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2018.11.28 14:43 BigJoeyV #stayoutoftheeverglades

My name is Lester Morgan. I live in Carlin Virginia. I have two grown sons, Frank and Jim and a grandson named Paul. I am an investigative reporter for a newspaper in the Northern Virginia area I am very good at what I do because I have over 23 years’ experience working for a certain three letter agency and the United States government. I have reliable sources all over the world and I can take in information that 90% of the population does not have access to. I say all of that to say this, I am sharing the following evidence with you because I feel like I need to. I believe there is a threat to my fellow American citizens and I need to get it out there. I am sharing the personal information, because often- times people to share this type of knowledge tend to disappear. So, without further ado...

Please take a moment to look over each of the following three pieces of evidence that I have collected. To protect my sources, I will only be giving locations and bare bones information for the items that follow, but there will be enough meat on the bones to complete the story. You can make a judgment for yourself. And don’t forget the screen capture these. They may not be here in a week.

Item number 1 - Virginia Beach, Virginia.

I stumbled across this story on a website very similar to the one you were probably reading my investigation notes on right now. It was shared by a young man a man calling himself Ortiz. After reading the story I reached out to him for additional information.

What you’re about to read was found hand written on hotel stationary in an ocean front hotel in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The stationery was hidden between two mattresses and discovered by Ortiz’s mother when she was servicing the room one morning. I have been unable to determine how soon after the note was left between the mattresses that it was discovered.

Here is the transcribed text:

“My cell phone has no service, neither does my air card and my laptop cannot access the hotel Wi-Fi. I tried to use my credit cards earlier and all three got rejected. I don’t know what’s going on, but it doesn’t feel right. I know it’s not a coincidence. I was somewhere I shouldn’t have been last night and saw something I was never meant to see. Unfortunately, I think somebody also saw me.

I got into Virginia Beach late last night, about 1:30 AM. I couldn’t sleep and my meeting for today was not scheduled until later in the morning, so I decided to go down to the Rudee Inlet and catch a couple fish. When I got down to the inlet, I pulled into a parking spot, swiped my credit card to pay for an hour of parking. I took my fishing gear out of the car and started to walk toward the steel fence that separates the parking lot from the incoming ocean below. That’s when I noticed the signs.

Absolutely no access between 2:30 and 3:30 AM Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Of course, it was Wednesday morning and by now it was about 2:20. I ignored it. I took a few casts and didn’t catch anything. At 2:30 on the dot, every streetlight within a block, every light on the boardwalk, even the lights on the parking toll machines suddenly went off. The area was pitch black. Even the moon was obscured by clouds. That was barely enough light to see my hand six inches in front of my face, and I knew there was no way I’d be able to tie on a new fishing lure if I needed one, so I decided to pack up my gear and head back to the car.

I popped open the trunk, placed my rod and tackle box back into the vehicle when I heard something humming. It was faint, barely audible but it was coming from the direction of the inlet. I pulled my flashlight out and walked toward the sound. It was so dark I could see nothing at first, but I was positive I heard people talking in the distance.

I turned on the light and pointed it over the fence toward that sounds. The beam from my flashlight illuminated a boat, devoid of any markings. Just black paint. Four people were on board, all clad in black from head to toe, including facemasks. Their clothing bore no insignias, no recognizable markings. No sooner should I spotted the vessel than one of them looked in my direction and turned on a spotlight from the bow of the boat. It was the brightest beam I’ve ever seen and soon as it was flipped on, my eyes were bathed in pure white. I could see nothing but the illumination coming off that ship.

That’s when I remembered the signs, knew that I wasn’t supposed to be there, and I wasn’t supposed to be seeing whatever was going on. I turned off my now useless flashlight and began to make my way back to my car. The light coming from the boat turned off. I blinked to try to recover my vision and bearings. That’s when I heard one of the men on the boat screaming.

“Son of a bitch! It got out of the collar!

I couldn’t help it, I turned around and looked back over my shoulder to see what “it “was. I couldn’t tell much. On the far side of the inlet, climbing up the rock I saw something. It looked like a large chimpanzee, but one that had been stripped of all its skin and only bone and black oily colored muscle remained. The feet weren’t those of a primate, they look like a lizard’s feet, maybe webbed but equipped with three or four large claws. The creature looked wet, slimy. It was dark, and I was still stunned so can’t tell for sure, but I think I saw a tail. Long and black but barbed much like a stingray.

I lifted my flashlight to shine it toward whatever was out there, but as soon as I has leveled the beam, the bright spotlight from the boat was on me again. This time I dropped the flashlight and took off. I ran to the car, jumped behind the wheel I drove back to the hotel as fast as I could without drawing attention from the local police.

I don’t know what the hell I saw tonight, but I know I probably shouldn’t have been there. I’ve got a feeling my electronics not working, and my credit cards being shut off are just the beginning of my problems. I’m writing this on the hotel notepad, plan to hide it under the mattress and hope somebody finds it. Just in case.

Good luck and God bless”

Austin Offerman
Cresaptown, MD

Item number 2 – Atlantic Ocean, off the Florida Coast

This is the last piece of evidence that I received. However, I believe it falls second into the timeline I’m putting together. This is the text transcript of a conversation between two mobile phone numbers. It was submitted to me by a source that works for a government agency that will remain nameless. One of the participants in the conversation relayed below is being tracked regarding an ongoing criminal case. Apart from removing “emojis” and replacing these with the text they represent (AS INDICATED BY ALL CAPS AND PARENTHESIS) the conversation is exactly as it occurred.

412-XXX-XXXX sent:
When you comin back to work
610-XXX-XXXX sent:
Monday morning. Still in FLA
412-XXX-XXXX sent:
Good. Bored as (DEVIL EMOJI) here NO1 to hang with
Down for happy hour (BEER EMOJI) after shift bro
610-XXX-XXXX sent
Prob not – wife is still pissed. Maybe Friday after she cools off
412-XXX-XXXX sent
You just off a (CRUISE SHIP EMOJI) dude…. what she got to be (FROWNING EMOJI) about
610-XXX-XXXX sent
I got in some trouble on the ship.
412-XXX-XXXX sent
You get wasted and say sum thin to her old man
610-XXX-XXXX sent
Nope. Got wasted and punched him in the face.
412-XXX-XXXX sent
Bull (POOP EMOJI) ….WTF happened
610-XXX-XXXX sent
He got nasty with Aimee again. Told her she was wasting her life working at the bank, told her he was glad we couldn’t have kids because she’d be a terrible mom. She burst in to tears So I fukin decked him right there in the hallway
412-XXX-XXXX sent
610-XXX-XXXX sent
Yea-security had to pull me off
412-XXX-XXXX sent
Good…he was an azz at yalls wedding never liked him So what happened to you
610-XXX-XXXX sent
Got arrested and thrown on the jail on board. Took me past the boiler in cuffs and tossed be right in. Spent all night Wednesday before they let me out Thurs morning.
412-XXX-XXXX sent
I didn’t know (CRUISE SHIP EMOJI) had jails on them…. how many cells
610-XXX-XXXX sent
412-XXX-XXXX sent
U have the place to yourself
Kinda. 3 cells. Bars on the front, but solid walls on the side. I could see in front of me, but not beside me. Lotta groaning a grunting outta the cell on my left.
412-XXX-XXXX sent
Like someone sneaking down for a quickie
610-XXX-XXXX sent
No dude – like animal noises. Real weird.
412-XXX-XXXX sent
That’s f-ed up
610-XXX-XXXX sent
Got weirder. I tried to sleep on the shitty little jail cot but couldn’t, so I just laid there with my eyes half open all night. Ship’s crew, all in officer type uniforms - not the service folks – kept coming to the jail cells and looking at the one on my left. Don’t know how was in it but must have been interesting.
412-XXX-XXXX sent
Someone famous – celeb maybe
610-XXX-XXXX sent
Didn’t hear of anyone famous on the ship. Had to be a helluva site though. I bet twelve people came by. Couldn’t see no faces but I heard a couple of em gasp when they looked in there. 2 or 3 said something about “diablo negro”- means black devil in Spanish don’t it
412-XXX-XXXX sent
HTF I know – my hick ass look Mexican to you
610-XXX-XXXX sent
412-XXX-XXXX sent
LOL so ya ever find out who it was
610-XXX-XXXX sent
Nope. Sometime before sunrise (I think) the power cut off. Whole place went black. Couple people we were at the beach with yesterday said the whole ship went dark actually. Anyway, I couldn’t see shit. Pitch black, but I could hear. Footsteps. 3 or 4 people. And whispers. All me. Sounded like one of them was giving orders.
Ship’s crew??????????
Don’t think so. Walked past my cell to the one on my left. Heard those growls again. Couple sounds like PLINK PLINK and then nothing for a couple minutes. More whispers & the cell door opened. Then ALL HELL broke loose. Growling N Screaming. More PLINKs and a thud.
A man starts screaming about getting someone to a medic…. sounds like something being dragged in front of my cell…groans…more footsteps.
WTF U didn’t see nuthin
Nope. Never saw any of them. Heard some more footsteps, something clicking and heard the cell door slam. More footsteps and then nothing.

IKR…didn’t sleep for shit
U gotta tell me more over some (BEER EMOJI)
Will do…didn’t even tell you about the stain outside my cell when the lights came back on
Save it for the bar!
Gonna have to. Aimee is waking up. Gotta get packed and get moving!

Item number 3 – Everglades National Park, Florida

This is my final piece of evidence. A source at the National Park Service was typing the following field report to be entered into NPS records. The information contained within raised a red flag with my contact and they snapped a quick photo of the hand-written report and forwarded it to me. I have connections within many government agencies thanks to many years working for a three-letter agency myself. Most of these folks know that certain cases require deeper investigation that the government is lax to complete due to a myriad of circumstances. That’s why items like the report below are often forwarded to me. I am willing to do the digging that others will not.

This is a direct, albeit typed, copy of the report that was sent to me. I have only edited out the name of the reporting field officer.

DATE: JULY 14, 2018
TIME: 03:38 AM
DESCRIPTION OF INCIDENT: Black Ford Expedition (No Tags) discovered, idling in parking area of rest stop, near restroom facilities. No driver in vehicle. Radio and A/C still running. Rear driver side smashed. Vehicle did not have rear seats. Second and third row seats removed and a containment unit (resembling a hunting dog crate) was bolted to the vehicle. Containment unit door was open, broken chain lying on the carpet next to it.
I investigated the crate but found no signs of dog or other mammal. No fur, blood, etc. There were two broken, heavy duty metal zip ties located in the enclosure.
No sign of blood or fur on the broken window or shattered glass below.
In investigating the front seat of the vehicle, blood was discovered splattered on the windshield and pooled in the driver’s seat. Trace amounts of blood discovered on gas pedal.
Upon discovering blood, I searched around the vehicle until discovering a blood trail leading away from the SUV and toward the swamp, eastward in the direction of the free boat launch. I followed this trail. Approximately three hundred yards from the vehicle, on the down slope of a bank, I discovered the body of a deceased male.
Male had been cut open at the abdomen. Internal organs appear to have been removed. Throat also appeared to have been opened. Pure speculation, weapon would appear to be jagged. This will be determined in depth by a medical examiner.
Upon discovering deceased male, I radioed for back up.
As I waited for additional units to arrive, I returned to my patrol vehicle, removed my shotgun and stood watch over scene. Additional units arrived in approximately fifteen minutes.
NOTE 1 – While waiting for back up, I heard a load growl from the swamp. Did not recognize this as the common vocal noises of our local wildlife (bear, panther, egret, heron). Sound was much deeper,
NOTE2 – Responding officers found two shell casings near boat launch. .38 caliber.
NOTE3 -- Responding officers found severed male arm in search of surround swamp. Hand was still holding a .38 revolver.
NOTE4 – Large dead alligator was discovered approximately two hundred yards into the swamp. Nine-foot female. Back had been broken, and reptile was discovered “bent in half”.
NOTE5 – Lower body of Burmese Python discovered in west end of parking lot. Snake estimated to have been sixteen feet in length. Reptile was torn in half, upper body missing.

Notes 2 through 5 will be detailed in commanding officer’s incident report.

As you can imagine, I asked my source to try and acquire the commanding officer’s incident report, but this was either missing or unattainable.


Here are my final thoughts on the evidence that I presented you in this piece.

I’ve done some digging, I cannot find any record of an Austin Offerman having ever lived in Cresaptown, Maryland, or having ever been in Virginia Beach. It seems that whomever scribed the note found in that Virginia Beach hotel either never existed or has been made to look like he did not.

As I mentioned earlier, one of the participants in the text conversation is being tracked for criminal activity. The other, was on a cruise from Baltimore to Miami. It was a one-way voyage, with one of the stops being in Norfolk, VA. The cruise also stopped in Charlestown, Jacksonville and Miami. Miami was the final port. I believe that what ever creature was encountered by the texter, was picked up somewhere between Norfolk and Charleston. That is merely an assumption based on facts and timeline I’ve put together, but I cannot prove in any manner. It is worth noting that both the author of these text messages and his wife were in a car accident traveling home to Philadelphia from their cruise. Both are fine, but it has been reported to me that he is now suffering from some memory loss issues.

I have not been able to pull any additional information in regard to the national park evidence presented previously. According to my source, those reports are now under “lock and key, and can no longer be accessed. I have been informed that the first park officer on scene has requested and been granted they transfer to somewhere in the Midwest.

There you have it. All I can do is present this evidence to you, tell you that I believe the government has created or discovered some sort of creature they are going to great links to keep secret. It seems to me; however, they have lost control of whatever this is. Be it of nature, or man-made I believe the evidence supports that something is out there and loose in Florida.

So, watch your back folks, and for God’s sakes, stay out of the Everglades!

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