.
Not that it didn't have problems.
Lots of test fluffies literally shat their guts out before you got the emitters perfected.
One of the fluffies looked genuinely puzzled.
”Why poopies wook wike sketti? Fwuffi no haf' sketti fo' wong time...”
The patent's still pending, but you plan on making tons of cash on that invention.
But you left once you had provided all the in person consultation that was needed.
You'd corresponded by phone and email after that.
You hadn't heard from the park in awhile, so you had assumed the whole thing had gone off without a hitch.
Until last evening.
It was all over the news. Millions upon millions of fluffy ponies, all swarming into the city of Cleveland.
Like it really needed to get shittier.
Every political pundit and fluffy expert in the country was on the air, flapping their gums.
Except you.
Nobody even called.
They even had that Dr. Church guy on. Fuck him, he doesn't know shit about fluffies.
You tried not to let it bother you and did some investigative work on your own.
It wouldn't be accurate to call the swarm a herd, as the massive legion was really more of an enormous cluster of herds.
You notice that the massive wave of fluffy ponies were following the highways and side streets into the Cleveland area.
The swarm tightened up when the city's building were in sight.
Once they'd reached the city limits, the clusters began to disperse again, almost like they had no idea what to do once they'd arrived.
Their directions seemed random, but then a gigantic piece of the group suddenly began moving in one specific direction.
Vaguely north east, heading towards something inside the city proper.
Something like...
Spaghetti Land.
Of course. They must have seen the ads, heard the stories.
A place built just for fluffies, with plenty of food, plenty of safe fun, the ultimate fluffy destination.
Doesn't take a genius to figure out that the ads got distorted in the fluffy's heads, and the ferals mistook Spaghetti Land for some sort of salvation.
Fluffies being friendly and social by nature, of course the message was spread from herd to herd.
Cleveland was the place to be. All fluffies would be safe and happy and fed in Spaghetti Land.
The park's own overzealous marketing had come back to bite them in the ass.
Nobody noticed, because the herds didn't converge into groups this large until they got close to the city.
By then, the multitudes had grown so large that they could be seen from space.
Millions of multicolored fluffy ponies, all heading to one city in search of a safe haven.
And this far into Cleveland, many of the fluffies can see Spaghetti Tower. A shining beacon of fluffy hope.
And now the city is evacuating, trying to escape the unstoppable march of the weak little fluffballs.
The western highways are a loss. Just a sea of fluffy ponies. And there's no sign of their numbers dwindling.
It's like those butterfly migrations that last for days.
I-90 North has somewhat better luck, since most fluffies avoid large bodies of water, but it's been severely bottlenecked at the Perry Nuclear Power Plant, where a large 'Titan herd' from the East has turned the facility into a meltdown waiting to happen.
The city has employed a local exterminator service to set up a chemical repellant barrier along I-90 and I-80, in order to deter fluffies from getting on the highways and posing a risk to evacuating vehicles.
The ones that were unfortunate enough to already be on the highways are dealt with. Using bulldozers.
Poor sons a bitches.
Most people are resorting to the ferry boats to take them across Lake Erie, into Canada.
Canada has already agreed to assist in the evacuation by providing boats and temporary shelter.
But it's a lot of water to cover, and though the fluffies are not fast, they have the city almost completely surrounded.
So yeah, it's a pretty shitty situation.
Hard to be angry at the fluffies, though. It's not like they did this on purpose. All they wanted was a place to be able to live in peace.
Can't blame them for that.
But this can't possibly end well.
A story about fluffy ponies that involves mass death.
You've heard that one before.
Hell, you've CAUSED that one before.
You're still not allowed to return to that city after what you and Frankenfluffy did to that stadium...
”Hey Marshall. I'm guessing you're calling about Cleveland, right? Been watching that whole shitstorm develop. Sorry about Spaghetti Land, I know it was your baby. Look, if you're calling about looking for a place to crash, I'm fine with you hanging for a few days, but it's going to be a hell of a road tri-”
”I'm still in Cleveland, Dale.”
”Oh, okay. Well, then what's say we-”
Then you realize what he just said.
”It's almost like I didn't just tell you that.”
”Why the hell are you still in Cleveland? The place is nothing but one huge layer of fluffy ponies. It's not going to be long before all the fluffy poop creates a serious biohazard. Not to mention the rotting bodies. They must be dropping by the thousands each minute over there.”
”Probably. But right now, I have bigger problems.”
”Cleveland's been invaded by more fluffies than anyone even knew existed! What could be more important than that?”
”A new bioengineered pony that acts like a robot and kills fluffies.”
” have my attention.”
”Nuu! No kiww Wobofwuffy!”
”Nothing's going to kill you, gearhead.”
”Who is that?”
”That's Robofluffy.”
”Why does he sound like a Cylon?”
”Did you not catch the 'robo' part?”
”You seriously have a robot fluffy. You made a robot, and then you made it act like a fluffy.”
”Technically, he's a cyborg. His body is a titanium frame will all sorts of cool shit under the hood, but the brain was taken from an ordinary fluffy.”
”But if you could make a robotic body like that, why didn't you just--- you know what? Not the time to question this. Can you just put him in another room so we can talk in peace?”
”Not really. He's kinda my phone.”
”Godammit, Dale...”
”Hold on, let me plug him into my computer. Your phone has a camera, right?”
”Then set it to video chat.”
You quickly throw on some clothes and turn on your webcam.
Marshall's face pops up on screen.
”You look like shit, dude.”
Marshall runs his fingers through his hair and sighs.
”Yeah. Been a long day, as you can imagine.”
”Well, fill me in.”
Marshall tells you everything he's experienced. Spaghetti Land being overrun, Sweetheart getting lost in the sea of ferals, using her chip to track her down, saving her from a 'fuzzy pony,' and getting into Biotoy's facility.
You're at a loss for words.
”Shit, man, that's.....a hell of a story right there.”
”Yeah, no kidding.”
”Does the guy really have a dead fluffy in his...”
”It wasn't dead when I found him.”
”Yeesh. Sick fuck.”
”Tell me about it. I have access to most of Biotoy's database. This guy is the second in command here. But this is all stuff I'm not suited for. I'm an engineer, I deal with physics and mechanics, mostly. Biology is hardly my rodeo.”
”Which is why you called me, the fluffy expert.”
”Exactly. Can you help me out?”
”Analyze an entirely new biological entity from hundreds of miles away? Yeah, no problem. That's like, Thursday for me. But you gotta do something for me first.”
”What's that?”
”Say these exact words: 'Dale Gribble, there is no other person in the entire world with more fluffy expertise than you, and I need you to use it to help me.'”
”Your name isn't Gribble.”
”Is Fwuffy!”
”Shut up, Robofluffy! Fine, cut that bit, but say the rest.”
Marshall sighs again.
”Dale, there is no other person in the entire world with more fluffy expertise than you, and I need you to use it to help me.”
”Then let's get to work!”
Hearing that made you feel a lot better.
Fuck that Dr. Church douche.
YOU'RE the man now, dog.
Marshall plugs his phone into the Biotoys computer and you set up a connection for remote access.
Within minutes, you're in.
”Good golly, Miss Molly, that's a lot of files.”
”I have the feeling these guys have been working on this for awhile. Can you understand them? Most of the stuff I read was pretty complicated.”
”Not too complicated when you know what they're talking about. But this is a lot of stuff. Hold on, I'm gonna wake up my brother Dave. He'll be able to help.”
”He a scientist too?”
”Very much so. Less focused than me, though.”
”Is he going to mind being woken up?”
”He'll want to be up for this.”
You grab an air horn off the shelf.
It was used in an experiment to find how loud something had to be in order to cause fluffsplosion by itself, with no other stressful factors.
The answer? Less than you might think.
You brush a stray clump of fluff off the side of the can.
”Don't worry, I'll wake him up gently.”
Once your brother has woken up (and regained his hearing, heh heh), he's briefed on the situation.
”That's a hell of a story right there.”
”That's what I said. So you interested in helping?”
”Hell yeah! It's science time!”
Dave throws on his 'science coat.'
He doesn't ever science without it.
You quickly set up shop in your living room, linking every computer you have until you have several screens and a lot of processing power.
”You two ready to start?”
”I'm ready. You ready, Dave?”
”I'm ready. You ready, Robofluffy?”
”Wobofwuffy wan' go back to sweep, nee' chawge.”
”Suck it up. Marshall, what should we look at first?”
”While you guys were setting up, I found some files we should check out before getting into anything else.”
”What makes you say that?”
”They were buried pretty deep, and they're encrypted.”
”You thinking skeletons in the closet?”
You see Marshall look down and to his right.
”I'm thinking a whole graveyard. Do you guys have any decrypting software? We're gonna need it.”
Marshall sighs and rubs his temples. “Okay, well, do you guys know anyone who-”
Oh wait, that's right! You totally forgot about that.
”Robofluffy has decryption software installed in his body.”
Dave raises an eyebrow. “I thought you said you couldn't get it to work.”
”I lied. I just didn't want to tell you. You'd just abuse it.”
”I would not!”
”Remember when I told you he had a dog whistle installed in his left ear?
”Hey, they never pressed charges!”
Marshall clears his throat.
”So....none of you think that installing hi-tech decryption software on a robotic suit powered by the brain of a fluffy pony is an inherently bad idea?”
What a strange question.
”No. Why would it be?”
Marshall just gives you one of those looks.
”Nevermind. Just plug him in or whatever you need to do.”
”On it. Robofluffy, time to work your magic!”
”Wobofwuffy gif' swag?”
He rears up a bit, displaying his awesome, mighty....completely smooth crotchplate.
How sad. You really ought to consider giving him something down there.
Later. Right now, as your brother said, it's science time.
You plug Robofluffy into another port, and access his internal functions.
Jesus Christ, why is SWAG.exe taking up a good third of his hard drive space?
You start up the decryption software.
”It's running. How you feeling, Robofluffy?”
Marshall taps his phone's screen.
”I think the connection's getting scrambled. Robofluffy sounded like he just spat out gibberish.”
”No, that's just what happens when the decryption software runs. The body's systems are linked directly into his brain, so the information is sorta...passing through...”
”So you're sending complicated programming data through a fluffy's brain? You're going to make him explode!”
”Nah, I've done it before, he'll be fine. Might take awhile for his speech centers to start working again, but no permanent damage.”
”If you say so. It's your creation. How long will the decryption take?”
Dave monitors the process.
”I'd say an hour-ish.”
”Good. I'm gonna go have a look around, get some stuff. Be back in a bit.”
Marshall gets up from his computer, and you finally notice the pink fluffy pony on the couch behind him, quietly chewing on a baseball.
Marshall walks over to the fluffy, and she looks up at him.
You can't hear what he's saying to her, but she stops chewing the ball and just listens.
With fluffies, they really can't split their brainpower between listening comprehension and anything else.
She smiles, says something while nodding, and Marshall pets her head and walks offscreen.
You hear the door open and then close.
”Dave, we got some time to kill. I'm gonna start looking at the fuzzy biological data. Mind brewing some coffee?”
Dave gets up and walks behind your computer.
”Coffee sounds great right about now.”
He then reaches under Robofluffy's tail and pushes a button placed where Robofluffy's anus would be.
You know, if he had one.
”Dave, what the hell are you doing?”
”Turning on the percolator, duh.”
You completely forgot you had installed that.
You really need to start writing these things down.
You are Marshall Conagher, and you're equal parts annoyed, worried, and reassured.
Annoyed because your best hope for unraveling this fuzzy mystery lies with two possibly insane scientists that see nothing wrong with a) making a cybernetic fluffy, and b) installing possibly illegal software onto it.
Stress and sleep deprivation have also worn your patience thin. You're usually not this cranky at all.
You're worried that the decrypted files will just reveal even more disquieting information about this facility.
You're already breaking and entering, not to mention committing some serious acts of cybercrime and corporate espionage.
How this place is still operating, you can't say.
The fluffies at Perry Nuclear Power Plant have more or less completely cut power to the city.
Maybe this place has its own power source like Spaghetti Land.
It would make sense. A place like this could lose millions in lost data and productivity in the event of a power outage.
You told the board it would be the smart thing to do for Spaghetti Land, on the same grounds.
And it was, up until....all this.
Speaking of, how are you and Sweetheart going to get out of here?
The fluffies will have filled the city by now, and the roads will be impassable.
You'll just have to cross that bridge when you come to it.
And the bridge will be covered with fluffies.
But despite the tense situation, you feel some sense of ease.
Quirks aside, Dale knows his stuff, and his brother Dave seems to be at least knowledgeable enough to be an asset here.
They're both doing their part, so you're doing what you can.
You're not a computer expert, but you know that anything that has that level of encryption, tucked away in some nondescript folder, must be something worth hiding.
So right now, you're looking for an office supply closet.
You see a door marked 'COPY ROOM.'
Sure enough, there's an entire shelf loaded with exactly what you're looking for.
External hard drives.
Whatever Biotoys is hiding, you're going to expose it.
You are Dale, fluffy expert currently enjoying a cup of coffee that came from a rather unpleasant part of Robofluffy.
You're certain if he could talk, he'd be expressing a lot of indignation.
You take a big whiff of your coffee.
”Ain't nothing like fluffy-brewed java, am I right?”
You and Dave tap mugs.
”Damn skippy.”
”Hey, at least we remembered to take out the used up grounds this time. Don't know why you're complaining.”
You and Dave go back to reading up on the fuzzy ponies.
They're complete blank slates. No personality, no individuality, no personal desires aside from their programmed desire to maintain their own existence.
And even that is easily overwritten by a human's commands.
The only reason they still have brains is because Biotoys has yet to figure out how to make a living organism function the way they want it to without it.
Most of the biological data confirms what you already heard from Marshall.
They're a few inches bigger than fluffies, and their musculature is more solid.
Fluffies were deliberately made physically weak so they wouldn't pose a risk to children.
Fuzzies could be made stronger because they presumably would never attack a human.
Getting bit by a fluffy is like getting bit by an ant. A fuzzy would probably feel more like a wasp.
Having analyzed many a fluffy brain yourself, you can tell at a glance that the fuzzy brain is much more complex, but not a whole lot more complex.
Though from the looks of it, it's almost entirely blank.
Fluffy brains are the biological equivalent of a cheap Dell computer.
Small, underpowered, and overburdened with tons of useless, overlapping preprogramming that doesn't do them any favors.
Fuzzies, by contrast, have no hardwired programming.
No desire for spaghetti, no ingrained need for love and affection.
Hell, they're even indifferent to hugs.
But the bulk of their programming comes from the chip implanted in their brains.
That particular piece of technology is actually pretty damn impressive.
It is connected to the brain tissue at key points, giving the chip total access.
You pull up the files that detail how they could even install something that complex in the first place.
From the looks of it, fuzzies are gestated in vats until they're about the size of a fluffy foal at the age of a month.
The fuzzy is then taken out of the vat and prepared for surgery.
A machine makes a small incision in the skull, and the brain is lacerated in order to place the chip inside.
The incision is mended, the head is stitched, and back into the vat the fuzzy goes for another two months.
The entire process is done automatically, by robotic arms.
The mane grows back and covers the surgical scar, and the brain develops around the chip, bonding with it.
The chip even has a small radio transponder that can give and receive information.
They can update a fluffy's programming without having to replace the chip.
The range of the chip is small, maybe 30 feet at the max.
They probably plan on having some sort of fluffy update device at pet stores.
That's pretty goddamn brilliant.
Not to mention completely wasted.
This is the sort of technology that could help people with degenerative brain disease or damage.
And it's being used in animals that are already functionally brain dead.
No, not animals.
Fuzzies are just robots with fleshy bits.
You put the biological bits aside and take a look at the marketing data.
They have a lot of extra downloadable programs available for purchase.
Fuzzies apparently need a specific (and patented) protein strain that's only available in Biotoys brand Fuzzy Feed.
You jump back to the biological information....
Yep. They took it out on purpose.
Actually, removing their ability to create that protein strain has effectively doomed the fuzzy.
Even if they get enough Fuzzy Feed, eventually the body starts becoming unable to ingest the protein strain.
The body slowly breaks down as it becomes unable to properly reintegrate the protein strain.
A fuzzy can't possibly live longer than 3 years.
They probably know that.
Just another way to get people to buy a new fuzzy and give them even more money.
Hell, they even have a service to transfer the contents of the old fuzzy's chip onto the new one.
For a nominal fee, it'll be like the old one never died.
You're not sure what's more impressive: the design of that chip, or the design of their exploitative marketing scheme.
Did they even stop to think about what kind of product they were offering?
Or did they have their heads shoved so far up their asses that they thought that their product would be the exact sort of thing most fluffy owners WOULDN'T want never occurred to them?
They made the Furby of the Future. Whoop de fucking do.
You take a peek at Dave's screen.
He's reading more about the chips.
Marshall said that the first time he saw a fuzzy, it was trying to choke his fluffy to death.
You already know that fuzzies are prevented from intentionally bringing harm to human beings.
Now you have to find out if they're allowed to hurt anything else.
”Yep. Humans are the only things off limits. They're allowed to hurt anything else.”
Oh. Well, how conveniently timed.
”It's strange, though.”
”What is?”
”Well, I'm looking through some of the chip's code, and I keep seeing snippets of what looks like a larger program.”
”What do you mean?”
”Slipped in between other lines of code are other lines that don't fit in. Almost like they're hidden. On their own, they don't make any sense. And they're everywhere in the code. If I had to guess, only a few of the packets actually do anything. The rest are just red herrings. Something in here must be set so it reads certain lines in a certain order, creating a whole program.”
”Can you figure it out?”
”Not like this. It's like trying to find a buried treasure, only you don't have a map, and there are fake treasures buried all over.”
”You got no clues at all?”
”The only recurring thing I'm seeing is a number: 109.”
”Yeah, it keeps popping up near the planted lines. Not sure what the significance is.”
”We can ask Marshall if has any input when he gets back.”
”Oh yeah, how's the decryption coming along?”
”Good question. Robofluffy, how's the decryption coming along?”
”ZR8TBHQ LBTWOX TBWFBUTZLOLQ AZPN RLBWTBofwuffy feew funny in poopie pwace.”
”Looks like it's done. Let's crack this egg open.”
”Whaaa dis?”
”Not now, Robofluffy, daddy is working.”
”Heehee! Siwwy mistah! Yuu not Sweehawt's Daddy!”
You look at the screen that's displaying Marshall's video connection.
His pink fluffy is taking up most of the screen.
”Oh. Hi. Is your daddy back yet?”
”No. Daddy say he haf' get fings fo' wowk. Vewwy impowtant. Teww Sweehawt be good fwuffy, no tuch Daddy talking toy.”
”Then you might want to back off a bit. You're kinda close.”
”Sweehawt no tuch anyfing, onwy wan' wook.”
Her snout can't be more than a few inches from the screen.
The classic “I'm not touching you!” card.
You and Dave know it well, being twin brothers growing up together.
Those now that you're both scientists, the game has grown more....advanced.
”Wha mista doin' in Daddy's talky toy?”
”I'm helping your daddy learn about the fuzzy ponies. Those big white things?”
Sweetheart shies away, looking nervous.
”Sweehawt no wike white munstas....dey meanies, huwt Sweehawt, awmost take wong sweep...”
”Yeah, I don't think I'm much of a fan of them, either. But your daddy saved you, didn't he?”
”Yeah! Daddy is best Daddy evaw! Sweehawt wuv Daddy!”
”That's nice.”
You mean it. Despite having a confirmed kill count higher than any abuser you can think of, you really do like fluffy ponies, and want to make their lives better.
Because their current ones suck.
Nice to see someone like Marshall acting like a father to a fluffy.
Robofluffy seems to have gotten his brainy bits back in order, and he rolls over to the computer screen.
”Dat new fwend?”
”Robofluffy, meet Sweetheart.”
”Whaaaa, you so big fwuffy! Fwend?”
”You is pwetty mawe. Wobofwuffy wan' gif swag.”
Sweetheart tilts her head to one side. “Wha' swag?”
”Wobofwuffy gif best speshaw hugs. Gif aww mawes good feews.”
”Hey Dale, what is your robot trying to teach my Sweetheart?”
Oh crap, he's back.
”Heyyyyy, Marshall. I was wondering when-”
You shove Robofluffy away from the webcam. Not an easy feat, considering he's made of metal.
”-you'd be back. Find what you need?”
”Oh yes.”
You see him drop a bunch of small black plastic boxes onto the desk.
”External hard drives. Each one can hold a few terabytes. The way I figure it, if these secret files have anything incriminating, I can get a copy and take it out of Cleveland with me. Hand it over to the authorities and take these fuckers down.”
Sounds like a plan. However...
”Hey, uh, if you do go with that plan, do you think you could do it without mentioning me at all? I know your slate is as clean as a fuzzy's brain, but my record's a bit...dodgier. I'd rather not have to talk to police.”
”Yeah, no problem. Have the files been decrypted yet?”
”Just finished, actually. Hey Dave! Get over here so we can all look at classified information together like we used to.”
”Feeling nostalgic, Dale?”
”Hey, if they didn't want us looking at top secret stuff, they wouldn't have had military summer camp inside an actual military installation.”
”God, I miss being a kid sometimes...”
Marshall snaps his fingers.
”Hey, let's focus, alright? The sun's going to rise soon over here, I've been up for over 24 hours, and I'm really not in the mood right now.”
”Easy there, angry bear. Let me get some more coffee and I'll pull up a chair.”
Dave goes behind Robofluffy and pushes the ass-button again.
”Whaaaa! Wobofwuffy nu wike tuch poopy pwace game!”
Coffee comes out through know what? No, we're not going into details here.
Dave sits down and you open up the now open folder.
The file names are much more succinct than the others.
You click on an interesting one titled, “Funding.”
A word document pops up on screen.
”Well, well, well, isn't that interesting...”
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2020.06.19 11:22 SolaceInfotech Ruby vs Elixir- Upgraded Comparison For 2020

For many years, We all have been using the Ruby language for web development. It gets better with Ruby on Rails – a framework, which is a great framework to develop web apps. But the tech industry doesn’t stop here. New languages are invented, come to the industry and gain tremendous popularity.
But now, web developers are actively discussing Elixir- a new programming language and its popular Phoenix framework. You might be new with Elixir or confused to choose best between Ruby and Elixir. Hence here we came up with comparison- Ruby vs Elixir. Before dive to the comparison, let us see Ruby and Elixir in detail.


Ruby was created in the mid- 1990s by the Japanese computer scientist and programmer, Yukihiro Matsumoto, and the first version appeared in 1994. It was developed with a programmer’s comfort and happiness in mind. The aim was to make Ruby coding enjoyable and also productive.
Ruby is an interpreted and object-oriented programming language. It’s main purpose is to create simple and understandable web apps where fast development, clarity, and syntax simplicity are more important than running speed of an app.


Elixir is a functional programming language, which makes it different from objected-oriented Ruby. Apart from the fundamental difference, many ruby programmers are preferring Elixir as their next language, like its creator and maintainer. Elixir runs on Erlang Virtual Machine, which is a solution for applications that scale fast.
The popular framework for Elixir is Phoenix, built by Chris McCord in 2014 and with the goal of outperforming Ruby on Rails.

Ruby vs Elixir – A Comparison

Advantages Of Ruby-

1. Clean syntax-

It is easy to write clean human-friendly code because of Ruby’s clean syntax. And hence it becomes easy for beginners to start through.

2. Productivity-

Ruby is an easy choice for startups where time and resources are limited. And this is because of its flexibility and availability of a lot of ready solutions to common solutions. According to experts, Ruby on Rails requires 30-40% less time to build applications as compared to the other technologies.
Ruby is an expressive language where just some lines of code can do the same job as chunks of code in other languages. There are many gems that solve almost all problems and this makes it easy to build an MVP.

3. Ruby on Rails-

Ruby on Rails is a great framework with a developed ecosystem, where many problems have well-established, de-facto standard solutions to specific problems. It dominates among other frameworks for Ruby, which makes the coding style unified. Rails’ popularity has made Ruby as top programming languages.

4. Readability through flexibility-

Because of the language’s powerful metaprogramming abilities, creating declarative domain-specific languages (DSL) feels as natural as it gets and is the reason of ruby gems have become loved by developers. A good ruby code hardly needs comments.

Disadvantages Of Ruby-

1. Tough to maintain-

Ruby developers use many libraries and tools also to keep the code accurate and clean. But if you use it to the great extent, it can cause more issues. If you change something in the original implementation of library, it may cause problems to work as you want it to.

2. Performance-

We can say that Ruby is not as fast as Elixir. Performance is not the priority for it’s creators. It is fine with its response and compilation times.
Well proficient Ruby developers can create enterprise-grade apps rapidly but if you’re thinking to design a large-volume traffic app, remember that whatever you do, Ruby might not be preferable.

3. Threading and concurrency-

Ruby is not good to write concurrent applications. Global Interpreter Lock (GIL) makes it so that only one thread and one core are busy at a time. GIL doesn’t allow developers to take complete advantage of most of the hardware. Some base classes are not thread-safe.

4. Lack of developers-

In spite of the fact that the Ruby coding language has been in market for a long while, the number of Ruby developers is not as high as expected. Sometimes companies face difficulties to find experts.

Advantages Of Elixir:

1. Performance-

Elixir is a compiled language and hence is faster than Ruby. When it comes to performance, it is similar to Node.js. But most of the code runs concurrently and writing blocking code in CPU-bound applications is more difficult. Node.js uses a Javascript event loop- when your code calculating something, it blocks the complete node.js process. And is the advantage of Elixir over both Ruby and Node.js when speed matters.

2. OTP-

Elixir comes with the Open-Telecom Platform(OTP). The OTP is a set of tools that are designed to simplify the development of concurrent applications. The greatest accentuation in OTP is set on writing fault-tolerant applications. With the included framework, developers can build their own software that is ready to handle numerous concurrent connections.

3. Erlang virtual machine-

Elixir is based on Erlang VM (BEAM) which is one of the oldest virtual machines but remains broadly used. Erlang and Erlang VM are the solution for applications or messaging systems that have to manage many connections.

4. Documentation-

There are many useful guides and resources with links are available to support highly active communities. Documentation is very informative and answers all the questions. Also, Elixir Forum is useful to stay updated.

5. Scalability-

Elixir is mainly used to develop web applications that will get more traffic and hence have to be scalable so as to maintain the heavy load.

6. Concurrency-

Elixir is great for building apps with concurrent connections because of Supported by Erlang and OTP,

Disadvantages Of Elixir-

1. Elixir functional programming-

As Elixir is a functional programming language, means it can be difficult for experienced developers to switch because most of the code is in object oriented languages.

2. Lack of talent-

Elixir is a new programming language and hence there is a shortage of talented expertise in the market. Mostly ruby developers can be up and running with Elixir in around a week or two. This should be enough time for most programmers to be able to build CRUD applications and implement basic functionalities.

3. Immature ecosystem-

Elixir is not counted in the list of most used programming languages and hence it does not have enough active community to actively develop further. Also, it possesses a limited number of libraries.

Use Cases Of Ruby And Elixir –

Ruby- Best Use Cases

Elixir- Best Use Cases

What Should You Choose?

There is no definite answer to this question. Elixir and Ruby both are good tools to build apps, software or systems. You should choose the technology that is most appropriate for your project.
Ruby is used for more than web development with companies like Google and NASA because of its capabilities for simulation data and 3D modelling with the use of macro-scripting API. Also Ruby has wide network since its first release.
You can choose Elixir, if you need to use a lot of concurrent connections or your app will have a high user count.
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2020.06.15 11:35 kingaltoids How to Launch a Digital Product and Win in a Crisis

Be it economic crises, or uncontrollable epidemics, they influence the world and bring about new rules that challenge communities and businesses to sink or swim. Within only recent years we’ve faced the spread of SARS, the Zika virus, Ebola, and now - COVID-19. Every time the outbursts are unpredictable and fateful. In response, every business must think strategically to be able to react in a timely way and adapt to the changes. In fact, it’s not only a matter of staying afloat. It’s about companies keeping up with the ever-changing modern world.
Digital products development and business automation are processes that have the power to be the business response to crises and shape the business future.

How the Crisis is Changing the World and Why You Should Consider Digitalization

Practically every routine human activity has moved online. Executives, managers, employees, teachers, and students are now managing their responsibilities remotely, as the virtual world is now the reality in which we function. For entrepreneurs, the main demand in this environment is to be adaptable and nimble enough to make weighted decisions at sonic speed.
We can already see changes and shifts occurring in the digital world and in related businesses. According to the findings of the 2020 Digital Marketing Expo & Conference report, digital industries will shift their approaches to work after the pandemic ends. The study indicates that remote work options will expand and become more widespread; the importance of digital collaboration tools will increase; companies will be more focused on digital transformation; online conferences and meetings will become an even more popular practice; and data security and protection will grow in importance and raise the bar to ever-higher standards.
The high-tech world, which creates an ecosystem for modern business, is itself a real-time tool for working. It makes it possible to communicate and interact with people who, on the one hand, are thousands of kilometers from one another, but at the same time are just a click away. It enables closed calls with a high level of security, allows us to send sensitive information quickly, easily, and securely, perform banking operations, and sign legally valid contracts.
“The world has changed in the last few weeks. The measures we’re now all taking to fight back against the coronavirus are affecting the way we interact, live, work, and take care of our finances.”
James Green, deVere Group’s Divisional Manager of Europe
The opportunities created by digital products and today’s real-world conditions prove that, without digital transformation, launching a product successfully is almost impossible. And his notion is becoming more and more applicable in realms that were once squarely situated in the offline world.

To Launch or Not to Launch a New Product During a Crisis

If your service is not online yet, there are many factors you have to weigh before launching it. Naturally, the gravest concerns will be associated with the rationing of finances in such a turbulent time. Money is often in short supply during the crisis period, and the big question is whether it is rational to finance a launch either with your savings or with the support from investors. Especially, when it is neither guaranteed nor even clear whether it will reap any profits.
However, there is a pragmatic way to face this Shakespearian dilemma. If we analyze the diagram of change in the industries currently occupying the market, we can see that online education, telehealth, and online software have become the demand leaders, while the car-sharing and sharing economy have largely failed.
If you’re going to work in industries in the green zone of the chart, you can assume it’s safe to launch your product right now. If not there, you should consider how to optimize the product. Just look at the current crisis as a chance to find new business opportunities.
According to Forbes, the list of sectors most affected by coronavirus are:
As you can see, the businesses that are suffering the most during the lockdown are providing services that involve physical interaction with a client. The option here is to either innovate the service so that it is accessible online or (the safer option) offer products your user can access online.
Evidently, people tend to use more online services because there are simply no equivalent offline options. In this situation, it’s important to analyze and identify the needs of the people who have to stay home. They have been forced to change their routines and habits, as they have no access to their usual lifestyle.
In general, having identified the need, think of how to solve it. This is the standard rule for successful startups. Another reason that the time is right is that people’s needs have become much greater and diverse. There several reasons for this:
We are on the verge of a new way of life, which means that any product that has been developed to deal with the needs of our present situation will probably be useful for a long time to come.
A good illustration for the said above is the list of recently funded products issued by TechCrunch: a network for healthcare analysis, a platform for deskless work, video chat API service - that’s just a few to mention. And all of them serve, improve or help to deal with the new reality we’re in together. This to be said, if the product fulfills the existing demand, it has chances to succeed both in investment raising and in gaining profit.

Why a Crisis is Useful

A business transformation or initialization undertaken during a crisis can have a good chance of success even though it can be a huge challenge - and there are good reasons why. The market is waiting for new solutions. The winners in this situation will be the ones who can work out strategies to launch new products during a crisis and offer cheaper, faster, better ways to solve problems for customers and businesses.
It should be stressed here, that we’re not saying about spending all your savings on the development of the product that probably will be successful (or not). We explore the opportunities the crisis can bring. It’s worth mentioning that our company was established in 2008 when the financial crisis crippled the world economy. But if you have a verified business plan, validated idea and a good nerve, your chances of success are higher.
To develop a roadmap, you may find it useful to research the upcoming tendencies pandemic crisis will end up with. We’ve performed analysis of what’s happening now, compared it to our experience and Here’s what tends to happen during and after a crisis:
People want innovation
To be sure, the Covid-19 crisis has caused a lot of problems. Investment in innovation has slowed because of them. CB Insights reports that VC funding declined for 9% in Q1 2020 if compared to Q4 2019. But it still is higher for 12% than the one as of Q1 2019. That opened up opportunities for bold and creative startups.
“Right now, the virus seems like an accelerator for digital change that was already underway . . . the surprise has been to see the resistance to this digital change suddenly evaporate. What organizations resisted for a decade is now core to survival and innovation.”
Michael Hendrix, partner and global design director, Ideo for Fast Company
People want to save money
If you’re a flexible and featherweight company, you can win over the clients of massive companies that aren’t prepared or able to adapt to change quickly and reduce their prices. People are looking for more affordable options. If you can adapt your strategy to this need, you have a chance to obtain a huge client base.
The incumbents are vulnerable
The heavyweight market players are in an extremely vulnerable state, as the stakes are higher for them and they can’t adapt as rapidly as agile startups. The Wall Street Journal notified that almost one-quarter of the U.S. economy shut down in the wake of the Covid crisis. Among the ones who struggled the most are representatives of an “offline” economy. Meanwhile, those incumbents who are eager to adapt may win over. Budweiser, for instance, is investing in e-commerce since the crisis affected offline demand. Thus, now there’s an opportunity for you to experiment and innovate, if you’re planning to digitize. While for startups, their flexibility and willingness to take risks may become a market advantage.
Good people are looking for work
Bad times force companies to sacrifice even the best people working for them. As BBC reports, in the result of the pandemic crisis 195 million of full-time workers left without a working place. If you’ve managed to introduce your product and scale your business, you will definitely have to expand your staff. Naturally, most of the talent is already taken when there’s no turbulence. Today, your chances of finding brilliant minds who are also available are much higher.
Things are cheaper
It will be cheaper and easier for you to bargain for everything you need for your business when all participants of the market are in the same boat and are more eager to make concessions for their partners, for instance, for the goods you might need to start or to adapt your business. Plus, you don’t have to maintain an offline office. The same idea works for your employees; currently, they are not demanding as many workplace benefits as they would in normal conditions.
You will have fewer competitors
Speaking about the startup field, every player is willing to introduce their products when the times are good, the economy is stable, and the investors are many. However, in a crisis context, the number of startup Bravehearts shrinks, which means you’ll have fewer competitors when your product is out there.
As you can see, although the economy is down, new opportunities come along with it. You need to keep them in mind as you devise your product launching strategies.

How to Launch a New Product During a Crisis or Digitize the Existing One

It’s time to think about digitizing your existing business or launching a new business based on global prospects and trends and the new directions that development is taking.
If you’re wondering how to launch a new product during the coronavirus crisis or digitize the existing one, the first thing to do is prepare. Before starting any project, do the planning and consider the following aspects to minimize mistakes, since any error can be fatal:
  1. To be competitive and relevant in the current situation, the product must solve a problem or simplify a process; it must be useful to a specific group of consumers. The larger its audience, the more chances you have of becoming successful in a short time.
  2. Identify your target audience and double-check that the problem that your product will solve is relevant to them.
  3. Analyze the scalability of your product.
  4. Think through a user-friendly interface. Make sure the product is simple. There is no need to overthink the UX at the start of the project. However, it must be understandable and easy for the user to grasp from the point when they start solving their problem. Get it tested - first by your own team, and then in beta-testing.
Clearly, to be competitive in the current market, you have to act at sonic speed, and you can’t make any mistakes. Further, we’ll reveal how to make it in the most efficient way with the smart resources allocation.

How Will the Discovery Phase help?

The big advantage of the discovery phase is that it precedes the development stage and provides an opportunity to validate the idea, analyze the market and competitors, and create a roadmap. As a result, you end up with a solid amount of targeted developed documentation and enough information to make decisions about the future of your product.
For people in the business world, it is often extremely difficult to think about the project through and through from the technology point of view. We recommend initiating a discovery phase at the beginning of your work with IT companies. Within a week, they will clearly understand what your product will look like, see the set of functionalities that is minimally necessary to enter the market (MVP), and figure out the terms of implementation. Of course, you need to get to know the company and the team with which you plan to develop your product.
The discovery phase must be concluded by solving one of the most challenging tasks: prototyping and forming a set of product features and a backlog – namely, its first version. At each stage of the product life cycle, the priorities can and should shift in accordance with the type and orientation of the tasks.

How to interact with the product after creating an MVP

When the first stage is complete and the product is available to the general public, you need to change your tactics for working with the product.
We suggest that at the first stage (Stage 1) of product delivery to the market, your efforts should be concentrated on developing new features following the Product-Market Fit concept.
After the second one (Stage 2), as the product begins to grow consistently, you should dedicate significantly less time to new features. At the same time, it’s important to concentrate on satisfying your users according to their feedback and using the metrics you’ve collected to increase conversions.
Stage 3 is characterized as the stabilization stage. Here, after successfully launching a new product, you need to pay equal attention to new functionalities and feedback, as well as concentrate more and more on technologies, technical solutions, and product quality.

How to Adapt your Existing Processes to Today’s Realities

The blessing and the curse of the coronavirus crisis is the fact that you’ve no choice but to adapt to brutal market conditions. One threat in this situation is that you may not have enough manpower because of the lockdown and your dwindling financial resources. Since it’s clear that your business must be digital to survive, it follows that it should also be automated and be easy to maintain.
That’s why you need to think about all the processes you can optimize or automate. Here’s what to consider if you want to optimize your business:
Again, make sure to follow these steps so that they improve your business results and reduce costs. If you want more examples on how this can be done, check “Software” section in our case studies where we share our experience on CRM and other business automation software development.


As apocalyptic as it may seem at first sight, the Covid-19 crisis is actually a time of opportunity. If you don’t see any yet, look at it from a different perspective. The opportunities are not the typical ones businesses are used to seeing. The economic climate changed, and it definitely made the stakes and the prices of mistakes dramatically higher. However, it also created an entirely new pool of consumer needs, which always equals opportunities to create new products to address those needs. And if you do it right, they will thank you for it.
Finally, the competition among startups is lower, since not everyone will gamble and launch a new product during a crisis. So, if you do enough planning, summon up enough confidence, and assemble a team you trust, you have a great chance to capitalize on the new opportunities.
This article about How to Launch a Digital Product and Win in a Crisis was originally published on Django Stars Blog. Written by Nataliia Peterheria - Project Manager at Django Stars
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2020.06.12 16:29 richardTryKno The Most Pressing Authentication Processing Pain Points In 2020

I interviewed ten developers from around the world on what they think are the most pressing pain points in authentication in 2020. I have presented their comments within a narrative that tries to make sense of the interviews I had. The article does not contain my own opinions as the intention is to remain impartial leaving those that contributed to the article with the final word.
The post was originally shared on my blog:
I would love the conversation to continue here with more viewpoints added to the mix, here's the article:
Authentication online has become amazingly complex in the last 20 years. What began as a simple password problem in the seventies, is now an opulent buffet of different authentication options together with very real regulatory and security considerations. There is certainly no shortage of ways to sign up or sign in to something!
But what are the most pressing pain points for developers and end-users? What does great authentication look like? What does terrible authentication look like?
To answer these questions, I interviewed ten active members of our development community asking what they think 2020’s most pressing authentication pain points are. Each person I spoke to has a different background in the web industry but each has an active interest in authentication. The result is a collection of opinions and authentication pain points seen from different perspectives. So, let’s dive in.
First of all, the strength of feeling surprised me. I know my question asks you to consider what the pain points are so obviously you’re looking for them but what I hadn’t expected was the amount of pain being felt out there. I expected answers such as: “Well, you know, OAuth is a bit tricky’ but what I actually got was multiple pain points from each developer covering a wide variety of concepts. It strikes me that there may be more broken with authentication than I first anticipated:
“It's expensive and dangerous for me to build my own authentication.”
Martin Omander, Developer Advocate at Google.
It’s really difficult for me to be totally sure that my authentication is secure without any vulnerabilities. I always try to follow best practices to be sure that everything is secure but I can’t avoid that little voice in my head saying “you made a mistake”, “your authentication is not fully secure”.
Ale Sánchez, Software Engineer at Rebellion Pay.
The problem I see most often is that software developers don’t put authentication in every single place it needs to be. For instance, you have an application that calls an API and there’s no auth (this happens sometimes). Now imagine that API calls another API and there’s no auth there, this happens A LOT. We assume trust between APIs, containers and other services that don’t reach outside our network, which is a big mistake. Every service and application must be its own island, and implement zero trust, by ensuring there is authentication, then authorization, before granting access to anything.
Tanya ‘SheHacksPurple’ Janca, Security professional and blogger at
This is deeper than I thought we’d go on day one and are just three quotes from my research. Developers go to work to solve problems but we don’t get danger money nor do we get access to counselling if we spend a year worried sick about hackers.
So with that, we arrive at pain point one: Security is an ever-evolving challenge, it’s hard to make authentication secure and to foresee all the ways it might be vulnerable. This makes it expensive to develop, expensive to maintain and high risk for someone to take responsibility when the impact of a bug can be so large.

Using someone else’s authentication instead

Of course, you can avoid rolling your own authentication by using a service.
OAuth 2.0 is the open authorization standard used for this. Although OAuth is actually a framework for authorization, it is synonymous with authentication. This is largely because social logins used on websites are implemented using OAuth (and usually OpenID Connect too). ‘Signing in with Facebook / Google / Twitter / Github’ is the norm for millions of users. Some sites, for example, don’t offer anything else except sign in with Twitter or Github. We have become reliant on these social networks managing our identity for us and while this is a big win (let someone else figure out the hard stuff!), there are downsides too:
Being able to use an OAuth provider, along with the proliferation of good password management software, is a huge win for developers and users alike. I believe that authentication will become exponentially easier as services that simplify the authentication process become available. One downside of OAuth is that we spend less time developing our own authentication, but spend more time understanding and implementing third party solutions. The biggest pain point of authentication in 2020 is that last piece: OAuth. While extremely convenient, it is a process that could be improved.
Aimeri - Full Stack Developer, NC USA.
So in effect, have we swapped one problem with another? Are we really any further forward? OAuth documentation isn’t for the faint hearted. In addition, to offer multiple sign in solutions we need to consult the documentation for each provider. For example, here are all 1830 words of Github’s ‘Basics of Authentication’ guide.
In some cases you’re caught between a rock and a hard place as Yubraj, a FullStack Developer at Etribes describes, when the client demands SSO but without using a third party:
It is difficult to implement one-time login if you don't use thirty party authentication service, I had to go through maze documentation of one of my client's authentication service, it was horrible to test. I had lots of confusion initially understanding OpenId vs OAuth.
Authentication pain point number 2: Third parties carrying out authentication for us are convoluted to integrate with since each one does things slightly differently within the OAuth 2.0 framework. Time is spent working out how to integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Github etc while the need to provide non-branded sign in for users that don’t have accounts with the third parties still exists otherwise you force users to create Github accounts (for example) before they can create an account on your website.

A surfeit of choice

There are some well-known providers that offer to handle identity provider integrations for you. I spoke to Yann in Montreal, a software engineer at PivoHub. He describes a specific issue with Auth0 where users arriving at your website sign in once with Facebook but later return and sign in with Twitter (or another) and the result is two different accounts even if the user’s email address remains constant:
If you use multiple identity providers and the user uses two different providers with the same email, it will create 2 accounts which is a problem. In order to solve this, you must write some custom code which is pretty annoying. They should have a setting for this.
This led me to think, hang on, is choice a good thing? For end-users, are multiple ways to sign up to or into a website actually good user experience?
Okta proudly display a long list of identity providers that come pre-integrated:
Too many sign in options
Does this look like good UX to you? I suppose it’s unrealistic to expect a website to want to use all of these at once but even three choices could be problematic. Yann’s anecdote shows users forget which social account they used to sign up and end up signing up twice. This is a pain for the developer and a pain for the user.
Circling back round to the developer’s perspective, Martin (developer advocate at Google) says it’s hard to cater for all the ways a user might want to sign in:
It's hard to provide authentication that all your users will like because they have very different preferences. Some prefer to use their Google or Facebook account across all websites. Others prefer creating a new username+password account for each website they visit, for added security. Many users on phones prefer something that requires less typing, perhaps based on their phone number.
And that brings us to the third authentication pain point: there is too much choice.
Try to cater to all users’ needs and you end up with a list of authentication options as long as your arm. This, in turn, causes choice paralysis and problems in the backend when a user tries to sign in or up multiple times using different identity providers.
Provide too few options and not all users can access your website. We see this in the case of sites that exclusively offer social login and no email based alternatives.
In addition, too many authentication options cause choice paralysis for the user and later, if after a long session, they re-authenticate using a different social network they run into problems.
I got chatting to Diego, a Facebook employee. His views are his own and not those of Facebook. I asked the question: Are social logins a developer's friend? Do they make life simpler? Do they do the opposite? Diego answered:
It depends. Are they making it harder to reason around accounts? Yes. Are they making it harder to store an unencrypted password that will be credential-stuffed into a fake leak that causes mass hysteria? Yes.
Diego’s beef is with the alternative to social login, i.e. username and password setups on every site. So yes, social login is tricky to implement but at least it means you don’t have to store hashed passwords in your database which is a definite plus.
If you do decide to start storing passwords, regulations make storing Personally Identifiable Data risky as explained by Martin Omander, of Google:
Storing PII (Personally Identifiable Data, like name or email address) is risky and increasingly regulated. PII in your database is basically a liability. The easiest way to comply with privacy regulations is not to store any PII at all. How can I do that, but still provide secure authentication?
Martin and Diego’s points go hand in hand. How do we reconcile the gap between these two pillars of authentication, neither of which are ‘perfect’?
Martin again:
I do hear from users every now and then about log-in methods. They say one of two things: 1. I don't want to have to come up with yet another username/password combination. 2. I don't want federated sign-in because I don't want anyone to see which sites I visit. I prefer good old username/password.
These conversations lead me to think that pain point four, is that there is no obvious answer to which authentication method is best. There is always some level of debate required. There is no ‘de-facto’ authentication method that reconciles these problems.
The requirements for authentication seem rather simple in essence:
  1. Authentication should be secure.
  2. It should be very easy for a developer to implement secure authentication.
  3. Authentication should be convenient for the end-user.
Nikola, Director of Engineering at Teltech, summarises it perfectly:
Imho, it still seems that, even though we're in 2020, there's just too much fuss with getting authentication to work. It would be great if you could just call one function and woila 🤗.
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2020.06.09 14:52 blahhhhh Guide on Development of Real Estate App that will stand out

Standing out isn’t just a problem for apps – it’s something every product struggles with. But, like mortgage or financial applications, an app that deals with real estate needs to be easy to use, transparent (as not all of the users are knowledgeable in the subject, or good with numbers), and absolutely bulletproof in its handling the confidential personal and financial information of its users.
So, how do you do that?

Main Problems In Your Market

Traditions are hard to break. In some industries, it’s hard to introduce something new and disrupt something else that’s been functioning for decades. For example, the financial and banking markets are slowly giving way to fintech, yet still some countries aren’t ready for it. People are just used to the way things have always been.
Another industry that struggles to accept innovation is real estate. For instance, in Germany, it’s hard to find a well-functioning real estate platform that will satisfy the needs of both property owners and buyers. There are some popular websites, but they don’t work properly. Listings only work if they’re posted by brokers. The service is free of charge for owners, but quite costly for buyers. Consequently, buyers lose money. So do owners, who could have sold their property at a higher price instead of paying a commission to somebody else.
Also, the existing platforms don’t provide property valuations. Owners don’t know how much their property actually costs, and have to accept the broker’s price. In turn, brokers tend to suggest more customer-friendly prices so the properties will sell faster. This problem was elegantly solved by Scoperty – a service that connects owners, buyers and realtors, and provides up-to-date valuations.
Another problem that both sides of a traditional property transaction encounter is the duration of the closing process. Shuffling paperwork back and forth can take weeks or even months. Private Exchange Australia (PEXA), for instance, has solved this problem in an innovative way. They use the cloud to fast-track this process and complete financial settlements digitally. Their solution even allows for electronic signatures.
To offer buyers a better view of the property, some companies now use 3D and VR. One of the leaders in this is Matterport, which offers “immersive” real estate tours using photographs, videos, and 3D experiences.
What you may learn from this is that to make a difference, you need to find a pressing real estate problem, and solve it.

How to Communicate With Your Customers

Our life is connected to the web at every turn. And it’s understandable, because digital processes make our lives easier. However, if you want to create a product that people will love, you need to know who your customers are and pay close attention to the customer journey. Users of real estate platforms usually can be lumped into in three groups, and you need to develop functions necessary for each of them.
Owners and realtors should be able to create listings, fill out property information, upload images, manage offers, and schedule meetings and open houses. At the same time, buyers should be able to filter and choose properties, get information on location and neighborhoods, add favorites, get alerts for their searches, and contact the owners.
The product team decides what the customer journeys for these roles should look like. Will the interface be different right after the user logs in? Or will the interfaces for both user types be similar, but with different functionality for each user type? For example, the “property owner” profile should provide functionality for uploading photos of the property and its description, while the “buyer” profile may provide advanced search and additional filtering options for more relevant search results. It all depends on the user’s role.
As a service provider, you have to find ways to efficiently communicate with your customers and let them communicate with each other. Be sure to provide access to all the platform’s functionality across all channels, web and mobile, and customer support either online or over the phone, or both. Create a direct and secure communication channel inside the platform that allows buyers to contact owners or realtors.

You’ll Need More Than Just Valuations

Why is valuation important? Because when it comes to real estate, large amounts of money are involved, and buyers want to be sure the property is worth it. In other words, it’s all about trust and transparency. Providing valuations for property shows your customers that you care about them and strive for being in step with real market prices. To get this done, you may integrate your product with third-party services that’ll provide necessary information about property value on the market.
This way, buyers and owners get more precise estimates than those that might be given by realtors, as the way they get paid often depends on how fast they sell a house.
To make the choice easier for buyers, PriceHubble, for example, uses criteria like street noise and shopping opportunities to value property. Scoperty, in its turn, provides a visual that shows whether the property in question is in an expensive part of town or not.
Showing additional information like this is your chance to get closer to your target audience, which will appreciate it. This is what a customer-oriented approach looks like, and it’s vital to any successful startup, real estate web and mobile app development in particular, and business in general.
For instance, another client of ours, Moneypark, which is the largest European mortgage advisory platform, also uses similar partner data for valuations.
The one thing you have to remember is that the market prices change regularly. If you’ve chosen to integrate with the third-party service that provides you evaluations, you should find out how often they update prices. On the other hand, if you’ve decided to go along with a self-developed algorithm, you should keep track of new data (find a reliable source for it) and keep the algorithm model relevant to real market prices.
This means that if a crisis like the one in 2008 is repeated, you’ll be able to re-evaluate all the properties and update prices. This is just not possible without the latest information.

Сontent Is King

It might be a challenge at the start, but you need as much content on your platform as possible. To bring buyers to the platform, you need owners and their listings – and owners won’t come if there are no buyers.
One of the challenges with content on a real estate platform is that users don’t always provide recent information.
For instance, owners and realtors don’t often update their property status or information. They can denote a status for their listing – Open for offers, or For Sale (with a defined price) – but may forget to fill out all the information fields or upload enough images showing the property. For that reason, be sure to remind users to fill the listings properly or show a progress bar which will encourage users to put more information as it increases their chances to be sold.
Another great example of the importance of content is Moneypark. It’s a mortgage platform where users can choose property from offers presented and either a) choose a property on their own and ask for a mortgage, or b) provide criteria for what they want, and let the platform find matches.
In both cases, it’s important to provide as much information as possible so the system can find the right property. In the first case, the more information about a property that a seller provides, the better the chances that it will catch the eye of a customer. In the second case, potential buyers should provide as much information as possible about their criteria and about themselves. This will make the property search easier, and the customer will get an answer concerning the mortgage faster.

Think About Security

Along with banking and financial applications, proptech platforms need solid security for privacy and customer data protection. For instance, when developing similar services, you might be interested to host it in the cloud, like AWS, because they provide everything what you need – starting from encrypted easy-to-scale RDS instances in Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to user authentication services like Cognito which handles sign-up, sign-in, email and phone verification almost out of the box. But even perfect tooling might be badly configured, especially a tremendous AWS cloud stack. That’s why you have to ensure that the responsible person who sets up your infrastructure really knows how to deal with it. As there’s no need to remind you that in terms of data security the stakes are very high.
Ever since the EU introduced the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the game rules have changed. It has affected not just EU-based businesses, but businesses around the world. The GDPR applies to anyone who offers a service or a product to an EU-resident and plans to collect and use or share their personal information.
On one hand, the GDPR is a guarantee that platforms won’t be able to share or store user information without the user’s consent. Everything that can identify a person (e.g., name, email, phone number, etc.) is protected under GDPR. Users can edit or erase their information, whereas previously businesses were allowed to simply stop communicating with customers while keeping their data.
On the other hand, all this causes companies to make some extra moves concerning data processing and storage. For a real estate company, a data audit may be necessary to determine the legal or business rationale for collecting and storing data from buyers, owners, and realtors.

You Need A Map

Obviously, for a real estate platform, a map is a crucial element. This is the first thing any user sees – whether they’re an owner, a buyer, or a realtor. I can’t stress enough how important it is to carefully choose a map based on the price and on available tools and features, especially when you have a large number of users.
For instance, for product development you may use Google Maps as it has a great satellite view. But there are few drawbacks you should know before starting to work with them.
First, their API isn’t compatible with libraries that can work with any map. Which is why, if you don’t like the pricing or the map itself, you can’t just go and replace it with little effort and no changes to the application itself. Which isn’t really convenient.
Another drawback can be that, due to Google Maps’ use policy, it’s not permitted to use any other geographical services (like finding coordinates using an address). And using Google Maps features is costlier than it is with others. Thus, you may go for Google Maps if the satellite view is of a high priority for your product, but if it’s not, there are also numerous alternatives you can choose from.

Scalable Technology

At some point, any startup should be ready to scale. This means it needs to prepare for both changes in technology and in business. Here are some general recommendations from my experience, which might be helpful for the development of any product not necessarily related to real estate.

Learn to Use Third-Party Services

Don’t be afraid to get help from external services that can solve your problems. You can integrate with a CRM tool for your back-office, or use authentication and authorization services, business analytics, a chat, or anything else you can think of.
Having third-party services handle recurrent everyday tasks for you will win you some time, help you focus on the unique and authentic features of your product, and allow you to work on what really brings value to the market. This will also help you understand your product and your needs better, and, consequently, develop your own solution, or migrate to another service provider.
At the implementation level, make sure that there’s a certain interface that allows for easy changes to the client code that communicates with the external service. Note that some services have a vendor lock, which means you won’t be able to switch the services that are integrated with your app.
The authentication and authorization service AWS Cognito, for instance, is one of those services. It doesn’t support exporting user functionality via UI. You can still export it via aws-cli, but not the user password hashes. This means that if you decide to migrate from Cognito, you’ll have to move all existing user data to a new service or database and ask them to set up new passwords. Otherwise, clients won’t be able to log in anymore.

Calculate Expenses on Tech Stack Beforehand

Before committing to an outside service, review your financial capabilities. You don’t want your tech-stack bill to destroy your future business plans. Dip your toes into the market. There are services (for instance, authentication and authorization) that are convenient to use, when you don’t have many customers. They provide email/phone verification and reset password functionality out of the box – you can simply pick any of them and use their cheapest plan. But when your audience starts growing, this might put you in a tight spot.
I’ve already mentioned issues that may arise with Google Maps. To get into more detail, they significantly increased service prices since July 16, 2018. With about one thousand user sessions per day, the bill would reach approximately $1500 per month (the exact amount depends on which API you use the most – Places API, Geocoding API, or Map API). If you’re aiming at a minimum of 10,000 users per day, you have to be ready to pay about $15,000 per month.
You can save costs by caching requests or combining different geo/map providers, but be sure to check their terms of use and legal limitations before you do. It’s worth mentioning one more time: Google Maps doesn’t allow that.

Think About Bottlenecks

Imagine waking up one morning to discover that a prominent media outlet has written about your product. This might spark public interest in your app, and this is the chance you can’t miss. A good publication or a mention can cause a big spike in app usage, and it would be a pity if your product fails to handle all the requests.
To prepare yourself for a big workload, you’ll need to take a short break from feature delivery and have your tech gurus focus on product reliability. For a load test, you can use a wonderful tool called Locust. Depending on the results you get, there are several ways to go:
Caching for maps. If you’re returning data that dependent on the user’s viewport boundaries, consider passing “slippy map tilenames”. These are defined rectangles for each zoom level, versus unique coordinates of a user’s screen position. In the first case, the URL to obtain data would be the same for multiple users who observe the same region on the map. This allows you to leverage HTTP caching. However, these users may have additional filtering parameters which may be unique. But it would also make sense to generalize them. For instance, if a user filters properties by price or size, you can replace text input with a slider. Thus, instead of typing in their own prices or floor space, users will select ranges with predefined ‘steps’, which are easier to cache.

Consider Decoupling

When designing every new feature, developers should consider one thing: functionality has to be decoupled. Put another way, there should be boundaries between components. Why is this important? Later on, when you scale, you most probably will want to split a monolithic system. With boundaries, this will be easier to do.
On top of this, the codebase will be easier to maintain. Often, people stop working on legacy systems because they cannot be incrementally refactored. They decide to build a new app from scratch, which is actually bad for business, because a lot of money is spent only to get the same features they already have. Also, it means no new features can be developed before a new app is ready.
Last but not least, make sure the team understands the importance of the Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop. I’ve seen talented engineers who were passionate about coding and perfect architecture, but a lack of such understanding might hurt your project’s success. To get into the right mindset, I highly recommend reading The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. I’m sure the book will help to look at the product from another point of view and find the proper balance between speed and quality. Startups are not about coding and technologies. It’s about putting business goals first.


“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works,” said Steve Jobs. Of course, in this day and age, visual content has to be more compelling than ever. If users don’t like what they see in the first seconds, they will just ignore whatever good content they’re offered. But the design, the way an app or a platform functions, makes all the difference. If users can’t figure out how to use your product, you won’t be able to solve their problems.
In real estate, bigger things are at stake. Buying property can be the decision of a lifetime for many people, which is why you have to make sure that your platform has a clear and intuitive interface and understandable texts. Even users with little technical or financial knowledge should be able to find their way around it.
Some startups place a lot of value on building a mobile app, but it’s only up to you. However, a mobile-first layout of the platform is a must. Those who look for good deals or properties in very particular locations will definitely want to use your app on the go, chasing their dream house or office as they travel or run errands.
In my opinion, development of a mobile app for real estate isn’t a priority, as it means you’ll have twice as much developing to do and spend twice as much money on marketing. So, an app probably makes sense only when your platform already has a large audience.

Stand Out In the Crowd

Wrapping up the guide, let’s come back to one of the most important topics in business in general. As I’ve said before, you have to stand out. The competition is high, as are the requirements and expectations both from the industry and from the customers. Which means, you have to deliver. To do so, you have to understand:
What I’m talking about isn’t even the USP – the unique selling proposition. It may be there, but it’s more about how the USP is realized in the product, and how it’s being presented to the customers. For instance, if you’re offering commercial property for young creatives or society startups, a web version of, say, Internet Explorer isn’t your priority. What you can do, though, is use a less conservative design, follow modern trends and experiment, which a younger audience will definitely appreciate.
To conclude, let’s look back at what we’ve learned. Real estate is a highly traditional industry, but this shouldn’t discourage you. If you correctly define the problems of the market and what potential customers really need, you can offer a product that people are going to use.
Here, the next step would be to learn more about your customers and the best communication channel to reach them. When you do that, fill your product with valuable and useful content, offer security that users can trust, and make sure your product has a clear and intuitive design. This way, you’ll create a product that people will not only use, but love doing so.
Last, but not least, make sure you choose a technology that’s easily scalable and maintained, so that you can keep doing the good work as the number of users grows.
How to Develop a Real Estate App That Stands Out was originally published on Django Stars Blog. Written by Gleb Pushkov - Senior Software Developer at Django Stars
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2020.06.06 10:04 arpaofficial ARPA Monthly Report May Progress Review

ARPA Monthly Report May Progress Review
Dear ARPA community,
To make sure that fellows of ARPA community are well informed of the latest developments of the team, we will update the project dynamics and progress in ARPA community in our monthly report. Thank you all for your support!
This is May in the rearview. Enjoy!

01 ARPA Development Dynamics & Technology Progress

Pooled Mining on Mainnet
  1. Formally launched pooled mining on mainnet
  2. Fixed known bugs in the frontend of mainnet
  3. Completed unit test, integrated test, and user acceptance test in the backend of MPC pooled mining
  4. Optimized the reward distribution logic of MPC pooled mining and fixed minor backend bugs
  1. Smart contract development ramp-up
  2. Conducted internaltraining on smart contract development
  3. Compiled the architecture document for the secure MPC platform
  4. Compiled the API document for the secure MPC platform
  1. Refined the DeFi architectural design down to different components
  2. Determined the backend technical stack, including the serverless framework and language selection
  3. Planned the protocol-layer design and development process
  4. Finalized the iteration plan for the frontend- backend development and test
  5. Explored the development toolings
  6. Completed DeFi formula definition and logic document compilation
  7. Performed initial design of DeFi governance mode
  8. Optimized DeFi Dapp UX/UI design
  9. Selected the interaction method between smart contract and Web3
  10. Debugged smart contract and selected the test solution
Privacy Computing
  1. Compared applications and overhead of privacy computing technologies
  2. Compared security of trusted execution environment solutions
  3. Surveyed the trusted establishment protocol on non-interactive zero-knowledge proof
Selection and Architecture Planning of DeFi Backend Technical Stacks

02 Community, Marketing & Listings

ARPA Mainnet Mining Pool Launched
ARPA’s pre-alpha mainnet mining pool is now live and accepting staking. Users can choose a mining pool, stake their ARPA tokens and start earning computation rewards.
ARPA mainnet mining pool is designed to lower the threshold for users to participate in the ARPA mainnet secure multi-party computation. By staking no less than 50,000 ARPA to the designated mining pool, users can participate in multi-party computation(MPC). With successful completion of each task, users will receive mainnet mining reward.
Mining pool Live time: May 8, 2020
Annualized Mining Reward: 15% ~25%
Minimum Staking Amount: 50,000 ARPA
Staking Cap per pool: 3,000,000 ARPA
Current total cap: 15,000,000 ARPA
Mining pool:
ARPA Celebrated Second Anniversary
ARPA team turned 2 years old this past month. ARPA community had a week-long celebration for its second-anniversary.
Birthday Wishes from Around the World
Click the URL to read the letter from ARPA’s co-founder & CEO:
On ARPA’s 2nd Anniversary — A Letter from CEO
Dear friends and partners,
ARPA Listed on Bithumb, the Largest Exchange in Korea
Korea’s largest exchange, Bithumb, listed ARPA on its main trading platform and its global site, Bithumb Global.
The listing on Bithumb Korea marks yet another milestone that ARPA has achieved in not only Korean market, but also in regulated exchanges listings.
Till this date, ARPA has been listed on Korea’s regulated exchanges Coinone and Hanbitco, as well as Vietnam’s Bvnex.
Official announcement of Bithumb:
Bithumb 카페
글로벌 대표 가상자산 거래소 빗썸입니다. 빗썸이 알파체인(ARPA)을 신규 상장할 예정입니다. 알파체인은 다자간 연산 기술을 통해 개인 정보를 보호하고 데이터를 효율적으로 관리, 공유하기 위해 구축된 블록체인…
ARPA was Invited to Block 101 by Binance
On May 6, Felix Xu, Co-founder & CEO of ARPA, was invited to Block 101 by Binance. He had a dialog with Sisi from Binance and shared his opinion on crypto and privacy-preserving computation. Around 50,000 audience watched the program online throughout the livestream.
ARPA was interviewed by MTN of Korea
Felix Xu, Co-founder & CEO of ARPA, was interviewed by Money Today Network (MTN), one of the three major financial television stations of Korea. The interview was played in the MTN X-File program on April 10.
MTN is a renowned financial television station in Korea, covering more than 30 million users in Korea and owning 300 thousand subscribers on YouTube.
Felix introduced the data privacy problems in financial and medical fields, the privacy protection policies launched by different countries, and ARPA’s MPC application in the preceding fields. The interview also involved how to use MPC to track patients’ traces and help control spread of COVID-19 while protecting patients’ privacy. As a leading privacy computing enterprise in the industry, ARPA makes all efforts to push landing of secure MPC applications and works with several large-sized enterprises in conceptual verification.
Click to view the ARPA interview video, starting at 4 minutes and 30 seconds:
ARPA and MXC Celebrated Anniversary Together and Offered ETF Awards to New Users
On May 14, ARPA and MXC celebrated their anniversary together and offered ETF awards up to 200 USDT, with a total amount of 40,000 USD. All the first 200 seats can get the award.
ARPA x JD Digital AMA
On May 22, Co-founder and CEO Felix Xu of ARPA was invited to livestream withJD Digital, a subsidiary of, which is one of the largest e-commerce platform in China. He introduced the current phase of the data industry, privacy-preservingcomputation technology, and ARPA’ and JD Digital’s joint effort in the financial data field.
ARPA Invited to Borderless Online Summit
On May 27, Co-founder and CEO Felix Xu of ARPA was invited to Borderless Online Summit and shared his view on the topic of “Has the Moment Come for Privacy-preserving Computation?”.
Felix shared his opinions on the current situation of the data industry, privacy computing technology, and the implementation scenarios of ARPA’s MPC. He also pointed out that, risk control and blacklist sharing of financial institutions have an urgent need for privacy-preserving computation and will therefore have an organic adoption for MPC.
ARPA Foundation Burnt 10mil ARPA Tokens
On May 27, ARPA foundation conducted a new round of monthly token burn. 10,000,000 ARPA tokens were burnt from its reserve. This is worth about $110,000 at the time of burn. The amount burnt has been sent to the black hole address shown below.
Black hole address:
Browser address:
ARPA Listed on HBTC
On May 28, ARPA was Listed on HBTC and launched three promotions. A limited amount of ARPA tokens were offered at 25% to 50% discount, and 2.2 million ARPA tokens were sold out within 36 seconds.
For more information about the promotions, click the link below:
Hold HBC & Subscribe to ARPA and Enjoy 25%-50% Discount
Dear users, To celebrate the launch of the ARPA project, HBTC will launch event called Hold HBC & Subscribe to ARPA and…
ARPA & HBTC Conducted Online Live Streaming
On May 28, Felix Xu, Co-founder and CEO of ARPA and Global Business Vice-president of HBTC Elsa conducted two online AMA live-streaming programs.

About ARPA

ARPA is a blockchain-based solution for privacy-preserving computation, enabled by Multi-Party Computation (“MPC”). Founded in April 2018, the goal of ARPA is to separate data utility from ownership, and enable data renting. ARPA’s MPC protocol creates ways for multiple entities to collaboratively analyze data and extract data synergies, while keeping each party’s data input private and secure. ARPA allows secret sharing of private data, and the correctness of computation is verifiable using information-theoretic Message Authentication Code (MAC).
Developers can build privacy-preserving dApps on blockchains compatible with ARPA. Some immediate use cases include: credit anti-fraud, secure data wallet, precision marketing, joint AI model training, key management systems, etc. For example, banks using the ARPA network can share their credit blacklist with each other for risk management purposes without exposing their customer data or privacy.
Team members have worked at leading institutions such as Google, Amazon, Huawei, Fosun, Tsinghua University, Fidelity Investments. ARPA is currently assisting the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology in setting the national standard for secure multi-party computation. ARPA is a corporate member of MPC Alliance and IEEE and is in partnership with fortune 500 companies to implement proof-of-concepts and MPC products. In 2019, ARPA was named as the Top 10 most innovative blockchain companies in China by China Enterprise News and China Software Industry Association.
For more information about ARPA, or to join our team, please contact us at [email protected].
Learn about ARPA’s recent official news:
Telegram (English):
Telegram (Việt Nam):
Telegram (Russian):
Telegram (Indonesian):
Telegram (Thai):
Telegram (Philippines):
Telegram (Turkish):
Telegram(Sri Lanka):
Korean Chats: (Kakao) & (Telegram, new)
Twitter: u/arpaofficial
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2020.06.03 09:09 arsis_qp My Pixel Buds were finally delivered. Been wearing them all day. First impressions.

I placed the order from the Google Store on May 11th for delivery on "June 2nd - 3rd." I received no updates throughout the month of May and began to grow skeptical of the stated delivery date. But, much to my surprise and delight, the were shipped on the 1st and delivered on the 2nd.
This is my first pair of true wireless earbuds, though I did own the OG Pixel Buds. Despite their flaws, I still enjoyed them and used then somewhat regularly from the P2 era until recently. The tl;dr here is the the new Buds are a monstrous upgrade from gen 1, but I'm still hesitant to say whether or not they're worth the price tag.
Regarding the new Buds, let me start with the bad. There are two immediately noticeable shortcomings:
1) In MKBHD's mostly glowing review, he briefly mentions a static/white noise sound you could subtlety hear for a few moments at the end of audio playback. To me, this effect is far from subtle, and it is certainly not isolated to the end of playback. At lower volumes, you can hear this faint static constantly throughout any audio playback. It's especially distracting while listening to podcasts, or during quieter, dialogue-heavy segments of a TV show. For music playback, anything around or above 50% volume completely drowns it out.
Two hours after receiving the Buds, I opened a support chat with Google. I explained my observation regarding the static and asked if it was normal. I saved the exact response and will update this later when I'm back on my PC, but the answer was yes, that this is an unavoidable phenomenon which occurs in all wireless earbuds. Again, I have no frame of reference, so I don't know how truthful that statement is. EDIT: Here is the exact reply: "As per checking, it is normal and working as intended because all Bluetooth earbuds create some amount of noise at certain frequencies when components turn on. In our lab testing we've made sure that any noise on Pixel Buds falls within a normal range for Bluetooth earbuds. A small percentage of users may be able to hear these frequencies, though most cannot. We’re continuing to work on software improvements to further reduce these noises for listeners that can perceive this."
I found this response incredibly disappointing because I was hopeful that this issue could be resolved with an RMA or a firmware update. In the moment, I said I was going to return the Buds, but I decided to give myself some time to see if it was something I'd get used to and forget about (like my P3XL's giant tumor of a notch). Today, after many hours of usage, I can definitely still hear the static if I focus on it, but I'm not finding it as product-ruining as I did in the beginning. With that being said, I still haven't made up my mind on how big a deal this really is.
2) The complete and utter lack of bass. I knew this coming in since many reviews claimed the bass was weak, but even with low expectations, it was still kind of shocking. Not the biggest deal for my tastes, but certainly noticeable. I'd steer clear if I were Megan Trainor or whatever her name is.
Now on to the good:
Despite the weak bass, I find the sound to otherwise be phenomenal. You can hear EVERYTHING. I'm listening to songs I've heard a thousand times before and hearing new details I'd never noticed. In that regard, these sound even better than my Surface Headphones, which I found to be quite surprising. These are absolutely wonderful for active listening. I would've killed for something with this much clarity back when I used to transcribe my favorite guitar tracks.
The build quality is incredibly top notch with both the case and the Buds themselves. Google really knocked it out of the park here, especially compared to the first gen. The look and feel just screams "premium." I no longer feel envy towards the Airpods; The Pixel Buds are undeniably their de facto Android counterpart.
When it comes to fit, I wouldn't go as far to say they're comfortable -- I don't think I'd say that about anything being wedged into my ear canal -- but I definitely wouldn't say they're uncomfortable, either. I haven't experienced any sort of discomfort from the tips nor the "fin." If not for the inner ear seal, I'd probably forget I was wearing them.
I could write a blurb about the wonders of the Assistant integration, but I'd be wasting my time. This is the Pixel subreddit. You guys already know it kicks ass. Note: I have Adaptive Sound turned on, but I haven't noticed it do anything yet. Not sure if I've been anywhere that would warrant its use, or if it's been working subtlety behind the scenes and I simply haven't noticed. EDIT: Adaptive sound definitely works! It takes 3-5 seconds of a sustained increase in your environment's volume for it to trigger. I work in a Data Center. Walking from a quiet hallway into one of the noisy server pods automatically increased the volume. Walking back into the hallway automatically quieted it back down. Impressed with this feature!
All in all, while the flaws have become less and less annoying throughout the day, I still haven't decided whether or not I'm going to keep them. I'll probably use every bit of the return window to make that decision. It's a pretty hefty price tag for something that made me contact support two hours after unboxing. It's just a matter of deciding whether or not the good outweighs the bad.
EDIT: Almost immediately after posting this, the Buds disconnected themselves. I had been wearing the Buds, but sitting in silence for 20 minutes or so while I wrote this review. I assumed it was a power saving feature, but a few moments later, with no input from me, the Buds reconnected, but only the right Bud. A few moments after that, the right Bud disconnected itself, and shortly thereafter the left Bud reconnected by itself. I toggled my phone's Bluetooth off and back on, and tried to trigger the in-ear detection by taking both Buds out and putting them back in, but at that point only the left one would connect. I put the Buds back in the case and shut the lid. I immediately pulled them back out and they connected just fine. Now it seems I have something else to keep in mind.
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2020.05.31 19:59 ghost1391a Investigation into the Bots behind the TF2 Bot Crisis

If you are reading this, you must be wondering about what in the hell is going on. We are in the middle of a serious bot crisis, but I'm going be honest, we all know that. But what are the purpose of these bots, and how do they work?
I'm programmer, and sorta a white-hat, and I play a lot of TF2. I've started seeing these bots right around late 2019 and later in to early 2020, somewhere around February. It wasn't until today that i started an investigation on how these bots work. I've narrowed it down to this list. But first I'm going to hand you a list of every bot that has been recorded by the TF2 community, and so you can know how the programming of these bots work. For this, I looked into a copy of Cathook, and looked at every inch of code to see how this works (and no, I did not inject the code into TF2. That's dumb).
First Gen:
MGY(T, cathook bots #1-24, bots with edgy/disturbing names or profile pics, LMAOBOX cheaters.
The first generation of bots are the ones that aren't all that sophisticated. Most of these bots don't use the voice chat, and stick to spamming the normal text chat. They are build upon the normal Cathook base code. The thing that makes them special though, is that some users of Cathook took extra time that they had and added a way to steal names in-game. Everything else is still pretty stock. A famous bot that is a First Gen bot, is the racist MGY(T bot. This is a singular bot, this has no other bots, but is a determent to any team who sees it. It has a different spam.txt file that spams racist text into the chat. Like I said, First Gen bots aren't sophisticated enough to use the voice chat. They do however target certain servers like CTF, or CP (However, the code for MGY(T is different, it just targets any server.) Their navigation works as it keeps a navmesh of compatible maps in its memory. These bots will also leave if a vote kick is called on them.
Second Gen:
Bots that steal player names and profile pics, Rick May was a Pedo bots.
These bots are in someway, similar to First gen bots, but their navigation meshes works better, and has a even more diverse map selection, which adds into gamemodes like KOTH, Attack and Defend, and Payload. Some of these bots have been also programmed to spam the voice chat, as seen in some bots. They still are somewhat like the cathook bots, but are still intent on making your game hell. These bots are also some of the first that have a mob mentality, which is kinda seen in First Gen bots, but is more prominent in these bots. Like their predcessors, they will immediately leave during a vote kick. These bots are made harder to kick as they can steal player names and disguise as a player on the server. The easiest way to deal with this is with the status command in the console. Look for player with that name with the shortest time on the server, then kick.

Third Gen:
CAN YOU QUACK bots, and /id/raspy_on_osu bots.
These bots are the ones we deal with today, and are not built on cathook. These ones are either;
A: Using cathook, but its been modified so much that its no longer cathook.
B: A user created their own proprietary software, and is not going to share the code, but only to a certain few.
I do not know much, other than they have voice chat capabilities, better navigation, and the same features of previous generations. I would need more evidence from everyone to compile here.

So what can you do, as an average TF2 player? This is some advice from many, and if you would like to add your own, put it down in the comments.

  1. Fists of Steel and Dalokohs Bar.
This one is obvious, play heavy, equip the Fists of Steel and Dalokohs bar, and go ham. It work, as it prevents a headshot and damage from ranged weapons. You will probably have better luck with this.
  1. Vote Kick
This one only works to an extent. This will only keep them from joining the server, but it only works 0.00000000000001 of the time. This is recommended for LMAOBOX hackers, as LMAOBOX doesn't have a auto-disconnect feature.
  1. The Console is your Friend
This one may seem strange, but using the console will be your best friend, as one command stands out, and that is status. Status will give full info on people currently on the server. This will help when try to find a hacker that has disguised itself as a player. Look for players that have only joined the server with the name you are looking for, then kick.
Hope this gives some insight into the bot crisis, and if you have stratagems of your own that you want to share or info on the Third Gen bots, leave it in the comments.
EDIT: Thanks to user u/gdxraspy, I have new info to share with everyone.
The Gen 3 bots, are indeed, catbots. They are more than likely to be hosted by the same person, and are using cathook. New reports also state that blocking CAN YOU QUACK bots will ignore being blocked, as to my suspicions, are using a botnet, hosted by the creator of cathook, Nullifiedcat. These are only suspicions, we as a community need more evidence to validate the claim that Null is behind the crisis we are facing. As of right now, I ask the Team Fortress community to come and bring more evidence that we need, so that one day, Valve will notice this and take action. But for now, lets stick to what we know.
EDIT 2: I've done a bit of searching around cathook, and I'm going to share a few things.
  1. Cathook is built off of C++. Most of the code I'm seeing is all written in this language.
  2. Catbots can use a list of predetermined names, all of them inside the config_data folder, in a file named names.txt. Same goes for the chat spam, which can be customized to user's fitting, also in the same folder, in a file named spam.txt.
Now, this is something that is to be shared, and that's how the aimbot works. I've simplified it down for y'all here. So let me explain how it tracks and aims on a target.
The first line of code of interest that I saw was this:
struct AimbotCalculatedData_s
According to the comment left by Null, this is used to store aimbot data to prevent the bot to calculate where the target is again. Every time a bot aims, it does split-second calculation, calculating where the player is, how far, and how fast the player is moving. This code stores data for the bot, so it doesn't need to calculate every time it aims.
Next, this code appears:
const Vector &PredictEntity(CachedEntity *entity);
bool VischeckPredictedEntity(CachedEntity *entity);
bool BacktrackVisCheck(CachedEntity *entity);
Some of these are are Boolean values, which can be either (1) true or (0) false. What this code does, is that if there is aimbot data cached, it will use that data again, preforming the same calcualtions.
Once all this runs, you get this:
extern bool foundTarget;
Once a aimbot has locked on to the target, this variable will come in, snapping the bot or user to the target. If ESP is enabled, this code will also run:
extern int target_eid;
This will set the target's color via ESP hacks. There's nothing really special here.
Lastly, this code runs with the first one, and that is the calculations that the aimbot runs.
unsigned long predict_tick{ 0 };
Vector aim_position{ 0 };
unsigned long vcheck_tick{ 0 };
bool visible{ false };
float fov{ 0 };
int hitbox{ 0 };
This code runs in a split-second. The bot as it aims down it sights will start to predict everything, from where the target is, to distance, where the bot needs to aim, and the velocity of the target, down to even hitboxes and which hitbox to target. Once the target is dead, the bot will store this data in memory, and if needed, will pull this from memory to use again.
I hope this opens up more about cathook, and can be used to forward a way to stop these bots. I hope soon that this will end, and that we may return back to a peaceful time. But, now, as a community, we must work together.
Reports are just now getting out that the bots has gotten smarter with the anti-cheat programs. They are deliberately spamming chat messages that look like Valve Anti-Cheat messages. Once again, they are more sophisticated version of cathook that's been modified to run a script that looks though all of the server logs and target player names. These bots, known as the pazer bots, are a direct insult to the creator of the vote kick software that is used to kick the bots from servers. If you have this plugin installed, disable it until pazer can fix this issue.
A second thing to say, is that mag0t may be behind this. Now, before you go rage-bomb their subreddit, please, have some sense. This may be the act of a third party that was formerly with the group, mag0t. I do not want people to FUCKING DDOS their website over a goddamn video game. If you have been actively DDoSing this group, go turn yourself into the authorities, because, as much I don't want to stress this, but:
That's just what I have to say. I'm sorry if that sounds bad to you, but by hearing that, someone had to say something. I don't agree with mag0t and it's beliefs, but when a crime is being committed between interstate lines, that's when we as a community needs to draw the line on what can be done against cheaters in our game. Reporting on it, having discussions about it, and finding culprits behind the crisis is perfectly fine, but committing a crime because a bot mentioned a group that may or may not be associated with this and thinking that the group is behind it is flat-out childish.
I have recently got a hold of a member for mag0t, and here is some evidence that I have compiled.
A disgruntled member named OG Badger was kicked back a few months ago because of account of having being a pedophile. He was one of the older members joining back when mag0t was formed in 1998. Because of this, he held a vendetta against the group and, being that he was a experienced coder, got cathook, and made the now infamous MGY(T bots. MGY(T being a abbreviation of the group's name, mag0t. His intentions are to de-fame the group, and take TF2 with him.
We still need more evidence, but for now, I shall wait.
EDIT 4: I have a new announcement, and that is there is a new bot that needs a investigation. This one is however different, this bot is built off of LMAOBOX.
We all know who this motherf**ker is, it [VALVE]TwilightSparkle.
Who ever this person is, it not being hosted by mag0t, or some shady guy that hosted the CAN YOU QUACK bots, but someone different. We don't know just yet.
Also, slight correction for Generation 1: LMAOBOX has a feature that can allow it to spam the voice chat. I was wrong about that, sorry.
Now, onto to some new info regarding mag0t and its efforts finding OG Badger.
I have once again reached out to mag0t, and I was given something surprising. Now before I say anything, there was personal information shared, as they had gotten a hold of OG Badger's address. For legal reasons and to abide by both Reddit's Terms and Conditions, as well as tf2's rules, I will not be sharing his address. I am only a private investigator for this, and do not condone doxxing, even if the person is a suspect in the reason TF2 is facing a bot crisis.
Next, I plan to make a guide for how to combat aimbots using their own code against them (and by that, I mean showing ways to fight bots and how to properly votekick bots from servers.
So, I want to apologize about the radio silence recently, life caught up to me.
So, I heard about all of the recent updates to TF2 in the past month, and are happy to say that Valve took action and finally put a light at the end of the tunnel. So, guides like this on combating bots have (mostly) become obsolete.
So, now, Valve has made our lives in the community much easier. Casual server are 80% as they used to be, and we can now somewhat play.
So, I'll be retiring this post, but leave it up for those who need it the most.
This is Ghost1391a, signing out.
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