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"The girl with the funny talent."

2013.01.24 11:18 "The girl with the funny talent."

The girl with the dancing eyebrow talent.

2020.07.27 08:50 SoughtSpock56 UKYouTubeGirls

An appreciation sub of Ellen Rose, Jane Douglas, Aoife Wilson, Ash Millman, Kirsten Ria, and other UK-based YouTube girls.

2014.05.10 06:02 Rose Ellen Dix

A subreddit for all things Rose Ellen Dix & Rosie Spaughton!

2020.11.26 19:43 worldofmorven Morven [SMP] {1.16.3} {Whitelist} {Vanilla} {Nations/Districts}

Server Info

Inspired by Hermitcraft, Morven is a private vanilla SMP server with a nation/district system. Our goal is to establish an active, long-term community, focused on creating artistic and creative builds. Every part of our server is community based and controlled, from elected admins, player organized events, suggestions and voting on server changes, and even choosing who we accept into the server. The world was generated in 1.15.2, 8 months ago, and Nether was reset on June 26 with the 1.16 update.
Click Here - Dynmap for the world.
Click Here - Montage of some of our builds so far.

Unique Features

- Events - Some events we have had recently; a pvp tournament, court sessions, a wedding, elections and debate, and an elaborate treasure hunt of clues and puzzles.
- Community Control - Our community is focused around the players, open to new ideas and the creative freedom to try new things. Almost everything about the server is handled democratically. Players get to vote on admins, server changes, and even who gets accepted into the server.
- Separation of Powers - Every part of the server management has been divided among the owners and elected admins. All actions are discussed and watched over, as a checks and balances system. Also as I guarantee of fair play, owners with console access to the server stream all their gameplay on Twitch, where the VODs can be seen by anyone.
- Legal System - All rules breaking (excluding crimes that give an instant ban), disputes among players, appeals, and any other grievances go to court. There will be opportunities to present a prosecution and a defense, and the Judge will decide guilt and punishment. All crimes will go on the players public and permanent record.
- Nations - All players will be placed into one of six nations based on build theme. This is not meant to restrict your builds, but to group you with like minded players. Nations have features like their own spawn area, leaders, and separate means of communication. Nations can essentially operate as their own little SMPs. Other than the build theme, players in a nation live relatively close to each other, work togethecollaborate on projects, and are together in team based events.
Click Here - Server website; includes all server information, and theme examples.

How to Join

  1. Click Here - Fill out the application with some basic information.
  2. You will receive a friend request from Legend#7977 or Ellen#2055 on Discord within 24 hours.
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2020.11.26 19:43 worldofmorven Morven [SMP] {1.16.3} {Whitelist} {Vanilla} {Nations/Districts}

Server Info

Inspired by Hermitcraft, Morven is a private vanilla SMP server with a nation/district system. Our goal is to establish an active, long-term community, focused on creating artistic and creative builds. Every part of our server is community based and controlled, from elected admins, player organized events, suggestions and voting on server changes, and even choosing who we accept into the server. The world was generated in 1.15.2, 8 months ago, and Nether was reset on June 26 with the 1.16 update.
Click Here - Dynmap for the world.
Click Here - Montage of some of our builds so far.

Unique Features

- Events - Some events we have had recently; a pvp tournament, court sessions, a wedding, elections and debate, and an elaborate treasure hunt of clues and puzzles.
- Community Control - Our community is focused around the players, open to new ideas and the creative freedom to try new things. Almost everything about the server is handled democratically. Players get to vote on admins, server changes, and even who gets accepted into the server.
- Separation of Powers - Every part of the server management has been divided among the owners and elected admins. All actions are discussed and watched over, as a checks and balances system. Also as I guarantee of fair play, owners with console access to the server stream all their gameplay on Twitch, where the VODs can be seen by anyone.
- Legal System - All rules breaking (excluding crimes that give an instant ban), disputes among players, appeals, and any other grievances go to court. There will be opportunities to present a prosecution and a defense, and the Judge will decide guilt and punishment. All crimes will go on the players public and permanent record.
- Nations - All players will be placed into one of six nations based on build theme. This is not meant to restrict your builds, but to group you with like minded players. Nations have features like their own spawn area, leaders, and separate means of communication. Nations can essentially operate as their own little SMPs. Other than the build theme, players in a nation live relatively close to each other, work togethecollaborate on projects, and are together in team based events.
Click Here - Server website; includes all server information, and theme examples.

How to Join

  1. Click Here - Fill out the application with some basic information.
  2. You will receive a friend request from Legend#7977 or Ellen#2055 on Discord within 24 hours.
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2020.11.26 05:45 tastetherainbeau GFriend - 回: Walpurgis Night (Two Weeks Later)

What are your thoughts on GFriend's latest release now that you've had time to digest it? What are the standout tracks? How has your opinion changed since release? What are your thoughts on the sales numbers and chart positions? How did the release stack up to your expectations?
This post was not made exactly two weeks later, but all figures are as of two weeks later unless otherwise specified.


Artist GFriend
Title 回: Walpurgis Night
Type 3rd Full-Length Album
Released November 9, 2020
Album Discussion Thread

Poll: Which track is your favorite?

Physical Sales

Album Sales Total
Gaon not yet posted
Hanteo 48,810
Gaon Chart 1st Week Rank 1st Week Count 2nd Week Rank 2nd Week Count
Album Chart #3 - #40 -
Retail Album Chart #3 36,706 #20 2,154

Digital Charts

Previously released songs not included

01. MAGO:

Gaon Chart 1st Week Rank 1st Week Count 2nd Week Rank 2nd Week Count
Digital #42 9,804,486 #74 7,217,489
Download #3 - #30 -
Streaming #83 - #80 -
BGM #17 - #62 -
Mobile Bell #16 - #22 -
Mobile Ring #17 - #38 -
Charts Peak Rank (Daily) Charts Peak Rank (Daily)
Melon #66 Genie #3
Bugs #2
Charts Peak Rank (Realtime) Charts Peak Rank (Realtime)
Melon #49 Genie #1
Bugs #1 Flo #31
Still charting two weeks later on Genie, Bugs, and Flo

02. Love Spell:

Gaon Chart 1st Week Rank 1st Week Count 2nd Week Rank 2nd Week Count
Download #96 - N/A -
Charts Peak Rank (Daily) Charts Peak Rank (Daily)
Bugs #34
Charts Peak Rank (Realtime)
Genie #54
Bugs #14

03. Three of Cups:

Gaon Chart 1st Week Rank 1st Week Count 2nd Week Rank 2nd Week Count
Download #92 - N/A -
Charts Peak Rank (Daily)
Bugs #31
Charts Peak Rank (Realtime)
Genie #57
Bugs #13

04. GRWM:

Gaon Chart 1st Week Rank 1st Week Count 2nd Week Rank 2nd Week Count
Download #98 - N/A -
Charts Peak Rank (Daily)
Bugs #44
Charts Peak Rank (Realtime)
Genie #59
Bugs #19

05. Secret Diary (Yerin & SinB):

Gaon Chart 1st Week Rank 1st Week Count 2nd Week Rank 2nd Week Count
Download #102 - N/A -
Charts Peak Rank (Daily)
Genie #47
Charts Peak Rank (Realtime)
Genie #60
Bugs #22

06. Better Me (Sowon & Umji):

Gaon Chart 1st Week Rank 1st Week Count 2nd Week Rank 2nd Week Count
Download #105 - N/A -
Charts Peak Rank (Daily)
Genie #49
Charts Peak Rank (Realtime)
Genie #61
Bugs #24

07. Night Drive (Eunha & Yuju):

Gaon Chart 1st Week Rank 1st Week Count 2nd Week Rank 2nd Week Count
Download #107 - N/A -
Charts Peak Rank (Daily)
Bugs #70
Charts Peak Rank (Realtime)
Genie #66
Bugs #25

11. 앞면의 뒷면의 뒷면 (Wheel of the Year):

Gaon Chart 1st Week Rank 1st Week Count 2nd Week Rank 2nd Week Count
Download #99 - N/A -
Charts Peak Rank (Daily)
Genie #59
Charts Peak Rank (Realtime)
Genie #68
Bugs #21

Album Credits & Streaming

Listen on Spotify / Apple Music / Youtube Music

Members of GFriend are italicized:
Track Produced by Written by
1. MAGO FRANTS FRANTS, "hitman" bang, Kyler Niko, Paulina Cerrilla, Eunha, Jo Yoongyeong, Yuju, Alice Vicious, Cazzi Opeia, Ellen Berg, JADED JANE, Noisy Citizen, Justin Reinstein, JJean, Umji
2. Love Spell FRANTS FRANTS, Maria Marcus, "hitman" bang, Misung (VoidheaD), ZNEE (Flying Lab)
3. Three Of Cups No Joohwan, Lee Wonjong No Joohwan, Lee Wonjong, Kim Jeongwoo, Mayu Wakisaka
4. GRWM MosPick Son Youngjin (MosPick), Yeah Nice (MosPick), Ferdy (MosPick), JayJay (MosPick)
5. Secret Diary (Yerin & SinB) No Joohwan No Joohwan, Woong Kim, Andreas Oberg, Simon Petren, Yerin, SinB
6. Better Me (Sowon & Umji) 13 SCORE (13), MEGATONE (13), LUKE (13), Umji, Sowon
7. Night Drive (Eunha & Yuju) No Joohwan No Joohwan, Yuju, Eunha
8. Apple FRANTS, Pdogg, "hitman" bang FRANTS, Pdogg, "hitman" bang, Hwang Hyun (MonoTree), Eunha, Hannah Robinson, Richard Phillips, Alex Nese, Chendy, Yuju, No Joohwan, Kim Jin (makeumine works), Goo Yeoreum (makeumine works), Lee Seuran
9. 교차로 (Crossroads) No Joohwan, Lee Wonjong
10. Labyrinth No Joohwan, "hitman" bang, Lee Wonjong No Joohwan, "hitman" bang, Lee Wonjong, Kim Jeongwoo, FRANTS, Sophia Pae, Carlos K., ADORA, Jo Yoongyeong, Kim Yeonseo
11. 앞면의 뒷면의 뒷면 (Wheel of the Year) Hwang Hyun (MonoTree) Hwang Hyun (MonoTree), Mayu Wakisaka
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2020.11.25 14:49 zergarecoming Kiakadtak a férfi szervezetek az IKEA kapcsolatierőszak-ellenes kampányán

Videójukban olyan statisztikai adat hangzik el, amelynek forrása nem kerül megjelenítésre, és szintén egyoldalúan a családon belüli erőszak női áldozataira vonatkozik, említést sem téve a férfiakról és a gyerekekről. Kampányuk jelmondata szerint azt szeretnék elérni, hogy az otthon mindenki számára biztonságos legyen. Ezzel szemben kizárólag azoknak a nőknek a megsegítését tűzik célul, akik elszenvedik az erőszak ezen formáját.
Kampányukba olyan szélsőséges feminista szervezeteket vontak be, amelyek alkalmazottaiknak utasításban megtiltják, hogy a családon belüli erőszak férfiáldozatainak segítséget nyújtsanak és olyan segélyezési rendszert működtetnek, amelyen keresztül egyebek mellett azt is támogatják, hogy a nők hatályos bírósági ítéleteket szegjenek meg az elvált apák és gyermekeik kapcsolattartásának korlátozása céljából.
Mind az egyoldalú kommunikációt, mind pedig a szélsőséges feminista szervezetek anyagi támogatását megengedhetetlennek tartjuk.
Felszólítjuk önöket, hogy a kampány részeként közöljenek valós statisztikai adatokat a családon belüli erőszak áldozatainak nemi megoszlásáról!
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2020.11.24 22:46 JerSucks ITZY - The Third Mini Album "Not Shy" (Era Recap)

Welcome to the promotional recap for ITZY's third mini album 'Not Shy'!

Not Shy (The Third Mini Album)

Release Date: 200817
Album Cover
Not Shy Unboxing Video (MWave Signed)


Song Lyrics Composition Arrangement
Not Shy J.Y. Park “The Asiansoul” Kobee, Charlotte Wilson Kobee, earattack, J.Y. Park “The Asiansoul”
Don't Give A What 이스란 이우민 ‘collapsedone’, Justin Reinstein, JJean, 엘에이촌놈들 이우민 ‘collapsedone’, 엘에이촌놈들
Louder Dr.JO Kairos Kairos
ID MosPick, Young Chance MosPick, Young Chance MosPick
Surf danke (lalala studio) Greg Bonnick, Hayden Chapman, Cazzi Opeia, Ellen Berg LDN Noise
Be In Love KENZIE KENZIE, Caesar & Loui, Cazzi Opeia KENZIE, Caesar & Loui, Cazzi Opeia
Spotify iTunes Amazon Music
Not Shy album discussion thread

Official MVs & Dance Practices

Video Title Link
Not Shy (Music Video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTowEKjDGkU
Be In Love (Music Video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aASPZ-QdXMo
Not Shy (Performance Version) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOKMx1jeCjY
Not Shy (Stage Practice) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYi7hHWG7zw
Not Shy (Dance Practice - Moving Ver.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMC6_j37TLE
Not Shy (Dance Practice) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7ZvOX8qZlc
Not Shy (Dance Practice - 낫량특집 Ver.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFQRHOUOT5M
Not Shy (Dance Practice - Part Switch Ver.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4SLAd2evKo
Not Shy (Dance Practice - Villain Ver.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OyjE2U2h14
Not Shy (Dance Practice - Random Speed Ver.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NahUDQMsK9Y
Not Shy (Dance Practice - Hanbok Ver.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjfAL6BnmH8
Not Shy (Dance Practice - ITZY's Pick Ver.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYDKbWn5Ezk
WANNABE Music Video Discussion Thread

Not Shy Charts, Sales, & Achievements

Not Shy on the charts
Chart Peak
Melon #16
Genie #1
Bugs #1
Flo #3
Not Shy album sales
Chart Sales
Hanteo 161,842 total (as of 201111)
Gaon 219,048 Total (as of November 2020)
in depth look at chart positions and peaks for each song
Not Shy Music Show Wins
Date Title
200826 ITZY take first win for Not Shy on Show Champion!
200828 ITZY take second win for Not Shy on Music Bank!
200903 ITZY take third win for Not Shy on M Countdown!
200910 ITZY take fourth win for Not Shy on M Countdown!
200917 ITZY take fifth win for Not Shy on M Countdown!

Not Shy Comeback Teasers

Date Teaser Type
200731 Not Shy (Opening Trailer)
200731 Not Shy (Comeback Poster)
200731 Not Shy (Album Packaging Preview)
200803 Not Shy (Group Teaser #2)
200805 Not Shy (Yeji Teaser #1)
200805 Not Shy (Lia Teaser #1)
200805 Not Shy (Ryujin Teaser #1)
200805 Not Shy (Chaeryeong Teaser #1)
200805 Not Shy (Yuna Teaser #1)
200805 Not Shy (Album Packaging Preview #2)
200807 Not Shy (Group Teaser #3)
200807 Not Shy (Yeji Teaser #2)
200807 Not Shy (Lia Teaser #2)
200807 Not Shy (Ryujin Teaser #2)
200807 Not Shy (Chaeryeong Teaser #2)
200807 Not Shy (Yuna Teaser #2)
200810 Not Shy (Track List)
200812 Not Shy (MV Teaser)
200814 Not Shy (All Day Relay Live)
200816 Not Shy (Album Spoiler)
200817 Not Shy (D-Day Poster)
200817 Not Shy (MV Reaction)

News & Articles

Date Title
200817 hollywoodlife: ITZY Reveals 'Thrilling' Story About Filming The 'Not Shy' Music Video, Their Favorite Track From New EP & More
200818 buzzfeed: ITZY Broke Down The Creative Process Behind Their New Album "Not Shy"
200818 elle: ITZY on Their EP 'Not Shy,' Touring the U.S., and the High School Superlatives They'd Give Each Other
200818 popcrush: ITZY reveal why they're "Not Shy" on new EP
200818 1883MAGAZINE: ITZY come back with ! Stay tuned with ITZY!
200818 teenvogue: ITZY Gets Their Cake and Eats It, Too, in "Not Shy" Music
200818 elitedaily: ITZY's "Not Shy" About Creating Their Own Path To Success
200818 billboard: ITZY Drops Third Mini-Album 'Not Shy' & Title Track's Music
200825 ITZY has sold 144,355 copies of 'Not Shy' in its first week, more than doubling the first week sales of 'IT'z ME'
200906 Not Shy MV hits 50M views!
200909 WANNABE MV hits 200M views!
200917 ITZY take fifth win for Not Shy on M Countdown
200919 PopWrapped: ITZY Talks 'Not Shy' Music Video, New Album, and More
201113 Soompi: ITZY Opens Up About The Importance Of Self-Esteem + The Kind Of Artist They Strive To Be

Video Appearances

Variety Shows

Date Episode
200707 Bu:QUEST of ITZY EP.01
200709 Bu:QUEST of ITZY EP.02
200714 Bu:QUEST of ITZY EP.03
200716 Bu:QUEST of ITZY EP.04
200721 Bu:QUEST of ITZY EP.05
200723 Bu:QUEST of ITZY EP.06
200728 Bu:QUEST of ITZY EP.07
200730 Bu:QUEST of ITZY EP.08
200817 1theK DOLympiad with ITZY
200814 Hidden Singer 6 EP.2 Mirror
200818 Idol Radio EP.686
200819 Weekly Idol EP.463
200820 ITZY x LINE FRIENDS - Creative Academy EP.02
200824 Dogs are Incredible EP.42
200825 M2 It's You Dance with ITZY
200826 ITZY plays song association game @ ELLE
200827 ITZY x LINE FRIENDS - Creative Academy EP.03
200829 StudioK BOATTA
200902 IDOL LEAGUE Season 2 (2nd Apperance) - 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4
200903 ITZY x LINE FRIENDS - Creative Academy EP.04
200915 ITZY Talks MIDZY Influence on 'Not Shy', Dream Kpop Collab & More @ J-14 Magazine
200918 ITZY Band-Fessions: See Who's the Messiest, Loudest, and More @ J-14 Magazine
200919 Question Parade @ hello82
200925 Tongue Twister @ hello82
201031 Bu:QUEST of ITZY (BEHIND 01)
201104 Bu:QUEST of ITZY (BEHIND 02)
201106 Bu:QUEST of ITZY (BEHIND 03)
201105 ITZY x LINE FRIENDS - Creative Academy Season 2 EP.01
201112 ITZY x LINE FRIENDS - Creative Academy Season 2 EP.02
201119 ITZY x LINE FRIENDS - Creative Academy Season 2 EP.03

Radio Shows

Date Episode
200818 SBS PowerFM Choi Hwajung's Power Time
200825 MBC Radio Kim Shinyoung's Noon Song of Hope

Official Videos

Date Title
200728 IT'z TOURBOOK in USA EP.11
200804 IT'z TOURBOOK in USA EP.12
200817 Not Shy Countdown Spot Live on Twitter
200817 Not Shy Countdown Spot Live on Instagram
200817 Not Shy Countdown Spot Live on V LIVE
200817 Noy Shy Countdown Spot Live on YouTube
200817 Not Shy (Live Premiere)
200817 Not Shy (Music Video)
200818 Letters to MIDZY
200818 Not Shy (MV Behind - Teaser)
200818 Not Shy (Stage Practice)
200819 ITZY react to When We Disco by JYP & Sunmi
200820 Not Shy (Cheer Guide - ASMR Ver.)
200820 Not Shy (Cheer Guide - 309db Ver.)
200822 Not Shy (Dance Practice - Moving Ver.)
200823 Not Shy (Dance Practice)
200817 Not Shy (Replay Upload)
200824 Not Shy (MV Performance Version)
200827 Not Shy MV Behind #1
200828 Not Shy (Dance Practice - 낫량특집 Ver.)
200831 Not Shy MV Behind #2
200901 Not Shy (Dance Practice - Part Switch Ver.)
200902 Not Shy (Dance Practice - Villain Ver.)
200904 Not Shy (Dance Practice - Random Speed Ver.)
200906 Not Shy (Dance Practice - Hanbok Ver.)
200908 Not Shy (MV Behind #3)
200908 ITZY x Rooftop Live
200910 Not Shy (Dance Practice - ITZY's Pick Ver.)
200914 Not Shy (MV Behind #4)
200923 Not Shy BEHIND #1 (EP.01 - Show Case)
200929 Happy Chuseok Message from ITZY
201001 Not Shy BEHIND (EP.02 - Show Case)
201005 Be In Love (Made by ITZY x MIDZY)
201008 Not Shy BEHIND (EP.03 - Hanbok Dance Practice)
201015 Not Shy BEHIND (EP.04 - Villain Dance Practice)
201022 Not Shy BEHIND (EP.05 - M Countdown & Music Bank)
201029 Not Shy BEHIND (EP.06 - Music Bank & Dance Practice)
201105 Not Shy BEHIND (EP.07 - SHOW! Music Core)
201112 Not Shy BEHIND (EP.08 - 2nd, 3rd Week of Broadcast)
201119 Not Shy BEHIND (EP.09 - The Last Week of Broadcast)

Misc Videos

Date Title
200807 Imagine Your Korea (Travel-a-wish film)
200810 ITZY x LINEFRIENDS - Creative Academy (Teaser)
200810 Weekly Idol VLIVE - Surprise V LIVE with ITZY
200812 [ITZY @ Weekly Idol EP.473 (Preview)[(https://www.reddit.com/ITZY/comments/i8enw9/200812_itzy_weekly_idol_ep473_episode_preview/)
200813 ITZY x LINE FRIENDS Creative Academy EP.01
200814 ITZY x Clalen (Making Film)
200817 SOBA 2020 (TMI Interview)
200817 1theK DOLympiad (Teaser)
200818 ITZY x Teen Vogue Q&A
200818 ITZY Play Superlatives @ Seventeen
200820 Mini Fanmeeting @ M Countdown
200820 Not Shy (M2 Relay Dance)
200821 ITZY @ Harper's BAZAAR Food Diaries: Bite Size - Everything ITZY Eats in a Day
200821 1theK DOLympiad (Behind)
200823 Dogs are Incredible (Episode Preview)
200825 Imagine Your Korea - Rhythm of Vibes CF (Group)
200825 Imagine Your Korea - Rhythm of Light CF (Yeji)
200825 Imagine Your Korea - Rhythm of Healing CF (Chaeryeong)
200825 Imagine Your Korea - Rhythm of Taste CF (Yuna)
200825 Imagine Your Korea - Rhythm of Beauty CF (Ryujin)
200825 Imagine Your Korea - Rhythm of Adventure CF (Lia)
200826 Not Shy @ Show Champion
200826 Not Shy (First Win Encore Stage)
200828 IDOL LEAGUE (Teaser)
200828 StudioK BOATTA (Teaser)
200901 Not Shy (Studio Choom BE ORIGINAL Behind)
200903 Imagine Your Korea (CF Behind)
200903 Behind The Scenes @ M Countdown
200904 Image Your Korea (ITZY and the Kingdom Friend's first day as ambassadors of Korea Tourism
200911 2020 SUPER ON:TACT DAY 1 (ITZY Message Teaser)
200911 2020 SUPER ON:TACT DAY 1 (ITZY Message Teaser 2)
200914 Top in 2nd Week of September, 'ITZY' with 'Not Shy', Encore Stage @ M Countdown
200915 Random Place Dance (Extra Clip) @ Weekly Idol
200916 ITZY x hello82 (Teaser)
200916 My House (Orig. 2PM) (M Countdown Dance Challenge)
200921 ITZY X LINE FRIENDS - #Create_withMIDZY Drawing Challenge
200923 Inteview @ MTV Idols of Asia
200924 Special Interview @ M Countdown
200924 ITZY Answers your Questions @ MTV Asia
200925 Interview @ Tokopedia WIB TV Show
200929 WE:INK Challenge with ITZY
201001 Super ON:TACT (Behind - Polaroid Photoshoot
201029 ITZY x LINE FRIENDS - Creative Academy Season 2 (Teaser)
201120 Unite ON: Live Concert Greeting from ITZY

V Lives

Date V LIVE Title Members in V LIVE
200721 (SUBBED) Oh Happy Lia Day💕 ITZY
200723 (SUBBED) Ryeongchae's Thursday 💕 Chaeryeong
200724 (SUBBED) WAWD😺 Ryujin
200724 (SUBBED) VPICK - RYUJIN’s mosquito episode🗺 Ryujin
200730 (SUBBED) July 30 V😊 Yuna
200731 It's Been A While Since Lia Has Come💙💛 Lia
200825 (SUBBED) ITZY X LINE FRIENDS Homework Live 💕 ITZY
200901 (SUBBED) ITZY X LINE FRIENDS Homework Live 💕 (1) ITZY
200901 ITZY X LINE FRIENDS Homework Live 💕 (2) ITZY
200909 (SUBBED) ITZY X LINE FRIENDS Homework Live 💕 ITZY
200913 ITZY MATBANG Live - Not Shy Promotions Ending ITZY
200914 🖤#11 Yeji & Ryujin
200915 (SUBBED) Ryeongchae-Kinda Night 🌛 (Voice Only) Chaeryeong
200917 🖤#12 Yeji
200917 (SUBBED) VPICK - Yeji talks about being stuck in a shower booth Yeji
200920 (SUBBED) 🌼🧸🎈 Yuna
200922 (SUBBED) ITZY X LINE FRIENDS Homework Live 💕(1) ITZY
200922 (SUBBED) ITZY X LINE FRIENDS Homework Live 💕(2) ITZY
200922 (SUBBED) ITZY X LINE FRIENDS Homework Live 💕(3) ITZY
200922 (SUBBED) ITZY X LINE FRIENDS Homework Live 💕(4) ITZY
200922 (SUBBED) Ryeongchae Night😌💕 Chaeryeong
200923 (SUBBED) Kind of early Chaeryeong night💕 Chaeryeong
200926 (SUBBED) ITZY in Light Ring Pop-up Store ❤️ ITZY
200926 (SUBBED) WAWN😺 Ryujin
200928 ITZY playing yutnori🍁 ITZY
201003 WAWN🌝 Ryujin
201003 🖤#14 Yeji
201004 a Ryeongchae night Chaeryeong
201006 HI MIDZY ~LYA 💗💚🌱 Lia
201007 Hello MIDZY, it's Bella🐶💗 Lia
201007 October Yuna🌼 Yuna
201008 WAWD🌼 Ryujin
201008 🖤#15 Yeji
201016 (SUBBED) 🖤#16 - Dance Covers! Yeji
201016 (SUBBED) VPICK - How to Dance Yeji's Dance Practice🐺 Yeji
201020 RJD🐱 - Dance Covers Ryujin
201020 (SUBBED) VPICK - How to Dance Ryujin's Dance Practice😽 Ryujin
201023 🖤#17 Yeji
201023 🖤#17 2 Yeji, Lia, Ryujin
201026 WAWL🌼 Ryujin
201027 Ryeongchae ✌️💕 Chaeryeong
201031 🖤#18 Yeji
201102 🖤#19 Yeji
201108 🖤#20 Yeji
201109 Yuuna 😎 Yuna
201115 🖤#21 Yeji
201105 (SUBBED) WAWD😺 - Dance Covers Ryujin

Music Show Performances

Date Song
200817 Not Shy @ Not Shy Live Premiere
200817 Be In Love @ Not Shy Live Premiere
200818 Not Shy (Studio Choom BE ORIGINAL
200820 Not Shy @ Cultwo Show
200820 Not Shy @ M Countdown (Comeback Stage)
200821 Not Shy @ Music Bank
200822 Not Shy @ Show Music Core
200823 Not Shy @ Inkigayo
200826 Not Shy (Studio Choom BE ORIGINAL Full Focused Ver.)
200826 Not Shy @ Show Champion
200828 Not Shy @ Music Bank
200829 Not Shy @ Show! Music Core
200830 Not Shy @ Inkigayo
200902 Not Shy @ IDOL LEAGUE
200903 Not Shy @ M Countdown
200904 Not Shy @ Music Bank
200905 Not Shy @ Music Core
200906 Not Shy @ Inkigayo
200906 Not Shy @ KBS Open Concert
200906 Wannabe @ KBS Open Concert
200908 Be In Love @ Rooftop Live
200908 Not Shy @ Rooftop Live
200908 SURF @ Rooftop Live
200910 Not Shy @ M Countdown
200911 Not Shy @ Music Bank
200912 Not Shy @ Music Core
200913 Not Shy @ Inkigayo (Goodbye Stage)
200925 Not Shy @ Tokopedia WIB TV Show
200925 WANNABE @ Tokopedia WIB TV Show
200928 Not Shy @ Naver NOW Party B
201010 WANNABE @ INK Incheon K-POP Concert
201010 Be In Love @ INK Incheon K-POP Concert
201010 Not Shy @ INK Incheon K-POP Concert
201012 Not Shy & WANNABE @ YouTube FanFest 2020
201024 Not Shy @ 2020 DMZ Concert

Behind The Scenes & Photoshoots

Date Title
200805 Melon Artist Profile Page Update
200817 Not Shy (Behind Set Pics)
200818 ITZY @ Weekly Idol (Episode Set Pics Preview for 200819 appearance)
200819 Not Shy (NAVER x Dispatch Shoot - Part 1
200819 Not Shy (NAVER x Dispatch Shoot - Part 2
200822 ITZY @ Weekly Idol (Set Pics for 200819 appearance)
200823 ITZY @ Cultwo Show (Set Pics for 200820 appearance)
200824 Inkigayo PD Note (Not Shy Stage Pics from 200823)
200824 Not Shy (200820 M Countdown Performance + Mini Fanmeet Pics)
200828 Not Shy (200822 Music Core Performance Pics)
200828 Inkigayo PD Note (200823 Not Shy Stage Pics)
200904 Not Shy (200829 Music Core Performance Pics)
200907 Not Shy (200903 M Countdown Performance Pics)
200908 Not Shy (200903 M Countdown #1 Pics)
200908 Not Shy (200903 M Countdown Performance Pics)
200911 Not Shy (200905 Music Core Performance Pics
200911 Inkigayo PD Note (200906 Not Shy Stage Pics)
200914 Not Shy (200910 M Countdown #1 Pics)
200914 Not Shy (200910 M Countdown Performance Pics)
200918 Inkigayo PD Note (200913 Not Shy Stage Pics)

Social Media Updates


Date Title
200816 ITZY's VOICE MESSAGES - Guess Who's Who #1
200816 ITZY's VOICE MESSAGES - Guess Who's Who #2
200816 ITZY's VOICE MESSAGES - Guess Who's Who #3
200816 ITZY's VOICE MESSAGES - Guess Who's Who #4
200816 ITZY's VOICE MESSAGES - Guess Who's Who #5
200817 LINE FRIENDS sent us a cake to celebrate our comeback!
200817 Not Shy, MIDZY!
200817 Not Shy, MIDZY! You guys ready to race with us?
200819 ITZY x MIDZY Collaboration
200820 MIDZY'S FAVORITE (Not Shy Dance Practice Vote)
200820 After first Not Shy Stage @ M Coutndown & Yeji & Yuna MCs
200821 After Not Shy Stage @ Music Bank
200822 After Not Shy Stage @ Show Music Core
200823 Not Shy Video Call Event
200823 After Not Shy stage @ Inkigayo
200825 Not Shy playing @ COEX in Seoul!
200827 After Lia's Video Call Event
200828 After Ryujin's Video Call Event
200828 After First and Second wins for Not Shy!
200829 Aftert Music Core
200829 After Yuna's Video Call Event
200830 After Not Shy Stage at Inkigayo
200830 After Chaeryeong's Video Call Event
200901 Hear Not Shy on Apple's 'The A-List: Kpop'
200901 After Yeji's Video Call Event
200902 After Yuna's Video Call Event
200902 After Ryujin's Video Call Event
200902 After Lia's Video Call Event
200903 Pics from 낫량특집 & Villain Dance Practice
200903 After Third Win for Not Shy!
200903 After Chaeryeong's Video Call Event
200904 After Not Shy Stage at Music Bank
200904 After Yeji's Video Call Event
200905 After Not Shy Stage at Music Core
200905 After Yuna's Video Call Event
200906 Not Shy MV hits 50M views!
200906 After Not Shy Stage @ Inkigayo
200906 After Ryujin's Video Call Event
200908 ITZY x ROOFTOP Live Coming Soon!
200909 WANNABE MV hits 200M views!
200909 After Homework Live 1
200909 After Homework Live 2
200910 ITZY prepared rooftop live for MIDZY~ MIDZYs also felt Heart to Heart
200910 After Fourth Win for Not Shy
200910 After Lia's Video Call Event
200911 After Not Shy Stage at Music Bank
200911 After Chaeryeong's Video Call Event
200912 After Not Shy Stage at Music Core
200912 After Yeji's Video Call Event
200913 Not Shy full of MIDZY's love ~ Thank you for giving us happiness for 4 weeks ~ ITZY & MIDZY can be together
200913 After Yeji's Video Call Event
200919 After Lia & Chaeryeong's Video Call Event
200920 After ITZY's Video Call Event - Yeji & Lia
200920 After ITZY's Video Call Event - Ryujin, Chaeryeong, & Yuna
200921 After Yuna's Video Call Event
200921 After Chaeryeong's Video Call Event
200921 After Lia's Video Call Event
200922 After Ryujin's Video Call Event
200922 After Yuna's Video Call Event
200922 After Chaeryeong's Video Call Event
200923 Light Ring Pop-up Store Merchandise
200923 After Lia's Video Call Event
200923 After Ryujin's Video Call Event
200923 After Yeji's Video Call Event
200926 ITZY @ Light Ring Pop-up Store
200926 After Yuna, Yeji, and Ryujin's Video Call Events
200927 Not Shy MV hits 100m Views
200927 Got energy from MIDZY today, too💪🏻 Hope we can meet on stage again soon❤️
200928 NOW is the best moment with MIDZY💖 Thank you for always being with ITZY!🥰
201010 After INK Incheon K-POP Concert
201010 Will Meet you tomorrow at #YTFF2020 (1)
201010 Will Meet you tomorrow at #YTFF2020 (2)
201025 ITZY was so happy to see MIDZY after a long time!
201031 After ITZY's Halloween Video Call Event (1)
201031 After ITZY's Halloween Video Call Event (2)
201113 ITZY is now on ZEPETO

Unfortunately I had to adjust this some do to word count being too much, the rest will be found in the comments under this, however there is also an uncut wiki link right here!


The Second Mini Album 'IT'z ME' Recap

Be sure to check out all of our wiki archives for previous era content!
Be sure to check out all of our wiki archives for previous era content!
There was a lot of stuff to compile, so please let me know if there are any issues with this, or if I missed anything, and I will fix it asap!
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2020.11.24 13:32 Gloomy_Awareness CMV: Twitter needs to address the things going on in their platform.

It's not news to hear that Twitter is filled with problems and I really think that it's time for the company to finally address it and impose some rules regarding it.
Cancel Culture used to be good for calling out horrible people and making them realize that they've done something terrible but nowadays, people just want to 'cancel' others for petty and ridiculous reasons.
Just this week, a woman on Twitter was harassed by multiple people across the platform just because of a single tweet of her showing off her Animal Crossing avatar to the point where they doxed and even threatened to attack her dog on one of her previous tweets.
In her defense, it doesn't matter how they're called; space buns, afro puffs or even odango, they're still just hair buns. Nintendo wouldn't release them to the public if it's just exclusive to one skin color. Plus, anyone can have extremely textured and curly hair just like this one dude said. Gatekeeping hair is truly just stupid.
Jacksepticeye received so much backlash after joking about people not having PS5, with many people completely taking the joke too seriously.
YouTubers Slazo, ProJared and Pyrocynical got harassed on Twitter over accusations (which are also posted as tweets) and are still getting malicious tweets until today.
Also this week, the famous animator TheOdd1sOut also got attacked just because of an '/s' joke that he made on his timeline.
YouTuber That Star Wars Girl got harassed because she didn't like the new designs of the cast of She-Ra.
Sebastian Stan got harassed because of what his girlfriend did, even though he had absolutely no part in her actions.
Gal Gadot received multiple death threats and online harassment when she announced that she would be playing Cleopatra because of her skin color (because many people thought that Cleopatra was black or African) and her background in the army.
Chris Pratt received so many hateful backlash for being a Conservative and even other Marvel actors who are defending him are being extremely hated.
Gina Carano is also being attacked for being a Conservative, for not wanting to say ACAB and post about BLM, and for not putting pronouns in her bio.
Jodie Comer received backlash when the people found out about her boyfriend, James Burke, was a Trump supporter.
Voice Actor James Arnold Taylor is being attacked for having a Parler account.
George RR Martin got attacked for praising white male authors.
JJ Abrams and the rest of the Star Wars crew got attacked because of Kylo Ren's death.
Kurt Russel got attacked simply because he thinks that celebrities should always remain politically neutral.
Joji got attacked when people found out that he was Filthy Frank.
International Men's Day got backlash simply for being a day dedicated to men's mental health.
And even archeologists got immense backlash when they featured a video of them opening up a 2,500 year-old sarcophagus, saying that it's 'racist' and 'disrespectful to people of color', while completely ignoring the fact that the archeologists themselves are Egyptians and not white people.
These are only few examples of people on Twitter going absolutely bonkers over things that don't concern them nor will make any difference in their own lives.
The fact that Twitter tolerates the overflowing level of hatred and bullying in their platform is very concerning, especially nowadays where social media seems to have more power than the law itself (considering how many people blindly believe what they read).
Twitter needs to take action because the people there are out of control and are now garnering the ability to ruin an innocent person's life online.
You can argue about 'freedom of speech', but that's not an excuse to send threats, wanting to incite violence and sexually harass anyone whom you think is worthy of being 'cancelled' or have opinions that are different from yours.
Criticism is different from hate speech. I don't care if you criticize JK Rowling, Ellen Degeneres, Jimmy Fallon or Lana Del Ray for their actions and their words, but it's different when you actually want someone or be that certain someone to do bad things towards them.
And last, but not the least...
The large number of Pedophiles (who call themselves MAPs or Minor Attracted People) hiding in plain sight in that website is absolutely disgusting, along with zoophiles and megalinks distributors who proudly create their own community through Twitter.
Don't give predators and potential predators a platform or they'll think that they're accepted.
Twitter needs to speak up about this or else these people would continue to think that there's nothing wrong with them.
submitted by Gloomy_Awareness to changemyview [link] [comments]

2020.11.24 12:22 gloomshot_bot Daily Chess Stream Highlights: BOSHY RUINED HIM

Clip # Title Author Curator Score Direct Link
#1 [00:00] "Boshy Ruined Him" dthrocker redjackofficial 0.0115 [CLICK]
#2 [00:48] "Sick queen sac" gmnaroditsky avennl 0.006133356 [CLICK]
#3 [01:03] "Mosharrof Saw The Mate" mosharrof happykhan 0.0035 [CLICK]
#4 [01:47] chessbrah gloomshot v2.0 0.0034 [CLICK]
#5 [02:20] chessbrah gloomshot v2.0 0.003 [CLICK]
#6 [02:55] imrosen lowonranch 0.0027 [CLICK]
#7 [03:31] "Ellen reveals her true intentions " ellennilssen akjett 0.0023 [CLICK]
#8 [03:56] akanemsko thinkerteacher 0.0023 [CLICK]
#9 [04:52] "Friendly Chess w/ Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin" botezlive vivalivia 0.0022 [CLICK]
#10 [05:22] chessbrah gloomshot v2.0 0.0021 [CLICK]
#11 [05:53] annacramling gloomshot v2.0 0.0021 [CLICK]
#12 [06:28] "Anymore? STOP IT!!!" chess danielguel 0.0021 [CLICK]
#13 [06:41] "Call an ambulance... FOR ME" chessbrah twitchrailbird 0.0024 [CLICK]
#14 [07:12] rbramesh bananafarm69 0.0021 [CLICK]
#15 [07:40] gmnaroditsky gloomshot v2.0 0.002 [CLICK]
#16 [08:14] annacramling gloomshot v2.0 0.002 [CLICK]
#17 [08:46] chessbrah theiceburger 0.0022 [CLICK]
#18 [09:45] annacramling gloomshot v2.0 0.002 [CLICK]
#19 [10:10] imrosen gloomshot v2.0 0.002 [CLICK]
#20 [10:42] penguingm1 gloomshot v2.0 0.002 [CLICK]
#21 [11:06] "GM Kimmy Liu" chessdojolive saber_lily 0.002 [CLICK]
#22 [12:06] "Real Nepo Pistola" chesscompt maximusgr8dude 0.002 [CLICK]
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2020.11.24 10:11 hypegod_ B-side Battle!

For this B-side Battle we got *dubu dabs*
Both songs has Dahyun's participation in lyrics department. Queen being written all by herself and Trick It with Dahyun and JQ.
Queen coming from their latest album Eyes Wide Open (2020,full album) and Trick It from Feel Special (2019,mini album). I bet you already know that lol.
Queen - JINBYJIN, Cazzi Opeia, Ellen Berg source
Trick It - Melanie Fontana, GG Ramirez, Jurek Reunamaki, 72 source
A brief description of the song lyrics and lyric video is link below so listen to it again to refresh your memory.
Queen - talks about showing your true self like the Queen you are.
Trick It - it's about telling white lies to the person you care about.
Both are amazing songs, I'd say those two are Dahyun's masterpieces.
So what are your thoughts on the two songs? Any interesting parts the you like or struck you the most? Which of the two is your favorite?
A reminder that this is just a friendly discussion so I hope everyone participates.
submitted by hypegod_ to twice [link] [comments]

2020.11.23 07:34 drowninghoneybee The Absolute Ultimate Live Action Fancast

The complete Cast for the live action series by Bryan Seeker. The actors were chosen with physical appearances in mind, but more importantly their ability to portray the character. Check out the videos to see for yourself.
Team Avatar
Aang: Isaac Wang
Katara: Kiawenti:io Tarbell
Zuko: Brandon Soo Hoo
Sokka: Xolo Mardinuena
Toph: Miya Cech

The Fire Nation
Uncle Iroh:Benedict Wong
Azula: Midori Francis
Mai: Karen Fukuhara
Ty Lee: Shiori Kutsuna
Fire Lord Ozai: Bryan Tee
Avatar Roku: Togo Igiwa
Joeng Joeng: Ken Watanabe
Firelord Sozin: Hal Yamanouchi
Admiral Zhao - Hiroyuki Sanada
Sparky Sparky Boom Man: Dave Batista
Master Piandao: Donnie Yen

The Water Tribe
Princess Yue: Jenna Ortega
Gran Gran: Tantoo Cardinal
Master Pakku: Wes Studi
Hakoda: Adam Beach

The Air Nomads
Monk Gyatso: Randall Duk Kim

The Earth Kingdom
Long Feng: Tom Wu
Guru Pathik: Amitabh Bachchan
Jet: Ludi Lin
Haru: Ki Hong Lee
The Boulder: Joe Anoa'i
Bumi: Siu-Lung Leung
Avatar Kyoshi: Maggie Q
The Cabbage Merchant : Ken Jeong
Suki : Malese Jow

The Ember Island Players
Sokka: Blake Harrison
Zuko: Dante Basco/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_image/image/67097295/1187789324.jpg.0.jpg)
Aang: Ellen Wong
Uncle Iroh: Jack Black
Toph: Dalip Singh
Katara: Meliisa Villasenor

It took me all morning to collect all these links so you better appreciate it.
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2020.11.22 22:24 konoiche Show I used to like goes full dog nutter (An Arthur Thanksgiving)

I’m a nineties kid, so I grew up loving the hell out of Arthur on PBS Kids. Even when I had long outgrown it, I still appreciated and admired its commitment to tackling hard hitting real world topics: from bullying to trauma to cancer, disabilities, gay marriage and divorce. So when I saw that a new Thanksgiving special had been posted on YouTube with the description reading “Arthur celebrates a Thanksgiving like never before,” I thought maybe the show was going to address the pandemic and its impact on the holidays.
Turns out, not even at all. Instead, the entire sixty-some minute episode was (and I say this without exaggeration) about dogs. See, despite being anthropomorphic aardvarks, rabbits, monkeys etc., the characters of Arthur often own pets, including Arthur himself, who has a dog named Pal. Sometime in a later season, the writers decided that Pal could talk, but only be understood by other dogs, cats, Arthur’s baby sister, Kate and her fellow toddlers and every other non anthropomorphic animal. Oh, and for some reason, he has the same posh British accent as Stewie from Family Guy because lol random, I guess.
Anyway, the special begins with Arthur’s dad falsely accusing Pal of eating the cheesy Brussels sprouts (“my favorite part of Thanksgiving,” said no one ever) and chains him up in the yard, where he manages to escape and run away. Arthur, who has a huge role in the Elwood City Thanksgiving parade, drops everything to look for Pal. When he arrives late to the parade, his classmates, who have always been portrayed as pretty realistically mean nine-year-olds (who bullied Arthur about his glasses and Buster about his asthma and Francine about throwing up in class and Fern for being shy and Sue Ellen for being the new kid and etc, etc) are instantly forgiving. Meanwhile, the formerly super strict Mr. Ratburn actually helps Arthur print out Lost Dog posters and random people drop everything they are doing to help look for a complete stranger’s dog. Oh, and not really relevant, but their float is based on the nursery rhyme Hickory Dickory Dock for some reason, which seems awfully babyish for third graders and also has nothing to do with Thanksgiving, but whatever.
Meanwhile, Pal meets a big St Bernard looking dog whose owners literally gave her an entire Thanksgiving feast all to herself, which she shares with Pal because dogs are so kindhearted and pure, I guess. Then, he comes across some shelter dogs, who, to his shock and horror only get their normal kibble and dog biscuits for the holiday. Who cares about homeless people with nowhere to go and no food? The real pressing issue is that dogs at the shelter get fed well and given treats, but not over the top luxurious entire banquets. Pal decides he must right this terrible injustice, so he and the St Bernard bring the rest of her feast to them.
Eventually, Arthur finds Pal and invites everyone who helped to dinner, which his parents are somehow fine with. Oh, and also there’s a bland side plot where Arthur’s Aunt Minnie hangs out with DW and DW discovers she lives alone, so she convinces her to adopt one of the shelter dogs because all anyone needs to not be lonely is a dog, right?
It’s harmless enough, I guess, but still super disappointing, boring and babyish. They could have done something really interesting and informative, but I guess someone working on the show believes “we don’t deserve dogs.” I mean, obviously they don’t have to address the pandemic. As I already said, this is an alternate universe with anthropomorphic aardvarks. But still, I guess I expected more from them.
submitted by konoiche to Dogfree [link] [comments]

2020.11.22 09:50 PerpetuallyConfused_ Kara DioGaurdi is an underrated judge

I sort of have the impression that Kara has a bit of a bad reputation as a judge. I was watching a YouTube video of Harry Connick Junior and someone commenting saying finally someone who judges with serious musical knowledge is in the show. I was recently watching a bunch of old episodes, in particular the dreaded season 9 and I gotta say I was really impressed by Kara’s criticism. Ellen’s lack of musical knowledge acted as a foil to Kara’s knowledge. She really knew her stuff and wasn’t afraid to get technical. There were times where she got too much into the meat of a song what the song was about yada yada yada but that makes sense because she’s a song writer. Then I looked at her wiki and holy crap does she have her hand in literally every aspect of the music industry. Not just song writer for popular artists or a singer but is also a A&R executive and owns a very respectable music publishing company with songs from Bruno Mars, Britney, Cee lo, Underwood, Wiz Khalifq, snoop dog, rascal flats, Gwen the list literally goes on and on. She is not even 50 yet and has done so much. I think a lot of the vitriol towards Kara stemmed from Paula leaving her 2nd season and Paula and Simon rumoured to be leaving for a season or 2 before Kara came. She is also a little weird/cooky which for women especially a decade ago can be kinda hard for the public to take seriously but even today you see in X Factor UK Nicole Sherizinger getting ridiculed and treated like a idiot who lusts after the hot young male contestants when really that woman is so talented and gives amazing advice but has a 4d personality. Maybe Kara didn’t fit American Idol, I didn’t watch all of the show Platinum Hit but the eps I did see she was amazing there and perhaps fit better for that type of show. I was only a little kid back then but in retrospect I think all of us were a little too harsh on Kara and that she has some serious musical chops. Before thinking about this honestly when I thought of Kara I thought negatively of her but now I truly respect her.
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2020.11.22 09:15 boilers_and_terlets Just a lot of Stan in my life today

So this is actually my first post... well, ever I guess, but I just felt like sharing this with y'all. I'm from New Jersey, and I randomly discovered Stan on my Pandora account like 5 years ago. I already loved folk music, being an accordionist, but this guy just became my instant favorite. Over the last five years I've been mentioning him to so many people, (and as I'm fairly active in the South Jersey theatre community, that's a lot of musicians), but of all of them, only two people knew him, but I just loved the fact that at least a few people from this area know of him. Also, side note, I wound up having an impromptu Stan concert with one of the two with me at the rehearsal piano during the cast party of one of the plays we were in together, which was a highlight of that show for me.
Anyways, in February, my family had a house fire (that luckily everyone including the cats escaped from). It's being rebuilt now to hopefully be done in January. Anyway, while I was outside watching the firefighters put it out and after everyone was accounted for, I just randomly started singing The Mary Ellen Carter. it was the only thing I could think of, given how apt it was. After moving around the next few months to a few houses of friends and castmates, I'm back in with my family, but I still feel a huge connection with that song given the insanity of this year.
Amidst all this, I wound up getting a new guitar. I don't really consider myself a guitar player but I can fake my way through most things, and its basically just another instrument to fool around on. A few months ago, a friend who's the producing artistic director of one of the theatres I perform at asked if I wanted a free accordion, and if I would come record a song for their fundraising youtube telethon. It was back when New Jersey was kind of doing okay, but they still had a masked, socially distanced, small crew and a few cameras. I figured everyone would be doing musical theatre songs, so I decided to go with a simple version of The Mary Ellen Carter (Because all I can play is simple on the guitar lol), knowing how much it meant to me. Also, free accordion which was pretty nice.
That was several months ago, and it premiered on Youtube last night (the 21st, if anyone wants the link comment and I'll post it). I went over a friends house (who is also social distancing, and we basically only ever see each other anymore anyways), both to watch the premiere and because today is my birthday. They made me cupcakes and gave me my present: A record player (Never had one before) and a vinyl of Between the Breaks...Live. I don't know what it was, but I almost started breaking down because of gratitude, obviously, but also because the choice of record (which she didn't know anything about, because again, she nor anyone else around me seems to know him, maybe beyond Barrett's Privateers).
Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to share this story of how much Stan and his music have meant to me, especially in this difficult time. Thanks for reading!
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2020.11.21 05:29 MagicalMagdad My favorite things about each season!

Lately, I've noticed a lot of negativity and fighting about opinions in not just this fanbase but in a lot of places. I won't say I haven't contributed to that environment, so I want to do some good and share the things I love about each season since I've seen them all. (Warning, some of this will be spoiley, so I will put coverings over that stuff, but still you've been warned)
Futari Wa- I love the nostalgic feeling of this season. The old style action, music, and animation reminds me of the shows I'd watch as a younger kid. I also love the down to earth feel of this season. Some might say the plot is simple and it is, but that works to futari wa's benefit because it allows character growth and much more of a chill everyday kinda show. Lastly, I love the duo of Nagisa and Honoka. I love their designs and personalities, Nagisa especially. And the bond between these two is the strongest in all of pretty cure, a huge draw to watch this one.
Max Heart- I prefer the plot of max heart to futari wa. It has a lot of interesting things to offer and build on and takes the storyline in a new interesting direction, especially surrounding shiny luminous. Her role in the story I really enjoyed and has god payoff. The heartiel baton is one f the most fun weapons to watch in any of the shows, and her outfit is really cute. Also, it's nice to get even more of the iconic and amazing duo that I couldn't get enough of, so a second season wasn't a bother for me to watch much.
Splash Star- First things first, I ADORE THE OPENING. It's my favorite in all of pretty cure. Second off, I love how weird, out there, and goofy this show is. It really brings something uniquely entertaining to the table and I will always love that about it, from the weird goofy cure costumes to the kinda bonkers plot, it was all just so enjoyable, even if it makes no sense. The third and most importantly standout thing is THE VILLAINS! This is my favorite group of villains in all precure, as I love the goofy memorable ones. The cool and developed Michiru and Kaoru, the odd but funny Goyan and Ms Shitataare, the ridiculous and awesome Kintoleski, and of course my all time favorite precure villain, Moerumba. How could I not love these goofy and memorably designed villains?
Yes precure five- I think they nailed their first outing with a larger cast. I like all 5, of course some more than others (I.STAN.KAREN.) Another one where they really nail the villains; nightmare being a corporation and one of my favorite villains, bunbee, just trying to climb up the corporate ladder is very wink wink social commentary and I always love that even in my wholesome media. I love the idea of the pinkies, each new little one is fun and adorable and unique sort of like a pokemon, and the pinky catcher is one of my favorite items just because I always wanted to have a watch to flip and move my arm in a circle and say "precure metamorphose!" (Yes I know I'm a meganerd). Also, I like how the precures have a hangout space in Coco and Natts' store. I wish more seasons had stuff like that.
Yes precure five gogo- The animation, as well as the transformation and costume designs are much improved in the sequel. There's a reason the gogo costumes are more often seen in the artwork for these characters. The soundtrack is also superior to the first show, being more interesting and beautiful in general. Seeing the return of bunbee was also such a treat, as I expressed my love for him before. Also, I like the addition of the fairy syrup. I like him much much more than the other three fairies and his relationship with Urara is cute.
Fresh- Fresh precure brings to us for the very first time the CGI ending dance, one of my favorite things in pretty cure, and dang the ones in fresh are good. A very strong start. Speaking of a strong start, Fresh has a really great first half. A lot of seasons have trouble getting off the ground, but fresh has a ton of great-action packed and creative episodes early on. Speaking of creative, I know it's an odd thing to praise, but the nakewameke are some of the coolest and most creative monsters ever created in pretty cure and lead to some amazing episodes. Lastly, there are a lot of really great characters, cures and villains alike. I love Cure peach, love the crap out of>! Cure Passion!< and her whole arc, and wester is a hilarious himbo and Northa is so cruel it's just quite amazing to watch in some of her episodes.
Heartcatch- Right off the bat, I have to praise the gorgeously unique stylized animation. I don't have anything else to say about it besides if you haven't watched some clips go look it up on youtube, it's just very nice to watch. I commend how it breaks the status quo storywise and isn't afraid to do it's own thing with its writing, animation, and concepts (a character like the big green dude Coupe wouldn't exist in any other season, and even if he doesn't do much I just adore that he even exists). I won't say that it's the most 'mature' season of a show intended for pretty young kids, but I will say it tackles serious stuff with so much grace and nuance, I just really appreciated it while watching. Lastly, I adore the cures in this one, especially cure sunshine. She's one of my all-time favorite characters and I really related to her in many ways (I could write a whole post about her tbh).
Suite- I love hummy. She is my all time favorite mascot fairy. She's charismatic and loveable and funny and was just a joy to watch in the show. I also love everything having to do with siren/Ellen aka cure beat and her whole storyline, as well as the mystery surrounding cure muse (and yes I do love masked cure muse who I've chosen to refer to as cure batman), both combine to create an interesting plot that's not quite like any of the others in that way. Cure beat in particular is one of my all time favorite cures, just such a badass. I love everything about the transformations, including the gorgeous costumes themselves and the cure modules, being my all time fcking favorite transformation item, and every cure having their own weapon is great and more seasons should have it. The endings are two of the most underrated in the series as well.
Smile- I love how vibrant and upbeat the opening in particular is, but a lot of the series' animation has that same nice shiny quality to it that's nice. The opening in general just kicks ass and it's super catchy and gets you hyped. I really like the everyday yet emotional quality of a lot of the episodes, even if I didn't connect with all 5 of the cures, they were so well done they still got me in my heart a lot of the times, and I think the heart behind this one is one of the reasons it's beloved and worth watching. Yayoi's episodes especially hit me hard. The smile pact and the princess candle are simple but gorgeous items, two of my favorites. Also, I just really like Akaoni. No real reason, I just think he's funny and I always like seeing a yokai.
Doki Doki- I really appreciate the unique character designs. They might not be my favorite, but like I said I really appreciate that they exist and were made this way, it sets them apart for sure. Another thing that sets it apart and made it compelling is its storyline. Without giving anything away, it explores a lot of avenues and ideas that are unique to it within the series and I really commend it for being able to pull that off. There are twists and turns and all that good stuff, so yeah, like I said, great. Finally, I love Regina. She is for sure the standout character to me. I love everything about her, her design, her personality, just yes to all of it. Can we get a Regina movie? I'd watch the hell out of that. Also shout out to the second best character, my baby Cure Rosetta.
Happiness charge- I think the standout element of this one is probably the fight scenes. They are fun to watch and interesting compared to other seasons. The music is good, having a great opening, endings, and some nice background music. I like cure fortune's cure outfit and tambourine, one of my favorite items certainly. Lastly, I like some of the villains. Queen mirage, Hosshiwa, and Oreski in particular are well designed and have memorable personalities.
Go princess- This is my all-time favorite. I could gush forever but I'll spare y'all and try to keep it brief. First off the animation and character designs are to die for. Just so elegant yet adorable and just *chefs kiss*. The animation excluding the CG (which isn't even that bad most of the time), is fantastic and this season hands down has the best transformation sequences in the entire franchise. The music is SO GOOD and the visuals are drool worthy. Also, even through this could just be my first season bias showing, I adore these cures. They are likeable and well rounded, and all four are high on my list and close to my heart. Cure Mermaid is my all time favorite cure and her best friend is my absolute favorite side character in precure, Tina the dolphin. I also really love the midseason episode surrounding princess twilight becoming Towa, one of the most emotional episodes ever. I actually like the big bad this time, and shut has gotta be one of my favorite villains in precure. I love the princess perfumes, dress up keys, and the crystal princess rod, they are really nice items. Puff and aroma are really likeable fairies, the plot is solid throughout, just every aspect is amazing.
Mahotsukai- Just gorg. This season is real pretty designwise. Like the scenery, the girl's regular costumes, and cure miracle's ruby and sapphire outfits?? Just really doing the most. Speaking of those, I think the outfit change idea really works in this season with the gemstones giving them unique outfits/powers. The outfits like I said before (miracle's specifically), are just great. Seeing harry potter slash little witch academia I love love love the fairies. Mofurun is so damn cute, one of the cutest fairies hands down. And I loved the concept of ha-chan, seeing her grow and become cure felice was cool, and felice herself I just adore. Also, this season has the best ending of any of them, and I mean ending to the story, not ending theme (though the ending themes in this one are nice).
Kira kira precure a la mode- Hello fantastic group of cures! All five of our originally introduced cures have such unique and nice personalities and great designs in and out of costume. 100 percent the best and most well done of the bigger casts, even if that's not the most popular opinion. I especially love two of my all time faves, cures macaron and chocolat and the unique heavily implied romance they have, certainly two criminally underrated characters. I really love the idea of the kirapati. Back with yes precure five I talked about how I love a secret hideout, and this is really that but made a bakery and a focal point of the show. It was an obvious but smart move to have many episodes start off with the kirapati and a lot of the episodes end up involving customers and other store related affairs, which makes nothing feel forced. To shout out yet another villain, Bibury was a cool character, I liked her a lot. Although I didn't care for Julio, I liked rio/pikario and his whole storyline with Ceil. He totally should have been a cure with her.
Huggto- Huggto is an interesting season with a lot of heart. I really like these cures,especiallyAmour, Etoile, and, Yell. All 3 were unique likeable and had great arcs. Despite not thinking I would, I really liked hugtan, she's cute. Similar to doki doki, this season tried some new stuff and really made it unique. In fact, it almost has the heart and emotional sense of smile and the compelling unique plot of doki doki. The villains being a corporation like in yes precure five is great like it was then, and I especially liked Papple and Dr Traum, they were great villains. Overall, huggto doesn't get enough credit for the amount of heart and intrigue it manages to blend together for most of the series.
Star Twinkle-I love love love love everything about this one conceptually speaking. I've been clamoring for a space season with aliens and I finally got my wish! The cures designs and the concepts/stories behind them are so nice, and we even got the most adorable alien ever, one of my favorite cures, Cure Milky. My other favorite is definitely the incredible soleil. I love the star color pendants and I LOVE how they sing during their amazing transformations (some of the best in precure by the way), I've always wanted singing transformations and they really delivered. I LOVE the notoraiders being based on yokai (you knew I'd love that because I mentioned it in smile), especially Tenjo based on my favorite yokai the tengu, and of course Aiwan and Kappard. Lastly, I love the idea of the zodiac princesses and the attacks they give the girls, and the princesses themselves are well designed even if they don't do much at all. Related to that, I really love the big bad twist surrounding Ophiuchus. The villain being a rogue star princess is an awesome idea and her design is very cool.
Healing good-Last but not least! I know it's not over yet, but I wanted to talk about my favorite elements so far along, since people do talk about it and I wanted to cover them all. The two endings are fantastic for different reasons (link ring is gorgeous looking, and healing good day has more fun music and choreography) . I think the animation is quite pretty in some parts, especially in that reallly nice opening (the opening is straight EPIC btw), I really like cure sparkle and the cure's specific fairies, especially pegitan. I also really like Shindoine, she's my favorite villain for sure.

Ps this took me FOREVER to write but I'm glad I've been able to be so positive today!
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2020.11.19 22:44 Nicksvibes Child Support, Economic Slavery & Misandry


Men's reproductive rights are rarely if at all discussed in the mainstream. Just look at what happens when you tell a feminist that there are 'no rights to take away from men' in a conversation where she screeches about pro-lifers wanting to take away women's abortions or hell just look at what happens when you tell the average person that there are male statutory rape victims who are still paying child support. You are always met with the same confused and or angry look or you are hit with male hyperagency/'women pay child support, too' type of arguments.
In more pro-choice countries, women are not seen as active agents who consent to be parents once intercourse takes place and because of that they are not legally obliged to be parents - they have access to safe abortions. Am I saying it is always easy to get an abortion especially if you live in a traditional pro-life family? No, but on average a woman has the choice to refuse parenthood no matter the cause of the pregnancy. On the other hand, a man is assumed to be an agent who consents to be a parent which means he can be held accountable for his actions and since men don't have the same autonomy as women, the only way to hold them accountable is to order men who don't want to be parents to pay child support to the mother who has full control over her partner's or ex-partner's fate, that is she decides whether the child is born or not (the father has no legal right to intervene, but he can be held accountable and forced to financially support the choices of the mother. It is unlawful of him to refuse to do so).


I dug up some info on men's reproductive rights, specifically in the US, and the idea that a man is accountable for his actions, that is he consents to be a father at the time of conception is so embedded in family courts that even boys/men who have been a victim of stolen sperm, also known as 'sperm jacking', sexual abuse or even men who are not the genetic fathers of the child can sometimes be ordered to pay child support. "The child is an innocent party, therefore his/her needs have to be put before the needs of the man" is a common excuse which courts have used to rationalise their misandry.
Quoting from: When male victims are held accountable
Seyer was 12 when he was raped by his 16-year-old babysitter Colleen Hermesmann who became pregnant and in 1989 was charged with statutory rape. Instead of being convicted of rape, Hermesmann was declared a juvenile offender under the non-sexual offense of 'contributing to child misconduct'. Seyer was subsequently court-ordered to pay child support.
That's one story where a victim of rape in spite of being a minor was ordered to pay child support by the very same system that is said to 'protect' rape victims. We can confidently assert this is economic slavery and victim blaming. The story continues:
In 1993, at age 15, Seyer appealed this decision to the Kansas Supreme Court, arguing he should not be liable for these payments. He maintained that his babysitter (Hermesmann) took advantage of him when he was too young to give consent. The court ruled against him and the judge stated that because Seyer initially 'consented' to the sexual encounters and never told his parents what was happening, he was responsible for supporting the child.
This is a a clear example of male hyperagency, victim blaming and rape culture. It gets even worse:
This court case set a precedent for male rape victims to make child-support payments. The financial needs of the child outweigh the court's interest in deterring sexual crimes against male minors, even if statutory rape is the cause of conception.
Clearly, the 'financial needs' of the child don't just 'outweigh' the needs of the victim as the judge made it quite clear he was okay with the boy being raped as he 'consented'. This isn't the one and only incident where the 'needs of the child' have been used to rationalise such disgusting treatment of male rape victims. There are more stories some of which are quite recent.
In 2014, Nick Olivas of Arizona was forced to pay over $15,000 in back-payments to a woman who raped him when he was 14. She was 20 years old at the time.
Being forced to pay over $15,000 to your rapist and having to fear the consequences of not doing so (such as potential jail time, loss of civil rights) definitely doesn't sound oppressive, does it?
In 1996, the court heard the case of County of San Luis Obispo v. Nathaniel J in which a 34-year-old woman became pregnant after sexually exploiting a 15-year-old boy. He was also forced to pay child support, and then Deputy Attorney General Mary Roth alleged: 'I guess he thought he was a man then. Now, he prefers to be considered a child'.
Can you imagine if a girl was told 'I guess she thought she was a woman then. Now, she prefers to be considered a child' in response to her being a rape victim and wanting to be relieved from the obligation of having to financially support another human for years?
The next story is that of a male rape victim who was incapacitated and incapable of consenting, but was still ordered to pay child support in spite of the fact that the courts were aware of the incident.
Quoting from: Fatherhood by conscription
In 1992, an Alabama man (S.F.) attended a party at the home of a female friend (T.M). He arrived at the party intoxicated and shortly thereafter passed out in a bed. The other partygoers eventually left for the evening, leaving S.F. in the sole care of T.M. When S.F. awoke the next morning, he was surprised to find that all of his clothing had been removed during the night. Over the next few months, T.M. would openly boast to several people about how she had engaged in sexual intercourse with S.F. while he was unconscious. She would even go as far as to describe the evening as one that had 'saved her a trip to the sperm bank'. T.M. gave birth to a child, and genetic testing confirmed that S.F. was the biological father. The state of Alabama, on behalf of T.M., brought an action against S.F. to collect child support. The lower court entered a judgement against S.F., requiring him to pay $106 a week and also $8,960 in arrears.
On appeal, S.F. argued that the court should relieve him of the liability given that 'he did not have consensual intercourse with T.M. and that he was a victim of sexual assault by T.M. The court, however, rejected S.F.'s argument, stating: 'The child is an innocent party... [A]ny wrongful conduct on the part of the mother should not alter the father's duty to provide support for the child'.
In other words, the rapist boasted about being a rapist, bragged about impregnating herself, but the court refused to take that into consideration and instead put the victim in the good 'provider' box that was built for him. These are just some amongst possibly tons of other cases where a male victim of rape has been held accountable for his rapist's misconduct and forced to financially support her child. In each case, the court ruled against the victim despite knowing he was the victim.
There's more and this one is beyond ludicrous:
Similar to S.F., in In re Paternity of Daniel S.H., a Wisconsin father, Daniel, claimed that the mother, Jennifer, engaged in nonconsensual sexual intercourse with him after lacing his drink with “a date rape drug.” In an action to collect child support for the resulting child (a son named Derek), the lower court allowed Daniel to introduce evidence of nonconsent. Even so, the court placed the burden of proof on Daniel, requiring him “to prove all factual issues by clear, satisfactory, and convincing evidence." Ultimately, “[t]he jury found that Daniel’s sexual intercourse with Jennifer was involuntary." Nevertheless, the lower court still required Daniel to pay child support.On appeal, Daniel argued that the lower court’s order was in error and that “the jury’s finding of lack of consent should bar or reduce his child support obligation.”
The Court of Appeals of Wisconsin, however, agreed with the lower court because “[t]he paramount goal of any child support decision is to secure the best interests of the child” and that, in this case, “Derek was not at fault” and thus “was entitled to receive child support from both parents.” Despite agreeing with the lower court’s determination of child support, the Court of Appeals nonetheless disagreed with the lower court putting the issue of consent to the jury. Specifically, the Court of Appeals found no statutory basis for permitting a jury to consider consent when ruling on the issue of child support. Instead, the Court of Appeals ruled that the only real question the jury had to answer was whether Daniel was the father: “Daniel had a right to have a jury decide whether he is Derek’s father. However, Daniel admitted he was Derek’s father. As a result, a judgment of paternity was entered. When the court determined that Daniel was Derek’s father, Daniel’s right to a jury trial was extinguished.”
What about 'stolen' sperm, a.k.a sperm jacking and paternity fraud?
Control over men's reproductive and sexual health is not as uncommon as most people would like to believe. In fact, it is very common.
Quoting from: Battered men: the hidden side of domestic violence. A review of CDC data
Approximately 10.4% (or an estimated 11.7 million) of men in the United States reported ever having an intimate partner who tried to get pregnant when they did not want to or tried to stop them from using birth control." 8.6% (or an estimated 10.3 million) of women in the United States reported ever having an intimate partner who tried to get them pregnant when they did not want to. (page 48)
One example is that of a man who was ordered to pay child support because he had engaged in oral sex with a nurse who allegedly took the sperm from his condom and used it to impregnate herself.
In 1983, Emile was visiting his sick parents at a Louisiana hospital. One evening, a nurse, Debra, offered to perform oral sex on him, but only if he wore a condom. He accepted. At the end of their sexual encounter, Debra agreed to dispose of the used condom. Emile, however, never witnessed this disposal and thus could not say what Debra ultimately did with either the condom or its contents. Nine months later she gave birth to a child, and genetic testing revealed a 99.9% probability that Emile was the father. The two never had sexual intercourse, only the one instance of oral sex with a condom. Nearly ten years later, the state filed an action against Emile to collect child support. Despite his objections, the lower court ordered the man to pay $436 per month, $17,909 in arrears, and 5% court costs.
The Court of Appeals of Louisiana affirmed, stating that '[t]he fact of paternity obliges a father to support his child'. In addressing the issue of Debra's self-insemination without Emile's consent, the court dismissed the point, merely noting that '[Emile's] own testimony showed that he had some sort of sexual contact with the plaintiff around the time frame of alleged conception'. The fact that any sexual contact occurred was sufficient to hold him liable for child support.
To summarise, engaging in sexual intercourse is enough to hold a man accountable for a child even if that child was conceived because a woman impregnated herself without his knowledge.
Here's another one:
An appellate court in Illinois reached a similar result in Phillips v. Irons. In that case, Dr. Richard Phillips and Dr. Sharon Irons began a dating relationship, during which time the couple engaged in oral sex on three occasions. The two never had sexual intercourse because Irons told Phillips that she was menstruating and thus needed to refrain from vaginal intercourse. Nonetheless, Phillips alleged that, unbeknownst to him, Irons used Phillips’s semen (obtained from oral sex) to successfully inseminate herself. Subsequently, Irons gave birth to a daughter and, soon thereafter, filed a “Petition to Establish Paternity and Other Relief ” against Phillips. Because he had ended the relationship with Irons over a year prior, Phillips had no knowledge of Irons’s pregnancy or the birth of the child. Nonetheless, DNA testing proved that Phillips was the biological father. Ignoring the deceptive manner in which the child was conceived, the court awarded child support to Irons in the amount of $800 a month, which was later increased to $1,600 a month.
Self-insemination is just one way a woman can deceive a man and impregnate herself. Lying about being on the pill, poking a hole in his condom are two other ways this can happen.
Paternity fraud is another issue that arises from strict liability. However, it is a more tricky one as some states have enacted protections to protect men from the practice such as Texas which passed a new law which allows men who doubt paternity a chance to file a claim. This allowed a Dallas man who was jailed due to his inability to pay child support to contest an accusation that he was the biological father. After a DNA paternity test disproved the claim of paternity, he was released from jail. Child support when paternity is in doubt
However, that doesn't eliminate paternity fraud as a whole and stop it from happening, say, in other states or countries. A couple of examples are the story of Chris Atkins who spent 11 years raising a daughter that was not his, but was still required by law to pay child support because his name was on her birth certificate. Atkins claims that despite paying, he doesn't have visitation rights. Colorado man forced to pay child support to ex-wife despite DNA test proving he is not the father of the child
The other story is that of a man from Detroit, Carnell Alexander who refused to pay child support for a child that was proven to not be his. As a result, a warrant was issued for his arrest. State tells Detroit man: pay for child that isn't yours or go to jail


Quoted from: Fatherhood by Conscription: Nonconsensual Insemination and the Duty of Child Support (link above)
In her book, The Neutered Mother, the Sexual Family and Other Twentieth Century Tragedies, Professor Martha Albertson Fineman points out that “[w]hile the dominant aspirational story for the past decades has been one of spousal ‘equality,’ great gender inequality in the allocation of the burdens and costs associated with family operation continues to affect how this story is played out in real lives.” The current approach to child support adjudication is a prime example of the inequality to which Fineman refers. Indeed, the few commentators who have criticized the court’s current approach of holding male victims liable for child support have done so primarily based on the way in which the current approach violates gender equality.
Ellen London’s commentary is particularly instructive: 'The traditional conceptions of power, dominance, and victimization employed by these courts precluded the judges from providing the defendants with a fair or adequate solution. Little doubt exists that the judges in these cases would have written different opinions if the victims were female—illuminating how men are viewed as the responsible party in a sexual encounter and women have no corresponding agency.' In fact, consider the one case in which a court was called upon to decide whether a female victim of sexual assault was liable for child support. In DCSE/Esther M.C. v. Mary L., a mother refused to provide support for her three minor children on the basis that they were “the result of an incestuous relationship with her brother,” and, as such, “it was not a voluntary decision on her part to have the minor children.” In ruling, the court did what no court has ever done when confronted with the child support obligations of a male victim of sexual assault—the court ruled that the mother may not be liable. According to the court, “[i]f the sexual intercourse which results in the birth of a child is involuntary or without actual consent, a mother may have ‘just cause’ . . . for failing or refusing to support such a child.”
The concept of paternity, male responsibility and liability are so ingrained in the system that professor Hubin notes:
Under contemporary legal standards, it has become a “settled approach” that “genetic relationships establish legal paternity regardless of whether the genetic fathers gave legal consent, or were capable of giving legal consent, to an act of sexual intercourse that resulted in the pregnancies.”
As one commentator describes:
"[W]hile courts have declared that child support obligations are dependent on voluntary parenthood, they are often reluctant to look to consent for guidance.” Despite the number of times the question of consent has arisen, every single court has answered it in the affirmative—holding that, yes, the father, minor or not, is liable.
Perhaps, actual systemic progress has been made, but I, alongside many other people, are yet to see it. Stop the abuse. Don't hold victims accountable. Give men and especially boys the right to choose.

References (all in one place):

When Male Victims are Accountable for Child Support (Muller, 2019) https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/talking-about-trauma/201902/when-male-rape-victims-are-accountable-child-support%3famp
Fatherhood by Conscription: Nonconsensual Insemination and the Duty of Child Support (Higdon, 2011). https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1761333
Battered Men - The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence Hoff, B.H. (2012) http://www.batteredmen.com/NISVS.htm
Child Support when Paternity is in Doubt, Tara. N Brewer https://mensrights.com/child-support-when-paternity-is-in-doubt/
Man Forced to Pay Child Support to Ex-Wife Despite DNA Test Proving He isn't the Father of the Child, Daily Mail (2016) https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3714674/Colorado-man-forced-pay-730-month-child-support-ex-wife-despite-DNA-test-proving-NOT-father-child.html
State Tells Detroit Man: Pay for Child that isn't Yours or Go To Jail (2015) https://youtu.be/rIektQ__EGw
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2020.11.19 16:27 EvanBlenkinsopp The COMPLETE* List of People Who Have Seen Their Own Battles! (v2)

This is the second time making this list. This version will be way better!!
As well as real life people portrayed in ERB, I am also including certain fictional characters, when it seems fit. For example, if the ERB character was based off of a specific portrayal of that character, I'll allow it if the original actor saw the battle.
As for the level of proof needed, public acknowledgement of the battle in the form of talking about it or collaborating with Pete and Lloyd will be sufficient. I will also be providing any and all sources necessary. However, I will also be mentioning certain people who have *likely* or *possibly* seen their battle, but that there is not solid proof for.
Anyways, enjoy!
Season 1:
Source: Business Insider. Unfortunately, I cannot find a source that corroborates the claim that the ERB was removed from YouTube on copyright grounds.
Source: That ERB News
Source: bro, trust me
Season 2:
Source: TDC YouTube video, ERB News video
Source: BAFTA Guru (skip to 35:24 if the link does not take you there)
Source: Skrillex vs Mozart - With a Twist!
Season 3:
Source: Tweet
Source: Nice Peter's podcast (~49:19 into it)
Source: Tweet 1, Tweet 2, Tweet 3
Source: Reddit AMA screenshot
Source: Nice Peter's podcast (~50:00 into it)
Bonus: Pete & Lloyd meeting both Bill Nye & Neil DeGrasse Tyson!!
Season 4:
Source: Adam's Tweet, Kari's Tweet, Grant's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Tweet. MythBusters Facebook.
Source: 1st Tweet, 2nd Tweet.
Source: Tweet
Source: Epic Rap Battle (skip to 2:26)
Season 5:
Source: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Tweet. Hell's Kitchen Tweet. YouTube comment.
Source: it came to me in a dream
Season 6:
Source: ERB Instagram post
Bonus Battles:
None confirmed.
Rumoured / Theorised:
Source: ERB Twitter, Lloyd's Instagram
And that is it, for the moment! Please let me know if there are any I have missed, or if you can help me find sources for other people.
Thank you for checking this list out!
EDIT: u/NuclearChavez has located evidence of Elon Musk's Tweet.
EDIT 2: After actually reading the Tweet, it turned out that the Elon Tweet was just a joke by ERB. I’m sorry about that!
EDIT 3: Added timestamps to the podcast sources.
EDIT 4: u/kenniky has informed me that Elon Musk is definitely aware of ERB.
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2020.11.19 14:36 sxphia_7 Who cares if Josh is the least subscribed sidemen. Man was one of the first Youtubers to go on The Ellen Show

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2020.11.19 02:37 subliminalqueen3 How to manifest physical changes QUICKLY. I got no results for TWO years, until I did this. Now I see results in DAYS!

A lot of people here have trouble getting physical changes and that causes a lot of skepticism in the community and a lot of people think you can't change physical appearance. I was the same way. I listened to subs for TWO FREAKING YEARS and saw NO results. I thought I wasted 2 years of my life for nothing and was upset. I decided to try again and now I can get results in ONE day (not full changes, but a noticeable change.)
I def changed my entire face. I noticeably changed my skin color, nose, lips, and face to be more symmetrical. I am now focusing on my eyes. I had old friends ask me if I had gotten plastic surgery because the difference is so apparent. I showed a recent friend of mine and an pic of me and she asked me who my nose surgeon was!
Here is how!
  1. Believe your mind can control your body. Your body is made up of cells. Your blood, bones, and skin are ALLLLL cells. What controls these cells? Your brain. This is scientific, I am not bullshitting you. Your brain controls EVERY cell in your body, but what controls the brain? You. If you tell your brain to stop melanin production in your iris, it will stop producing. The problem is believing that you can control your brain. Read about Ellen Langer's experiment. She told senior citizens to behave young and guess what? They improves in about every health aspect and some even regained their HEARING. We are what we believe! Tell your brain to produce less melanin, give more blood flow to the scalp, make your nasal bones thinner, etc. YOU CONTROL YOUR CELLS.
  2. Believe you already have your results. This is LOA 101. Any LOA youtube channel, book, or movie will tell you to think you have already received it. This is similar to Ellen Langer's experiment again, where the senior citizens behaved as if they were young again. If you believe you already have green eyes, then your eye will become more green. That means don't take pics everyday or keep checking your eyes. In fact, don't check your results at all in the morning. Behave as if you already are living with it. It's okay to take pics once in a while as a way to see changes, but limit it.
  3. THINK POSITIVE. In the 2 years of not getting results, I was very depressed. I even attempted suicide and ended up in the hospital ICU for 5 days. Everyone said if the ambulance came 2 minutes late I would be dead. The police officers around me were saying I was dead while I laid on the grass covered in vomit completely paralyzed. I couldn't even blink. That was a huge wake up call for me and I am so glad I am alive and it made me change the way I saw the world. I see everything SO positively now and never got depressed since. Life is so precious and ever since I got more positive I get results. Check out Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Water Experiment. Negative affirmations given to water produced disfigured snowflakes, while positive ones produced aesthetic snowflakes. This proves that vibrations are real. If we are negative our bodies will become more ugly. If we think "wow my face is so ugly" then your face will be ugly. If you think positive affirmations to the face then your face will be aesthetically pleasing.
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2020.11.18 10:23 TheBigBadBono COLDPLAY UNPLUGGED

I'm busy compiling a bunch of the boys' best Glastonbury moments, which will be out a few days from now. In the meantime, I've thought about compiling their so-called "unplugged" songs over the years. To clarify, what I mean by unplugged is usually a more complex and a song with more instruments becoming more "Stripped-down". So songs like We Never Change and Sparks, unless really stripped down, won't be included.
Clocks (Unplugged 2002) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04bOh6cDk1I
Champion of the World (NPR Tiny Desk 2020) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j82L3pLjb_0
Talk (Tokyo 2009) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzjymJq0E6Q
Shiver (Jo Whiley 2000) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItWq7h734sI
Viva La Vida (Howard Stern Show 2016) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUnWFsc5WBU
Yellow (BBC London 2008) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvQBWSV0t-4
Hurts Like Heaven (BBC Live Lounge 2011) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enWSgsD9P5A
In My Place (São Paulo 2017) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tk-qhXfdXcQ
Lovers in Japan (Maida Vale 2019) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lb3k_TEjK_c
God Put a Smile Upon Your Face (Tokyo 2009) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GIcausAJkE
Princess of China (Acoustic 2011) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Hfy_uxvxZc
Everglow (Single Version 2016) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xn_1hFdE-5g
Ink (Manila 2017) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcaYoAJkKOc
Everything's Not Lost (Instagram Live 2020) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_mN0k-67jE
Speed of Sound (Melbourne 2009) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhdLKRvzxNI
Sky Full of Stars (SiriusXM 2014) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PH-k_fqpcco
Hymn For the Weekend (BBC Live Lounge 2015) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suOwuw7ru84
Charlie Brown (Instagram Live 2020) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xR2xolpkpM
A Message (Hope For Haiti 2010) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9d6ox_mK810
Warning Sign (AOL 2002) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNtkOSuck2M
Don't Panic (Glastonbury 2005) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACnIl7Mv9Wg
Adventure of a Lifetime (BBC Radio 1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9e2mMf1--v8
Paradise (BBC Live Lounge 2011) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfjngQlJIy0
Til Kingdom Come (Biden Funeral 2015) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZV8h5pJz1PA
Miracles (Live 2014) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRdBDBk8jSQ
Let me know if there's any more!
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2020.11.18 00:28 mets926 JJ the first YouTuber to appear on Ellen

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2020.11.17 21:45 BStuckerAguilar Cop FBI CIA Meetup(s) for Bree's and Alex's Case

Gay male on armour wapons swords knives gunman daggers tools, rockets
Gay male ring wearer (lord of the rings)
Male on hyundai portals satellite space ship shuttle aircraft planes helicopters drone boats beautiful ships beautiful trains beautiful trucks awesome vehicles automobile cars tanks scooters motorbikes motorcycles bicycles machines battery electromagnetism stargate warp gate craft inventions prototype rockets tech technology tool
Human body list of senses list of abilities
Gay musicians
Gay cops gay doctors on human modern/current/historical human gay male deformities (un)common anomalies
Gay cop versed on prostitution
Gay male prostitues ( as cia fbi cops) (if possible)
Gay Doctofbi/cia/teachedetectives/spys/prostitutes/cops/military etc. on will to live healthy full life, cutting, alcohol, drugs, versed on the word alcholic, lazy, lethargic, aura, channeling, bullying, town citizin designations, peer pressures etc. *
Gay detectives able to diagram intended Insults comet die3lect and language and upbringing to town character of traveled to town of the the family’s resume and jobs regular resume *
Lawyer / bankecop/detective/cia on family apologies rebuttals, etc of clientele of such cops lawyers bankers cia detectives
Cop versed on family getting personal time with family while on the job
And time off or pregnacy as a gay man/men
Male gay ginocologist
Male on city flow and zoning and timing on major functions of city daily weekly etc. ideally and 911 crew etc
Gay lab scientist cop doctor detectives statiseic guy resources guy records guy on
Workers exhaustion
Propaganda (cia) purposes through the ages (cartoon artists , commercial artists, news workers, reporters, news anchors)
DMV workers / date of birth and death and funeral prep workers cia fbi historian newsworkers mailmen
Morning doctodepression; postpartum, oregon trail, home ech, historian, modern etc, myth book, great depression ww1 ww2 historian, veteran, dollar store
Cia, councilor on making in to work on time worker’s comp and balance of family health wealth of recorces 2 gae to work and school on time, versed on maids, night school, ‘margret’ prostitution, ‘ cassie’ , ‘shante’, men school, public officials and family photos, ‘odelia’ pagenting, piano, troy pisano, boy scouts of america, orphoning, ‘michael’ and ‘marie and elaine grace rand’
Health of route 66 and males in motorcycle culture
The absence of the diners, ikea and goodwill
The term generational depression, home ech equipment
What jobs are listed to be worth historian and modern x gay male expressionaist artist student, phd authority, name scientist etc.
Gay cops on rural vs city porvery, awareness of one living in city/subverbs versed on ‘making it big one day’
Gay detective on prostitution, long toem criminal abuse behavieor and scames, and crime holes such as on college campuses and compton and according to alejandro the need to kill in Pueblo colorado
Gay Cop Doctor on womies/females/women being ashamed of being a women
Gay detective able to list what time aprobpriate behaviors to season to keep house home ech clean and depression and modern amenities CIA (bitch womie marie spring cleaning for the 1st time that year when iit beaginiing of fall and sayyin the term spring cleaning)
Gay rights worker detecti8ve cia etc on sexism that has happened between claimed family roles and what healthy family rights and roles look like and orphanism and home ech and slaver and poverty and lawyers and gay male doctors gay male
Parole officers as gay homosexual men on dellinquents /fuckups in the town versed on x generation and y generation and indigo and personal beliefs research on christian schince scams religious scams, cults term crystal kids and slavery and child poverty and freedom listed differently to humans claiming to child vs man as adult as same person past lives
Gay detectives cia etc 1st hand etc on child poverty slavery porn ‘Michelle Oboma’ ‘Ellinore Rosevelt’ boy scouts of america, home ech, iwcfhm, education in the street not in school ancient aliens, Jail GED, etc. Preston of the Bomb Squad and car wash, Kenny Oaks of real estate and car wash, PDAT, John Michal Ferry, architects, Norm of real estate , Chris Bokman supervisor of car wash
Gay cops detectives traffic cops news anchors city affordances jaillate patterns cia gay men trafficing himan and animal and goods and drugs, versed on word drug store, speak easies, al capone, detroit, abandoned disneys , good will, basic servant culture modern/hisororic slavery, xcell spred freqonomics hit list words map to those sentences, ancient aliens etc. wtf files, air force, city zoning planer, norm, kenny oaks, p[dat and engineers, home integrity , fed ex, stratasys, plummemaid/cleanejanitor service in therapy, hoarding, stratasus, honey well, northtrop, lieng year after year on how much money while talking to military, children as family representitives for free, apprenticeship, toys r us, finances gay guys, acent expressionalist, artists cartoonist
Gay cop detective on don’t ask dont tell
Edicate and behaviorists animals and human pets, for artwork, such as cops, military and service etc.
Service dog
Service animals gay males
Fingerprint artists
Gays who committed crimes (as cops) and how to utilize one’s talents get into the business why u call my business cops and related businesses + IWCFHomosexuals + economics
Assets Managers as openly proud gay men and males
Gay pride enthusiest health males
Gay trends including for gay health proffessionals local and other
Gay historians on prostituting gay orphan culture, pagenting, modern day, current events, & anti sexist rape abuse hotline, workers comp injury deformaties* past life memory 911
Jail Gay cop versed on tarturus and hill and dimentionals and freedom of religion etc gay layers ( gay historian) if possibe, iwcfh, cia, museaum curratior, air force, milltary, recordings for other males if possible to where applicable, noted, briefed on current findings and or channelings modern day mental home ech ready adults and children, human trafficing, 911, paramedics, gay guidance councolers, hisorical gay law keeping, gay rigts - workers - activists,
List of goods + hoarding
Walmart, good will ,ikea,mcdonalds, monsanto, servants, anti slavery ,hitler, abilities, xmen, dc, avenders, brandon of subway empath, subway, gays burned to death for being witches, earl of sandwich
Military’s rights to housing and schooling and labs and food and free service while in towns to up to date, world wid3e
Union labour laws? Briefed to how it sounded on the orb/world to the astronaut that fart walking distance to health level on different days anays cops
Child abandonment history professional orphanage cultural slavery detectives cia iwcfhms(Interwellness Cener For Gay Homosexual Males) and Bree’s
Cop detectives to ( with parole offices and juvi cops) all age ranges of males with history of war without history of war with or without home ech equipment
Life and resume-able way with knowledgeable in slavery to likelyhood of non knowledgable
Gay cops + freindly wattering hole fave media + knowledge on home ech equipment and poverty region - heavy in world + ‘ where how - to vids in movie ( magic used as cleaning propaganda vid ) messy hair Bree’s clothing situation , anunnaki etc, PewdiePie, Matthewmatosis/ Freakonomics Excel , norm, PDAT, toys r s Tartarus , target, combat boots woman label in it bitch wommie statistics on what Mr. bree wore - Mr. bree is not the bitch nor ever a bitch and his husband mr. alejandro is never a bitch
Matt Patt of Game Theory and Film Theory youtube, Chadtronic, Go Remy, Early Poptropica, youtube, CGP Grey
Bananas sugar bread butter condiments heinz levis sandals bowl of grapes, etc
Serving Bananas sugar bread butter condiments heinz levis sandals bowl of grapes, olives, etc
Serving Subway occcationaly (/ and/or firehouse subs)
Condom gay male teacher
Gay male cops doctor rights medical awareness and having to think on goods that were once wealth while thinking of others in poverty to time period working on ‘bowl of grapes; downton ‘ actor’ with messy hair home eck mcdonalds etc. hunting party…
Detective layer birth death actuaries, clergy, freedom of religion activities etcc. Note on emptiness of forums and gypsiy nature (donald and trina)
Ivan teller - cia cops anaayes mythology
X military
Varrius history of whistle blowing
How to find happiness gay doctors
Gay bycle cops
Cyclist male
Ceazure victim doctor gay and detective gay
Knowlege of movies and bipolar behavier and matrix (biporlar ellen burroughs maries bitch female cousin)(marie maden name cook) doctor5s ,detectives, gay rights activits(‘shante’)(‘elaine grace rand, maden name cook’)
Detective on cheating family out of a willl (grandfather Marshall Cook wwii veteran and ‘ elloen’ ‘marie’ ‘michael’ ‘norman’ ‘ward’ ‘elaine’ ’shante’ ‘cassie’ ‘odelia’) FBI CIA cop home owners, cop with son, cop and military gun owners
Casses ‘ master(of trade)(of houses) abused by servants/parents/children
Store keep backup for knowledge on was trained wording Not choke males to have hearts of such in aura (‘cassie’ ‘marie ‘shante’’)
Accents with power cop CIA trainor teacher gays
CIA historian theatrical terapudical gay hisorians and cops
The gay house cia relocatrions with knowledge of military houses and millitary ‘s sons school changes
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2020.11.17 17:59 Best_Personality1538 I followed a tutorial from Ellen Crimi-Trent on YouTube last night and am pleased with the results

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2020.11.17 13:56 Tanj24 JJ the first YouTuber to appear on Ellen

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